September 24, 2014

Rush Hour Blog Hop

Thank you to Madame Samm and Carol for another fun hop for us all to play along in!

Rush Hour

When I think of rush hour all I can think of is the many many cars that fill the interstate around Charlotte, NC.... Atlanta, GA... and Birmingham, Al... every time we go home to visit my family.  I try to plan our leaving and stops in between to make sure we do not go through those areas when the afternoon work buzzer goes off and it is time for everyone to go home!  
It can be utter chaos to say the least!

Well, if we all had some roosters to crow and wake us up, we might all beat the rush hour traffic in the morning when everyone is trying to get to work! 
I am a member of a de-stash group on Facebook and one of the ladies there put this rooster fabric up for sale and I snatched it right away.  I knew it was perfect for the hop since we were required to use black, red and white fabrics. I also have an ulterior motive for using these fabrics but just in case a certain friend is reading my blog, I will keep that to myself for now.
I made some 9-patch blocks in black and white fabrics to use between the 2 border prints.  I added a border of a fun dot fabric on the top and bottom of the 9-patch row and also added a small border of the same fabric all the way around the quilt before adding the final black border.
I hand quilted the 2 inner borders using pearl cotton thread and then tied the remainder of the quilt with the same thread.  I think it turned out rather cute.  I will be sending this off to a special friend and I hope that she will use it in her kitchen as a table topper.  

Here is the entire quilt.  It still needs binding but I am unsure which fabric I want to bind it in. Should I use the polka dot fabric that I did the inner borders with or should I use the white fabric that has the red x's on it that is the background for the roosters and hens? Help me decide please.

Now that you have visited my blog, please go and visit the other ladies who share their day with me.

Thursday, September 25
                                                               Tea Time Creations

Thank you for coming by! :)

Scissors Giveaway Alert!

 I love scissors! Point blank... period... I just do!  I have enough scissors for a dozen people! and I still look for those "unique" scissors that may strike my fancy!  Mary Corbett over at Needle and Thread shared with us about an opportunity to win a fabulous pair of scissors!

These scissors are made by hand in Nogent, France! Just look at the detail on those handles!!!

Where can you get these?..   The French Needle is located in Kensington, MD... right here in the USA.  They offer a hand-curated selection of needlework, cross stitch, embroidery, scarves, and accessories brought to you directly from many of the finest needlework companies of France. To get your name in the hat to possibly win the gorgeous scissors above, go over to their website, The French Needle, and sign up for their newsletter.  That's all you have to do.  Good luck!

And if you love embroidery but need help with your stitches from time to time, Mary Corbett's Needle and Thread has many video tutorials on her website!  One of THE BEST informational websites for the embroider!


Rush Hour Blog Hop continues on today!  There are lots of inspiring photos just waiting for you to enjoy! Head on over to these sweet ladies and see what they made for the hop!

Wednesday, September 24

September 23, 2014

Shouting Out!

Have you heard!! The Fat Quarter Shop has a great sale that goes through the 28th! 
Love to shop at The Fat Quarter Shop! 

Also...There is a new blog hop that has started today!  Projects galore in black, red and white!  One of my FAVorite color combos! Actually, I love anything that incorporates black! 

Be sure to check Madame Samm's blog, SewWeQuilt daily for 'who's up next"!  These ladies are on today!

Thank you Carol for being such a great cheerleader and inspiration!

Tuesday, September 23
My day is on the 25th! Come back and see what I made for the hop!

September 16, 2014

Daily Musings - and Giveaway Winner Announced

Today is beautiful, how can it not be with the sun shining high in the sky! The temps are a little cool for this time of year but being hot natured, I love it!  Hubby is wearing a long sleeve to the field each morning so I know he hates it.  He shivers in the winter because he is so cold natured.   I keep our thermostat set at 69 degrees year round so he bundles up 3 layers deep in the winter and always has his quilt handy when he sits on the couch.  He stays toasty warm that way so I don't feel so bad.  I sit around in sleeveless or short sleeves at the same time.  That is a big difference in our body temps.

But today is a good day all the way around!  I have finished up a very special project for a very dear friend and have it boxed and ready to fly north... well south first.,.. before these packages go north, they go to Florida for some reason.... must have something to do with customs  The gift will be shown on the blog after it is received so stay tuned for that.

This is the last day for the See You In September Blog Hop.  If you haven't visited all of the blogs during the hop, head on over to Madame Samm's for the schedules and see who she chose as top 2 each day.  Today was Madame Samm's day and she showcased this adorable La Modele doll that she made for the hop!
Well, she put it in her Etsy shoppe for sale and I bought her just a few minutes ago!  She is adorable!!  This LINK will take you over to Madame Samm's Etsy site - msAppleheartshoppe!  You will find more dolls, handmade Tammy bags, Tammy bag patterns, fabric bundles and scissor fobs for sale!  Head on over and check out her shop!

I have chosen a winner for the giveaway I hosted during the hop! 

 Tonia of allthingzsewn is the winner of the Tammy bag!
Please reply to this post with your email inside.  Blogger appears to be having problems as the email links do not work in the profile sections.

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog and the other blogs during the hop and for leaving comments along the way. 

The next hop on the line-up is Rush Hour!
My day is Sept. 25th.  
Please come back and see what I made in red/black and white!

And if you would like to participate in an upcoming hop, head over to Madame Samms.  She has just posted sign ups for an exciting Christmas Hop!

Twas The Night Blog Hop
I hope I can have November 21 as my day as that is my birthday!

See you all soon!

September 5, 2014

See You In September Blog Hop + Giveaway!

When Madame Samm announced that we were taking the summer off from blog hops, it looks like I took her literally that we were on vacation. Vacation from blogging that is.  I have blogged less than a half dozen times since June.  :)

My granddaughter Allie came for the summer so in lieu of staying online, I spent many a day with her as top priority.  I think she spoiled me as much as I spoiled her.  She was very good company for me while hubby worked in the tobacco field.

 We were to work on 3 projects over the summer, including one of those being made from Riley Blake gingham check fabric.  I ordered mine from the Fat Quarter Shop, my favorite go to place for fabric.  I love their customer service, the way they pack my fabric, and most of all the way they give back to quilters all across the world by allowing bloggers to host giveaways!

Shari from Living With Purpose  has been a super head cheerleader for all of us and I would like to thank her and Madame Samm both for this wonderful hop!

I have been working on a group project all summer trying to finish hand quilting a gift that is going to someone very special.  I was waylaid by carpal tunnel when I was a little over half finished and then I obtained a very bad cut to my middle finger on the right hand. It was a really nasty cut that took almost 4 weeks to heal!  No hand quilting for me during the entire time because it was my right hand on my thimble finger. I had offers to help finish but I was determined to finish what I started and finish I finally did! I was hoping to finish and get it delivered before my day on the hop but it is not delivered so only a small sneek peek will have to do for today. Once the gift is delivered, I will create a new blog post with a full size shot, close ups and a little story behind the gift.  For now, you will just have to imagine the work that has gone in to it.

(I just noticed the 2 pieces of gingham in the cropped photo... How appropriate.)

For my second project, Allie and I went fabric shopping to make her 3 dresses to wear to church while she was here.  We got dress number one completed before the nasty cut to my finger happened  and then the rest... well, they will have to be made next summer when she comes to the farm.  She looks so pretty in her new dress.

 After my finger healed I dabbled in a little bit of crazy quilting and finished this 6 inch block. I really like the way the background colors and the colors of my embellishing and stitching came together.  It was nice to actually get lost for a day in my stitching.  Allie worked on blanket stitching a cowboy boot to a batik background while I worked on my stitching.  She gave orders not to show her work until she can finish her project.  This is the crazy quilt block that I did.

I also did some canning and freezing which are shown in the post below this one.  We make peach ice cream every summer... several times because it is hubby's favorite... not so much mine, so I put away 2 buschel of Big Red peaches.  I also make 3 or 4 peach cobblers in the winter so a few were canned in jars... the ones for ice cream were frozen.  We love strawberry freezer jam and this summer I have tried my hand at some peach freezer jam.  I will let you know how it tastes when we break open the first jar and spread it over warm biscuits.

And now for my Riley Blake gingham project!

Madame Samm designed the Tammy Bag back early on in the blog hops and I have fallen in love with them.  It has been a while since I made the last one so I knew I wanted to make one out of gingham!  You can find the pattern HERE in her Craftsy shop!  But beware, they are like a Lay's potato chip... you cannot stop with just one!

The hand dyed lace flower is from a shoppe on Etsy, RavioleeDreams, owned by my friend Nicki Seavey.  She literally takes a paint brush and paints her laces! They are incredible!  The light teal flower was perfect for this Tammy bag!  Teal beads finished the frame perfectly and the vintage teal button was the icing on the cake!  The heart shaped white lace adorns the front and the back.  If you need laces by the yard for your projects I have it on good authority that you can find plenty with great prices at Crazy Quilting Supplies.

Well if you have stayed with me this long, you deserve a giveaway!  I am giving away the Tammy Bag that I have shown above.  To enter, please leave me a comment and let me know what you did this summer.

If you are a no-reply blogger, you must leave your email address in your comment because I will have no way of contacting you should your name be the winner.  You would have to forfeit and someone else would be chosen.

Now head on over to the other bloggers who share their day with me.  I am sure they will have many inspiring projects to show off!

Thank you for stopping by today!

September 1, 2014

Travels and Blog Hop

 I guess you could say I have been on a blogging break.  I had my granddaughter all summer.  I think I have blogged 5 times since she came to the farm.  But that is ok... computers can wait... grandchildren cannot.  We stayed busy having fun and then I got to spend over a week in Alabama visiting the rest of my family when I took her home.

Allie has grown a mile since last summer!

So has Miss Emily!
Her momma is teaching her bad habits!
She should have on a ROLL TIDE shirt!

Ace came for play dates a few times.  
He and Allie hit it off really well!

We have our farm up for sale and are moving to be near my family when it sells.  My first cousin is a realtor and she lined up some available properties to show me just to get us started with an idea of what is out there.  Never did I realize she would have 18 properties on Friday, the first day there after a 2 day trip in.  WOW!!  Talk about total exhaustion!  The next day wasn't as bad but coupled with the exhaustion, it was... 10 properties on Saturday!  

Parker is helping my cousin's hubby show us this place. 
(which I hope we get a chance to buy!)

For the remainder of the visit, it was all about family and getting together with them, which kept me in the truck every day.  My youngest daughter is building a new home with her hubby so I opted to stay in a hotel the duration of our visit.  My friend Libby rode with me and it was always after 9:00pm before we were able to get back to our room.  We basically just got in our nighties and crashed every night. I don't think she will be so eager to go with me again.  I wore her slab dab out!

Sweet Libby

The trip was delightful regardless of how tired I was and it took me 4 days to get over the trip once I got home.  I always put away fresh peaches for homemade ice cream and cobblers and I was about out of time by the time I got home so on Thursday my mother-in-law and I made a trip to the farmers market to get some Big Reds.  Peaches will be gone next week so we cut it close this year!

Here are the fruits of our labour.

diced peaches over chocolate ice cream (don't knock it till you try)
1 large batch of homemade ice cream
19 quarts of canned peaches for cobblers
11 super-quarts of frozen peaches for ice cream
12 pints of peach freezer jam for warm biscuits
Large skillet of fried squash for dinner
12 quarts of squash ready for frying

Thank you Lord for our bounty.


I took some work to do in the hotel but needless to say, it never was gotten out of the truck.  That is first on my list of "to-do's" this week.  It will feel good to get back to a normal routine around here.

The "See You In September Blog Hop" is just around the corner!  It all starts in 2 more days!   Everyone has been working on projects all summer and will be sharing them on their appointed day.  We hope you will come and hop along to see what everyone has to show off.
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July 13, 2014

Sunday Visitor

HI folks.  Just posting to let you know I am still here.  I am working on a special project that turned out to be more than I expected but I am almost finished.  I wanted to show you our daily visitor on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  Enjoy!

July 6, 2014

Vintage Featherweight!

Several of my friends have purchased a Featherweight for bringing to the retreats we all go to.  I have been waiting and waiting and tonight I finally won one on Ebay!  I have priced this exact model on several other sites and I did exceptionally well on what I gave for it.  There are a ton of extras with this machine as well!  2 people were bidding neck and neck and I snagged it right at the last 5 seconds.  I know 2 people who were probably cussing after it was over. But that is how it rolls.  You have to be quick!

I will be taking this baby with me to my fall quilting retreat!  I can't wait to see her!