August 1, 2019

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June 26, 2011

Claude Wilemon - aka The Rag Man!

 I went home to Alabama this past week with my friend Marie in tow... I promised her that I would take her to a special quilt shop not far from the Alabama state line down in Boonville, MS!  The Quilt Gallery is really an interesting quilt shop  and if you have never had the opportunity to experience seeing it in person, then you are missing out on a day of fun!  Claude Wilemon is the owner and has a great sense of humor!  You will thoroughly enjoy your visit and leave with a smile on your face as well as several yards of fabric!!  He sells his fabrics for 4.00 per yard and less!!  100% cotton / top quality fabrics!!  If his suppliers send him "junk" fabric, he will tell you right up front that he wouldn't buy it if he were you.  He wants your return business so he treats you fair and square!  He also gives generous cuts!  He uses a yard stick to measure your fabric and uses Gingher shears to cut it!  You won't find any rotary cutting equipment in his shop!  He told us that he has cut out 1,000's of quilts during his lifetime and he has cut them all with his Ginghers!

Claude has been making quilts for years and has a showcase of finished "ready for sale" quilts in his shop as well as patterns, kits and fabrics to make your own! He has quilts hanging on the walls, laying on beds, in cubby holes on the wall... they are everywhere!!! You have to see this place to believe it!

He also has a very nice old glass collection!  I saw some sale prices on some of the pieces but I am not sure if that is what he paid for it, or if he sells his collection!

I asked Claude if I could make some photos to show all of you and he obliged!  he doesn't have an online store so you have to go for a visit to experience the fun!!  Please find time in your future to go pay Claude a visit!  He loves company!!

The Quilt Gallery a/k/a The Ragman
1114 Hwy 30 E
Boonville, MS 38829-7972
Phone: 662-728-3302
Owner: Claude Wilemon
Hours: Monday through Saturday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Closed Sunday