April 7, 2009

A Few of our Pigs!

My husband and I collect folk art pottery from potters in the Western part of NC as well as a few potters in SC and GA. We have started a collection of pigs from our favorite potters!Several of my friends are always asking just how many pigs do you have in your home. To date, we have 12 pieces of pig pottery and have commissioned 3 other potters to throw us a pig.I also collect blown glass and have a small collection of glass pigs.Now, I could stop counting pigs here but why should I. I have an amazing group of quilting friends who are always sending me surprises through the mail with a pig related theme. I have 3 pig Dotee dolls, pig figurines, pill bottles, ring dishes, sewing buttons, lapel buttons, crocheted pigs, stuffed pigs, even a handmade pig from Australia! My friend from Russia sent me a beautiful tiny glass pig at Christmas! I even have a pig with a bobbing head that I love! And pig fabric galore that will some day turn into a quilt!For now I will show you a photo of a few of our pigs... The pigs were thrown by Albert Hodge, Steve Abee and David Bellar, all from Western, NC.Enjoy the photo!

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Quilt Hollow said...

I was curious about the pigs banner. My sister collects pigs and here I thought she had to of been the only one! Your collection is lovely. I had just entered your giveaway but wanted to learn more about your blog...learned you are a longarm quilter as I....and then I see your husband works with wood and mine loves to as well! Only mine hasn't learned turning bowls....but would have loved to because of time we spent in Germany and saw gorgeous pieces. Then I read your in NC....coincidence as so are we! It is fun to find a new blog as yours! (OMG! I just went to type my word verification and it is TRIER.....Trier is a favorite spot of ours in Germany!