June 22, 2009

Hubby's Phlox

Actually these are mine. :)

I bought them from a local nursery and when I brought them home hubby didn't like them. After the second year he started changing his mind. Now 4 years later, he loves them! They grow to be so big and bloom forever!

The pink one is our largest phlox. We have another nursery nearby who has asked for cuttings from it. The lavender is the runt of the bunch but it has surprised us this year because it has doubled its height. The one not in bloom yet is our white one. It always blooms last for whatever reason.


Shogun said...

Did you know that tall garden phlox is one of my favorite plants? I have it in all sorts of colors. Ours aren't blooming yet here though - can't wait!

Micki said...

What a lovely garden that you have!
Wonderful pics!

Anonymous said...

Thearica -- how exciting about the kiln opening!! There's a wood fired kiln here in our community that the local Kiln Walk Society uses. About once a year or so they invite some famous potter to join them. The firings are usually in the fall/winter. Never have gotten over there for the opening, though. Unfortunately, Hubby doesn't get as excited as I do about these things.

Sue, the Florida Farm Girl