October 11, 2009

Bloggers Quilt Festival 2009!

Amy at parkcitygirl.blogspot.com is hosting a Bloggers Quilt Festival! There have been over 400 entries to date and still room for many more! So get over there quick and sign your blog up with a direct post to a quilt you would like to showcase! Have fun browsing the many blogs while you are there! So much inspiration! I actually was inspired by a quilt that Amber submitted that I went straight upstairs yesterday afternoon and have one similar to it 2/3rds put together! I will show it on my blog when it is finished...sometime tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration Amy!!


lani said...

Im goin

SandyQuilts said...

Oh I love that quilt too. Can't wait to see yours.

Carol said...

Love the quilt at Amber's site.
I'm impressed that you are so far along already. Looking forward to seeing it.

bingo~bonnie said...

Amber's was your insperation??? WOW you sure are fast! I love how yours turned out - but don't forget to share photos here on blogger too ;)

for a quick tip on uploading photos to blogger that is SUPER fast... under setting click on the tab at the top that says email and go there and find out what your blogger email address is... mine is bingobonnie.email@blogger.com

I just learned this a few months ago... and when I have my photos open I can click to email them and type in my blogger email and it automatically sends all the ones I selected all at once! I think I select medium size.

in the subject line type your blog title for your post and in the body of the message - put in your story... then hit send...

by the time I open blogger it is there waiting on me to edit and proof read and then hit publish. I love this way and wish I had known about it long ago! no more waiting on blogger to upload slow photos anymore. hope this helps you ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie