December 22, 2009

There's A New Book In Town!

Cathy Wiggins, is an awesome quilt artist! My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting with her in her home on Lake Gaston yesterday. I have commissioned her to create a pictoral quilt of my grandchildren! I am so excited about this! We both were members of a longarmers association and she showed a quilt she had created with a little girl holding a frog. I knew right then I wanted her to do my granddaughter, my oldest daughters little girl. Before I could get the ball rolling I found out that my youngest was expecting her first child so I decided to wait until he was older and have them both on the same quilt.

Well, we are under contract and now I have to exercise lots of patience (which my hubby tells me I have none of). I know the wait will definitely be worth it!

Cathy has shown many of her quilts in some of the prestigious quilt shows and has many ribbons to show for her talents! She has just recently had her first book published! If you have never seen her quilt, "Clowns On Parade" hanging in a show, I hope you will have that pleasure one day.

You can purchase her book, Clowns On Parade, through AQS Publishing!

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SewCalGal said...

How exciting to commission a quilt with Cathy Wiggins. I can't wait to see it. Thanks for sharing insights on this new book too. I'll try to check it out!