December 18, 2010

Pincusion Swap and a Giveaway!

Queen of the Unfinished Projects  won Santa!!  And I am going to have the pleasure of meeting her face to face to present him to her!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this first blog swap of mine a success!  All of the pincushions sent in were top quality and that made me very happy! I am hoping you will share photos of the one(s) you get back on your blog and come back and comment again to let us know you did so everyone can see what you received.  :)

I have checked delivery confirmation numbers and this is how we stand...

Needledmom - delivered on 16th at 2:11 pm
Nickilee - delivered on 17th at 10:37 pm
Ruby - delivered on 15th at 3:08 pm
Gerry - Delivery attempted Dec 18th - Notice left
Tonya - Delivered on Dec 18th at 2:32 pm
Carin - Your item left the United States from ISC MIAMI FL (USPS) at 1:58 pm on December 18, 2010
Marie - picked up her pincushions on 17th
Stephanie - Meeting to deliver her pincushions and Santa! 
Me - got mine. :)

I have hosted many swaps on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum over the past 7 years (forum nickname Quiltaholic) and I want to take the plunge and host my first ever blog swap!

I would love to host a PINCUSHION SWAP!
 Due date:  Pincushions should be to me no later than December 9th! This date is FIRM as I will swap that evening and mail everyone's new pincushions back to them on Friday, December 10th!

Rules:  You can make anywhere from 1 to 6  pincushions to swap and you will receive the same number of pincushions back in return.  Please use good quality fabrics in your creations.  You can use any design and any type fabrics (cottons, wools, fancy fabrics etc...) as you wish.  You can piece them, cross stitch them, use applique, make wool pincushions..the choice is yours!  Please be considerate in creating your pincushions and only send in pincushions that you would want to receive from each participant yourself.  If you send in sloppy made pincushions, they will be returned back to you.

This is a centralized swap..... You will send your completed pincushions to me and I will swap them all out sending you back pincushions made by different ladies.  This ensures that everyone receives their pincushions.

Sign up by replying to this post.  You MUST have a way for me to contact you so I can give you my mailing address in order to be in the swap. Postage rules will be included in my reply email when I send you back my mailing address!

Also:  After you sign up, please grab the Pincushion Swap button on my left sidebar and place it on your blog so others can know about the swap.  I would love to see at least 20 participants for my first swap!  Please help spread the word! :)

If you need to use Paypal to send me your return postage fees, that is absolutely fine with me.

International friends are welcome to play too!!


Everyone who completes the swap by sending in their pincushions will each get their name in a hat to have a chance to win this awesome Santa!!!  He will come to the winner along with their new pincushions!!

Please help me have a successful first time blog swap by signing up and telling your friends to come and play too!  If you send a friend to play, have them tell me you sent them and your name will go in the hat for Santa an extra time for each friend you send to play that finishes the swap! The more the merrier! :)

So!! Who wants to play?

December 13, 2010

Quilt Presentation to the Central Children's Home!

Quilters have hearts as big as Texas!!! :D

Marie was sick so my husband went with me tonight to present the quilts that came in from my The Big 5-0, Birthday Wishes and Charity Quilts quilt collection!

I received 24 quilts but as of tonight their enrollment had dropped to 13 so Butch and I measured all of the quilts and took the longest ones because these children are 13 - 21 years of age.

We gave quilts to 5 boys and 6 girls tonight.  3 of the girls are not in the photo because they asked not to be.

You should have seen their smiles!!  I wish I could post the photo of their faces with the quilts but the privacy laws prevent that. It is for the safety of the children.

But I can show you this photo and you can all envision what a big smile would look like behind those quilts because that is exactly what is going on!

They just kept saying thank you!  I had pinned the name of the quilt maker to each quilt and asked the children to say a prayer for each of them tonight!   :D

I want to say a HUGE thank you to each quilter who made this presentation possible!!  We should always show our children that they are loved and what better way to do that, than with a quilt!

December 12, 2010

Secret Santa Stocking Swap

I joined a swap on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum and have my things ready to send out tomorrow to my friend *****!!  Can't say her name just yet because we aren't supposed to know who got our name until we receive!

I sure hope she likes what I made for her.  The rules of the swap were to make a handmade stocking for your intended!  I downloaded a free pattern online.  I then loaded a backing, batting and the stocking fabric on my longarm.  I drew around the pattern shape with chalk and then quilted feathers up both sides.  I cut it out leaving a good 1/4 inch allowance so that when I sewed front to back that my quilting would not be cut off.  I clipped all of the curves and then turned it right side out.

I then sewed a lining together and slipped it inside.  I made it longer at the top so I could fold it over and whipstitch it to the quilted piece.  I then added a hanger using gold ribbon tape.

Do you think she will like it??

I also proceeded to make her something extra special!  I have met this sweet lady in person and I really like her a lot!  So, making her something special was a piece of cake!

This was a fun little Christmas wallhanging!  It was supposed to have snowmen appliqued in the blocks but I wanted to quilt words pertaining to the holidays so that is what I did!  I hope she likes it!

Pincushion Swap Update!

Look what's ready to go to the post office tomorrow morning!  I was to mail on Friday but our Netherlands friend mailed back in November and it took her box until yesterday to get here.  I hated to swap without her since she made the effort to mail so early to make sure they came in time.  The postal service can be quite slow sometimes.  I am so glad her package came and she is too! :)

I made one pincushion for the swap and this is the one that I got back!  Isn't he just adorable!  he has crushed walnut hulls in his lower base for sharpening your needles!
You all will really like what you are getting back too!  Thank you so much for joining my first ever blog swap!  It was on the small side but I am hoping that next time I host that you will play again and bring a friend along for the ride. :)

November 21, 2010

Birthday Celebration Winners Are Posted!!!

Lotto Selection Form
How many numbers (not including bonus) would you like to select? The valid numbers are four, five, and six ...    four
What is the maximum value for the numbers? The maximum possible is 99....   65  
Is there a Bonus number? No
What is the maximum value for the bonus number? The maximum possible is 99....  0  
How many tickets do you wish to create? You can create up to 20 at a time....    4  

Your Generated Lottery Numbers
3, 16, 28, 57

Thank you so much to everyone who has played along with my birthday celebration and wished me a happy birthday!  I wish I had a pair of these scissors for every one of you but alas, only 4 can be winners! 

Don't despair though...I will let you in on a little secret... shhh... can you keep a secret...There is another give away coming up right behind this stay tuned... :)

I printed out all of the replies and your name was given the number as it fell in line with the responses (unless you had a duplicate post, then the extra one got tossed out)... If someone entered the giveaway and said so&so sent them, then so&so got their name put in the drawing another time right under the person who signed up that they sent...

I used a lotto selection form to determine the winners and the numbers have been posted at the top of this post.  hmmm...but you say who's name goes with which number...hmmm...Well, without further adieu.....

#3 - SewCalGal  Email sent! -- Email answered!!!
#16 - Janice   Email sent! -- Email answered!!!
#28 - lisa   Email sent! -- Email answered!!!
#57 - MJ (no blog but does have email) Email sent! -- Email answered!!!

I have sent each of these ladies an email... If either of them do not answer my email within 5 days ( by November 26 at 9:30 p.m. Eastern time),  I will redraw another winner for their spot.

Congratulations ladies!! Enjoy your scissors!!!!!

November 17, 2010


We are celebrating in this house all week long!!  I have a birthday coming up on Sunday and I am shouting it out!!  I love birthdays!  yep I do!!

So, how about a giveaway to go along with my birthday!!!

I will be drawing 2 names from those who reply and ask to be signed up for this giveaway and I will also be selecting 2 of my followers as winners!!  How about that!! 4 winners!

After I contact the winners, they will each have 5 days to answer the email requesting their mailing info and if I do not hear from either one of them, I will select a new winner in that person's place!

What is it you ask?  What is up for grabs??  Let me show you one of the sweetest sewing notions I have seen in a very long time!!

Hettie's Patch sells these darling embroidery scissors!! The link is to their blog but they are trying to get an online shop off the ground!  I called Hettie and ordered mine but if you call, please remember the time difference as she is in Australia!

So without further adieu, I give you the giveaway prizes!!

4 pair of embroidery scissors = 4 lucky winners!

Will it be you???

Giveaway closes on Sunday, November 21 at 6:00 p.m. Eastern time!

Send your friends over and if they tell me you sent them, I will put your name in an extra time for each friend you send over here!!!

November 16, 2010

Vintage Tuesday

Well, my Vintage Tuesday post is pretty late today so I am going to post my progress on the vintage fabric squares that I received from my mother in law.  I am only bordering them so I can show off as much of the fabric design as possible.

I am going to call the quilt, Vintage On Display when it is completed.

This post is also going to serve as my Fabric Tuesday offering on Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday! Go on over there and link up a project using fabric! :)

What do you think so far?

November 10, 2010

Work-In-Progress Wednesday - Pig Quilt!

 This post is part of the Work In Progress Wednesday with Lee over at Freshly Pieced!

This pig quilt has been a quilt in motion for some time.  My friends from the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum send me pig fabric a lot and I have kept every piece ever sent.  I finally took the time about 6 months ago to turn some of those fabrics into a quilt top!

Well, it has stayed in quilt top form since and I finally put it on the frame this week and it is now quilted!

I need to bind it and then it will be displayed on the back of my couch and I will use it to cover up with as we watch tv this winter!

I love the background homespuns!  They were given to my by Lauren at the COF Quilting Retreat in April of 2009 that was held in NH! My first ever quilting retreat and I loved every minute of it!

I loved it so well that I am organizing the 2011 retreat that will be held in Charlotte, NC!!  Right now  my committee and I are preparing for 99 ladies to be in attendance!! WOW!

I am glad this quilt will be finished for show and tell!!!

Treasures In The Attic #1

This is the first post of 4 so please stay tuned as I get the other photos ready for sharing.

I visited with my MIL last night while my hubby woked on some art pieces for a show he is doing Thanksgiving weekend. She had called and told me she had sent her grandson up in the attic earlier in the day and he had brought down 7 bags that she wanted me to help her go through. When I got over there I found out that the bags all contained fabric scraps!

Well, look what we found in one of the bags. Apparantely, her mother had also put some bags of scraps in the attic and had put these 24 9-patch blocks in with the fabric and they were forgot about!! My MIL said the best she could figure these were made 20+ years ago.

Now they belong to me and I am going to finish them into a quilt to use in our living room! Our house is built on the same spot that my hubby's grandmother's house was.

It is almost like these blocks have come home! :)

Stay tuned to see what else was in this same bag!

November 9, 2010

Vintage Tuesday

I bring you Vintage Tuesday ......

Compliments of Granny Ida... and yes, as much as she looks spunky... she was every bit of it!  :)
And compliments of Granny Ella!
Granny Ida was my maternal grandmother and Granny Ella, my paternal grandmother.  

I would like to share with you about something I was handed down when these wonderful ladies passed on to the great unknown.

Granny Ella had purchased 2 sets of this creamer / salt and pepper shaker set and gave one to Granny Ida for Christmas many years ago.  I am sure it had a sugar bowl to go with it at one time but neither of those made it through.

When we divided up Granny Ella's things after her death, I was given a bag with several things in it. One being a creamer shaped like a cow.  It was the only piece in the bag.  My aunt told me that there had been other pieces but they had gotten broke over the years.

After Granny Ida died, my Aunt Lurlie gave me a few of her things.  And I could not believe my eyes when she handed me a set of salt and pepper shakes that looked just like the creamer I had received earlier!  And as fate would have it, the other pieces in Granny Ida's possession had been broke and thrown away years before too.

Aunt Lurlie is the one who told me the story of how Granny Ella had given a set to Granny Ida.  I could not believe that between both sides of my family, the set came back together to live with me.  The sugar bowl is still missing and there very well may not have been one.  I am just glad that I can care for these pieces for my grandmothers now. I know they would both smile if they knew the set was brought back together and it was being cared for by me.


Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story

This is my submission to Fabric Tuesday over at Quilt Story.  Do you have a recent finish that uses fabric that you would like to share.  Hop on over and link up!

I was in a Mini Quilt Swap that was hosted by Holee over on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum!  I have previously posted about the lovely mini that my partner, Donna, made for me.

Well, I finished and mailed Donna's off to Georgia and she received it yesterday!  This was my first "well done" mini quilt but I think it may be a while before I make another.  I learned through making this one, that it is a LOT harder to sew these tiny blocks than one might think.  But all in all, I enjoyed creating something new to me and I just may make another sometime in the future... like maybe next year. :)

November 4, 2010

Quilt Story!!

I have a story that is being featured on Quilt Story today!!  Hop on over there and read what it is all about!  And while you are there, take time to read previous stories!  Just remember to get a cup of coffee and a snack because you are sure to be there for a while. :)

November 3, 2010

Ronald McDonald House Cookbook!

I had a lovely visit with a new client today. She brought me plenty of work to keep me busy for a few days and presented me with this cookbook as a gift before she left. For those of you who regularly read my blog know that I am an avid volunteer worker and one of my benefactors is the Ronald McDonald House Charities! I work alongside of the many quilters from the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum making quilts for children and also for raffles that I host directly on the forum.

So it was like a full circle come back to me when I looked at the cookbook title and saw it was put out by RMH! Don't you just love it when things like this catch you unaware. This lady did not know I have ran 3 raffles to benefit this awesome organization so it was extra sweet that this is what I received from her.

I have been coordinating fundraisers with the quilters since 2005 but over the past 3 years the HGTV Quilters and I, along with lots of our non-forum friends, have raised a total of $10,052.00 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities alone!

This past September saw our 7th raffle to date and we plan on many more to come! :)

The first page that fell open when I went to look through the cookbook had a recipe for a Pineapple Cheeseball! I have been searching for this recipe for a long time! I went to a baby shower several years ago and they served one of these. The grandmother wrote down the recipe for me but I lost it. I am so glad it is in this book!!! I will let you know how it is when I make it! :)

November 2, 2010

Mini Quilt

This is the first mini quilt I have ever made. It measures 8 3/4" square. I made it for a swap but did not know whether or not I really liked it so made another one for that.

What do you think about this one?  TRUE thoughts please... I can take constructive criticism. honest. :)

Edited to add I sent a photo to the designer of the fabric, Jennifer Paganelli of SisBoom Fabrics, and she really liked it. So I am going on further to finish the wallhanging size I have started in this design. :)

Quilting Books In The House!!

My mother in law and I went into Raleigh this past weekend and with coupons in tow, I found myself searching out the book rack! I don't buy new books very often but this day I came away with 4!!!  WOW! Did I make up for lost time!

These days you usually find me over in the bead section feeding my cravings for anything related to crazy quilting.  But this day, I decided I would not go anywhere near a bead!  Guess what????  I made it out the door without even looking that way!  believe it or not! :)

The first book I purchased is Fat Quarter Quilting by Lori Smith.  There are 21 terrific 16" x 20" projects inside!  I bought this book with a mini swap in mind.  I made one of these quilts for my swap partner!  You will have to wait a few days to see the quilt until she receives it in the mail!
The next book is Country Comforts by Cheryl Wall.  I fell in love with the quilt on the cover and HAD to have this book!!  I have been known on more than one occasion to purchase a book for only one pattern in the whole book! And as soon as I saw this cover, I knew the book was going home with me!  And then I opened the book!!  YAY!!!  I made an awesome choice!  You will love what is inside this book!  Lots of great quilts to choose from!  And another Churn Dash!!! :)
Next up is A Passion for Piecing by Claudia Clark Myers. The adaptations to the Grandmothers Fan design in this book blew me away! You MUST see this book!
Last but certainly not least is More Retro Aprons by Cindy Taylor Oates.  My youngest daughter has been begging for an apron for a year!  This Christmas I am going to delight her with 2!!
So what are you waiting for?  get over to your local JoAnn's or your favorite quilt shop and check these books out!  You will be glad that you did!

Vintage Tuesday!

Today for your pleasure, I am showing a few pieces of a large set of vintage dishes we own and cherish!  These dishes belonged to my hubby's grandmother on his mother's side.  We were gifted these after we moved into our home in May 2004.  My mother in law said that she would like to see us have them since we built our home on the same spot her mother's house stood.  It was such an awesome gift to be chosen to care for these beautiful dishes!

Allie and Prissy!

A few weeks ago I posted photos of a TeaCup Crazy Quilt piece that I made during a contest and then presented it to my granddaughter for her birthday!  I never shared a photo of it framed so I wanted to do that today.  You can read the original post HERE if you did not see it when I first posted it.
And here is Allie with prissy taking a stroll during one of her many teaparties. :)
She even paints Prissy's toenails.  This little dog is so humble.  She has to be to allow Allie to do all of this to her.
Miss Prissy in one of her outfits.
I have entered the story of this CQ piece for Allie to The Quilt Shoppe's blog In Stitches for their Finished Friday feature.  I hope the story makes the cut!! :)

October 29, 2010

Mini Quilt Swap

I joined a mini quilt swap with some awesome ladies on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum.  Holee is our swap hostess and has the photos of the quilts that have been delivered so far on her blog.  She will continue updating the photos until they are all delivered.  Go on over there and check out what each person made for the other.

I was partnered with my friend Donna.  I received the mini quilt she made for me in todays mail!  We were able to say one thing we liked and I told her I had a mini quilt from a previous swap that had pumpkins on it so it would be nice to have maybe pumpkins on it so I could hang them together.

I LOVE the quilt she made for me! The design is just perfect!!

October 28, 2010

Fall At Our House!

Hubby purchased his grandfather's farm several years ago and when we decided to build a house, we tore down the old house and built ours on the same spot.  We would have loved to remodel the old house but it was too far gone.  2 of the bedrooms shared a corner fireplace which was awesome so it was a shame to have to destroy the house.

When you build on old family property sometimes you are gifted with a scene like this.  Our house is only 6 years old but we have old maple and oak trees that surround it!  Hubby's grandmother planted all of these trees and there was no way we would watch them cut down.  The contractor had to take down 2 trees in the back because our house was a little bigger than the old house but that is all we sacrificed!  We wanted to build an even larger house but the trees in the front would have had to go so we said NO!

But look what we are gifted every fall season since we kept all of the trees!  Isn't it beautiful!

October 27, 2010

Deb Strain & Sandy Gervais In Harmony Together

I quilted for a customer about a month ago and the quilt she brought in was so simple and sweet that I had to go upstairs and cut out my own!  She had done hers in batiks but I had some awesome fabrics, actually 2 Layer Cakes, that I wanted to use in mine!  I am being drawn to the fallish colored quilts more and more!  My customers quilt was a small lap throw but mine ended up being a California full size.

The pattern was easy to decipher and I know I cut my rectangles larger and longer than she did but I did not want to waste any of my layer cake fabric so I trimmed all 4 edges of the pinked edging and divided the width by 3 and cut accordingly.  I love the way it looks!

I used the Saltbox Harvest Layer Cake by Deb Strain and the Awesome Layer Cake by Sandy Gervais that I purchased from Wish Upon A Quilt in Raleigh, NC!  Both of these fabric designers used shades of orange, brown, cranberry, black, yellow, green and white that looked wonderful when mixed together in the same quilt!

I quilted the lap throw using the Koko pantograph by Jodi beamish that I purchased from Columbia River Quilting Supply and will quilt mine with the same design!  It looked really nice on this type of pattern.  The Kokopelli characters fell right into the rails of the blocks so you could see them really well!  And it is a fun pattern to run to boot!

I have a few things to clear out of the studio before I can quilt mine but I will be itching to quilt this so I hope it isn't too long!

October 26, 2010

Vintage Tuesday

Well, I am dating myself this morning... Although I would not consider myself vintage, I am going to show you a piece of my clothing that I wore when I was 16.

I host another blog called The Bakers Dozen and every 6 weeks we make a project with a designated theme in mind.  The symbol for this particular time period was Symbol and someone showed a pair of blue jeans they had painted up with lots of designs that symbolized things in their life.

The photo of those jeans brought back memories of when I was a teenager and tye-dying t-shirts and painting the words "Flower Power" and "Fight Fat" on them. WoW!  How long has that been and what fun we had!

So this morning for Vintage Tuesday I give you my blue jean shirt which I painted and embroidered on and wore to school every chance I got!
How many of you remember the movie "Smokey and the Bandit"?  I also remember all of the guys having CB's in their cars and when we would ride around on the weekends talking to our friends on them.  We had so much fun!!
My nickname in high school was Fred so it had to go on my shirt too!
I love the spelling of my name.  My dad was the one who gave it the spelling and I have had many compliments on it all of my life.

October 24, 2010

Blue Ridge Parkway Trip

to the mountains....

Hubby and I took a day trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday.  I took a few photos so you could enjoy the drive as well...  Along the way we passed a farm that had some unusual trees in the distance..We think this is cudzo growing up the trees... One thing I know for sure is it looks like something out of Stonehenge.  Mother Nature at her finest!
After a 3 hour drive... with a stop off at the Sonic Drive-In, we arrived at the entrance to the Parkway..
Now, sit back and enjoy the beauty.....
They don't call them the "Blue Ridge Mountains" for nothing... look at that beautiful blue shadow atop the mountains!
This building was sitting along the edge of the parkway.. I had to snap a photo of it..I had brought along a quilt top done in fall colors to photograph somewhere along the way and this was the perfect spot!  Alas, I opened the back door to the truck and realized I left it at home!! arrghh
We had to make a stop at the Parkway Craft Center located at Moses Cone!  This was my first visit here and we were so glad that we found it!
These views are from the veranda of the Craft Center...
 Someone was eloping and the family wasn't invited.. What do you get when you have 1 pastor/photographer, 1 groom, 1 bride, 1 ring bearer, and 1 flower girl?  A romantic wedding in the mountains! I could not resist the photo!

On our way home we stopped off at a road side produce market. They had decorated for the fall/Halloween season so I grabbed a few shots.
 We left the produce stand with an ice cream cone in with chocolate almond and hubby with his all time favorite, peach...10 miles down the road we stopped for a steak!  Who says you can't have dessert first!  After we ate, we settled into the truck for the rest of our journey home.

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight... Wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight... (Please let us get home safely)
Our guardian angel... "the man in the moon".. he followed us all the way home. :)
I hope you enjoyed your trip to the mountians!  I told hubby that I wish we could have been in a stretch limo with the sunroof so I could have stood up to make photos while we traveled along the Parkway.  I missed so many awesome shots because traffic was so heavy at times!  We were about a week late getting the best of photos.  A lot of the leaves had already fallen but it was still a beautiful day!