February 13, 2010

My Friend Sassy!

I have a friend I want to tell you about today. Her nickname is Sassy. Her dad called her Sassafras when she was growing up and now her friends call her Sassy. I have also nicknamed my longarm quilting machine "Sassy" after her!

I came to know this dear friend on a quilting forum about 4 years ago. About 3 years ago I had the privilege of meeting her face to face here in my home. She had driven from TX to VA to see a nephew graduate high school and we planned for her to come for a visit while she was here. Her family cautioned her that I might be one of those here serial killers so she asked one of them to come with her. Well, they declined the invitation! Send her to the wolves by herself, they said! hehe

Well, luck would have it that I am not in any way a serial killer nor related to one. Or at least I hope not! That would be horrible! She came and spent 9 hours with me and we had a lovely visit! I am sure her family let out a sigh of relief when she walked back in unharmed. LOL

I had the pleasure of being her secret sister on the quilting forum one year and I loved sending her special gifts. One month I sent her a set of Sassafras bowls that my hubby had made, he is a woodturner. She was thrilled to get those! I thought they might put a smile on her face! When she was here for a visit she ate some of my pickles and loved them so I made sure she got pickles every so often after that. I now have to send her hubby a jar of his own because she doesn't like to share! bad sassy!!

We were both lucky enough to be able to attend a yearly quilting retreat with the members of the quilting forum last April. It was so wonderful seeing her again!

She has sent me lovely gifts through the 4 years we have known each other and today I received an envelope from her...I figured she was sending in for raffle tickets. I opened the envelope to find a sweet Valentine's day card inside! Now my face lit up with a smile!

And then I saw it....yep...you guessed it...she was being naughty...just like she knows how to be...She is sticking her tongue out at me!! and trying to disguise it in a Valentine's card. sneaky little sassy!! But that's why I love her so! :)

Happy Valentine's day my friend!!

We have plans for her to come for another visit this summer when she comes to her niece's graduation! I cannot wait to see her again!


Merry said...

What a wonderful read......

Great card tooo!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are such a goof ball! I'm saving up my orneriness for June! See you then! ;~


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