March 8, 2010

I Have Been Busy!

Wow! Almost 2 weeks since I posted last! Where does the time go? I will be drawing for the winner of my February give away tomorrow while my friend Marie is here. We will be working on one of the raffle quilts all day. I will get her to draw a name for me. The prize will stay a secret until the receiver has it in her hands. I hope she will like it. Things of this nature, you aren't so sure how they will be received so we shall see. (Now I have you wondering don't I?) :)

I have been busy quilting on the longarm and getting some out the door! I haven't shared photos as most are just pantographs and they don't excite me that much. But they do bring in more money than custom as far as hourly wage goes. So I will humble myself and do them. They are much easier on the body too. I will be doing more pantos this year as I just cannot keep up with so much custom any longer. I will save the intense custom for those clients who put their quilts into shows. Winning ribbons is so awesome!

I have also been doing a lot of Crazy Quilting. My friend Nicki has made a mad woman out of me! I have bought some buttons on Ebay...some very beautiful buttons I might add...and I think I have started a new fetish!! eeekkkkk! I will have to make some photos of the gorgeous buttons that I have bought and show them to you. I am waiting for some more to come in so I will wait until they all are here. ALL you say...and just how many is all??? Well, wait and see... :)

For now here is some work I did to Lynn's CQ block in the current round robin on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum.


Mikol said...

You've gotten my curiosity up on what this give away is.
Your CQing looks great!

Merry said...

This Crazy quilt is just beautiful. What an interesting sounding giveaway. I am sure that your winner is in for a very lovely surprise.

JessicaSews said...

The CQ is beautiful, Thearica. The buttons will be an investment!

Yes, you are busy-busy! Even shared the Dotee Doll Craze with a number of us! Thank you very much!

Enjoy Your Sewing!

Shogun said...

Please show us photos of your buttons!

Your CQ block is pretty, very nice purples and greens, the birds are beautiful.