April 24, 2010

Hubbys Blue Iris


Maggey and Jim said...

They are so beautiful.. Mine are not blooming yet.. Have a great Sunday

Stempelientje said...

Ohhh Those flowers look so beautiful!
And....please check out my blog,,there is something for you....
Greetings from Stempelientje.

free indeed said...

They are very beautiful! Wish I had a hubby that liked to play in the garden....I have 'visions' for mine, but lack the muscle/back power :)

bingo~bonnie said...

Those are some great photos T!

My mother collected and shared Irises with friends for many many years... sadly after she died my Daddy (not thinking really) built his new barn in that spot and simply just dug thru them without even thinking to bring me some bulbs. :/ She had them of almost every color.

The last that she added were solid white ones - they were growing at mine & David's first apartment we rented after we were married and I dug up one and took home to her.

Maybe one day I'll start a collection.