October 28, 2010

Fall At Our House!

Hubby purchased his grandfather's farm several years ago and when we decided to build a house, we tore down the old house and built ours on the same spot.  We would have loved to remodel the old house but it was too far gone.  2 of the bedrooms shared a corner fireplace which was awesome so it was a shame to have to destroy the house.

When you build on old family property sometimes you are gifted with a scene like this.  Our house is only 6 years old but we have old maple and oak trees that surround it!  Hubby's grandmother planted all of these trees and there was no way we would watch them cut down.  The contractor had to take down 2 trees in the back because our house was a little bigger than the old house but that is all we sacrificed!  We wanted to build an even larger house but the trees in the front would have had to go so we said NO!

But look what we are gifted every fall season since we kept all of the trees!  Isn't it beautiful!


Jen said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You have a beautiful home.

Dee said...

That is beautiful! I would love to have some mature hardwoods in my yard. Maybe in another 25 years or so.

Barbara said...

Beautiful. You're very lucky.

Ann Flowers said...

What a delight to walk out front and see. Gorgeous colors!!!! Good choice to keep them!

Ann Flowers

Carin said...

That is just beautiful, surrounding with such pretty trees and now they have those wonderful autumncolors !!

Stempelientje said...

It is absolutely beautiful!Glad you kept the trees!