November 2, 2010

Allie and Prissy!

A few weeks ago I posted photos of a TeaCup Crazy Quilt piece that I made during a contest and then presented it to my granddaughter for her birthday!  I never shared a photo of it framed so I wanted to do that today.  You can read the original post HERE if you did not see it when I first posted it.
And here is Allie with prissy taking a stroll during one of her many teaparties. :)
She even paints Prissy's toenails.  This little dog is so humble.  She has to be to allow Allie to do all of this to her.
Miss Prissy in one of her outfits.
I have entered the story of this CQ piece for Allie to The Quilt Shoppe's blog In Stitches for their Finished Friday feature.  I hope the story makes the cut!! :)


JessicaSews said...

I love the CQ framed, it is so pretty!

Dee said...

Having seen it in person, I know the CQ block is absolutely gorgeous!!! And how sweet of prissy to allow Allie to dress her up and paint her nails.