November 10, 2010

Work-In-Progress Wednesday - Pig Quilt!

 This post is part of the Work In Progress Wednesday with Lee over at Freshly Pieced!

This pig quilt has been a quilt in motion for some time.  My friends from the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum send me pig fabric a lot and I have kept every piece ever sent.  I finally took the time about 6 months ago to turn some of those fabrics into a quilt top!

Well, it has stayed in quilt top form since and I finally put it on the frame this week and it is now quilted!

I need to bind it and then it will be displayed on the back of my couch and I will use it to cover up with as we watch tv this winter!

I love the background homespuns!  They were given to my by Lauren at the COF Quilting Retreat in April of 2009 that was held in NH! My first ever quilting retreat and I loved every minute of it!

I loved it so well that I am organizing the 2011 retreat that will be held in Charlotte, NC!!  Right now  my committee and I are preparing for 99 ladies to be in attendance!! WOW!

I am glad this quilt will be finished for show and tell!!!


  1. Too cute! I especially love the pigs in the night sky. Dreaming their piggy dreams. So, all that fabric was gifted to you? Quilters are such awesome people! Whenever you cuddle up in it, you'll feel so well taken care of!

  2. I like the piggy matador. Funny I have quite a collection of pigs but no fabric. Lots of chickens and dachshunds/doggy fabric. I'll just look at yours for now. COOL

  3. You certainly have some fun piggy fabrics there. What a terrific way to show case them all. Sounds like a fun and huge retreat.....99 people. Beats the 3 people one I just had. :-)

  4. very cute! admittedly this is the first pig quilt i have seen, and i love that you choose this theme. so fun!

  5. LOVE it! ... this little piggie went to the fabric store, this little piggy stayed home...

  6. How fun. I never thought of doing a quilt with a fabric theme like that. The green background is perfect!

  7. Someone (or more) will be very fortunate to cuddle under such a creative quilt. I collect dog and cat fabrics, but you make me want to go look for some piggies too.

  8. I love your piggie quilt especially the Olivia fabric! I can't get enough of that little piglet!

  9. Wow, who knew there were all those different pig fabrics out there! That is too cute, and so sweet of your quilting forum friends. Love it! Thanks for joining WIP Wednesday - come back again next week!


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