December 18, 2010

Pincusion Swap and a Giveaway!

Queen of the Unfinished Projects  won Santa!!  And I am going to have the pleasure of meeting her face to face to present him to her!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this first blog swap of mine a success!  All of the pincushions sent in were top quality and that made me very happy! I am hoping you will share photos of the one(s) you get back on your blog and come back and comment again to let us know you did so everyone can see what you received.  :)

I have checked delivery confirmation numbers and this is how we stand...

Needledmom - delivered on 16th at 2:11 pm
Nickilee - delivered on 17th at 10:37 pm
Ruby - delivered on 15th at 3:08 pm
Gerry - Delivery attempted Dec 18th - Notice left
Tonya - Delivered on Dec 18th at 2:32 pm
Carin - Your item left the United States from ISC MIAMI FL (USPS) at 1:58 pm on December 18, 2010
Marie - picked up her pincushions on 17th
Stephanie - Meeting to deliver her pincushions and Santa! 
Me - got mine. :)

I have hosted many swaps on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum over the past 7 years (forum nickname Quiltaholic) and I want to take the plunge and host my first ever blog swap!

I would love to host a PINCUSHION SWAP!
 Due date:  Pincushions should be to me no later than December 9th! This date is FIRM as I will swap that evening and mail everyone's new pincushions back to them on Friday, December 10th!

Rules:  You can make anywhere from 1 to 6  pincushions to swap and you will receive the same number of pincushions back in return.  Please use good quality fabrics in your creations.  You can use any design and any type fabrics (cottons, wools, fancy fabrics etc...) as you wish.  You can piece them, cross stitch them, use applique, make wool pincushions..the choice is yours!  Please be considerate in creating your pincushions and only send in pincushions that you would want to receive from each participant yourself.  If you send in sloppy made pincushions, they will be returned back to you.

This is a centralized swap..... You will send your completed pincushions to me and I will swap them all out sending you back pincushions made by different ladies.  This ensures that everyone receives their pincushions.

Sign up by replying to this post.  You MUST have a way for me to contact you so I can give you my mailing address in order to be in the swap. Postage rules will be included in my reply email when I send you back my mailing address!

Also:  After you sign up, please grab the Pincushion Swap button on my left sidebar and place it on your blog so others can know about the swap.  I would love to see at least 20 participants for my first swap!  Please help spread the word! :)

If you need to use Paypal to send me your return postage fees, that is absolutely fine with me.

International friends are welcome to play too!!


Everyone who completes the swap by sending in their pincushions will each get their name in a hat to have a chance to win this awesome Santa!!!  He will come to the winner along with their new pincushions!!

Please help me have a successful first time blog swap by signing up and telling your friends to come and play too!  If you send a friend to play, have them tell me you sent them and your name will go in the hat for Santa an extra time for each friend you send to play that finishes the swap! The more the merrier! :)

So!! Who wants to play?


Judy said...

Hey! That sounds like FUN!! I would like to be the first to sign up.I am in Australia though!

Thearica said...

Welcome aboard Judy!

Ira said...

Hey! I would like to sign up.I am in Israel

Ruby said...

Well, I'm only just down the road but I want to play too!! LOL. Sounds like fun.

Rofo Love said...

Good luck :)

collettakay said...

I've done swaps but never a pin cushion swap. Sign me up, please!


Thearica said...

Welcome aboard Ira, Ruby and collettakay!

This is getting exciting! Pincushions from all over! :)

RBobbin said...

hi Thearica!
What do you want inside the pincusion....I've used walnut and also just poly there a requirement for the swap?

Thearica said...

You can use either the crushed walnut or the poly stuffing... Just as long as your pincushions are fully stuffed. Like I said, poorly constructed pincushions will not be accepted for swapping.

Some people may not be able to acquire the crushed walnut and may need to use polyfil stuffing.

You can get crushed walnut at your pet supply store. But take it from my experience, the manager may not even know he sells it. But he does now. :)

RBobbin....May I sign you up? You would need to leave me a way of contacting you. I think I know who you are but need to be sure. :)

Carin said...

Must it be patchwork pincushion or may it also be a pincushion made with cross stitch ? And can you tell me a bit how it works with the postal cost please?

Carin said...

I want to join please !!!

Thearica said...

Your pincusion can be made any way you wish!

Welcome aboard!!

Thearica said...

My friend Marie Jones wants to swap with us too! She lives here in my hometown! She does not have a blog but she is not new to swapping. She has been swapping with other quilters for the past 6 years and does fabulous work. She is super excited to swap with international friends as well as friends across the U.S.! :)

RockinBobbin said...

Yes, it's me - I would love to swap with new friends. I'm in!

Stempelientje said...

If I would have been a good sewer I would have sorry ...I am not in.
But I am curious about those crushed walnuts?.....

Thearica said...

Welcome to the swap Tonya (RBobbin) :)

Marilynne Quick said...

I would like to join in the pincushion swap and I am having to relearn a lot of the techniques/stitches due to my arthritic hands not wanting to cooperate and also from a little memory loss due to possible small TIAs when I had HBP....I love pincushions and just received the filler for them yesterday. Thanks for holding this swap and giveaway.
Marilynne in SE TN

Thearica said...

Marilynne...You are set as a no-reply.

Please re-post and leave me your email address. Thanks so much.

Lois said...

The Santa sure is cute! You must be really thinking "Christmas" as your blog is dated Dec 9th. That helps to get us into the spirit. Chanlady

Gerry Krueger said...

I'll join in also...
Gerry Krueger

Nicki Lee said...

Ok..... I'm in. I promised myself I wouldn't take on any more swap obligations this year but guess I'll jump in before you twist my arm LOL!

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

I was the luckiest quilt winner earlier this year when the aforementioned Marie Jones put my Favorite Colors into an HGTV quilt donation for which a safety officer drew my name on the 28th of 29 draws!

I adore wrapping up in it when my living room temp drops below 75F (24C) and the toddlers we look after wrestle me for it during naptime! The quality of Marie's work amazed me and I wouldn't hesitate to accept any piece that Thearica approved. I hope to get good enough to participate by this time next year!!!!!

Thearica said...

Welcome aboard Gerry and Nicki!! These ladies are going to adore your pincushions! :)

Thearica said...

NeedledMom signed up on the other post but I wanted to add her here so you all would know she is playing. :)

This is her site:

Merry said...

Thearica, this sounds like so much fun. I wish you every success with the swap and will keep my eye out for future swaps. I just don't have enough time to play at the moment.

lindaschiffer said...

Is there space in this swap still? I'd love to play!

:) Linda (a quilter can always use more pinnies!:)

Queen of the Unfinished Project said...

I shouldn't do this at this time of year... but I've sort of been on a pincushion making streak lately... Might be a sign? :) So, I'll take the plunge and sign up, I guess. Two questions:
1- how does the return postage thing work?
2- does the pincushion have to be entirely made of fabric?
Sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait 'til mid-December, now...

Thearica said...

Welcome welcome!! The more the merrier! This is going to be such a fun party! :)

Sandi said...

I follow Ms Needlemom's blog and just had to come over when I saw the button on her blog. I think I would like to participate. I wasn't going to do another swap before the end of the year (just finishing what I thought was my last one of 2010) but I can surely do a pincushion. :-)

Thearica said...

Welcome to everyone who has joined my first blog swap and is swapping pincushions with ladies across the world! This is going to be so exciting to see these packages come through my door! My postal carrier always gets a kick out of seeing just how far my mail comes from. :)

So far we have the following swapping pincushions:

Gerry Krueger
Queen of the Unfinished Project
Needled Mom

Laurie said...

Is it too late to sign up? I would love to do this swap. It would be my first.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Gorgeous Santa! I wish I had found this post in time to participate!

Carin said...

Congrats to Stephanie for winning santa !!

Tonya said...

Thank you to NickiLee for the adorable pincushion - how creative! I finally have the opportunity to see your stitching up close - beautiful!

Carin said...

Thearica, I also emailed you privatly to let you know that the pincushion arrived today and Marie did a beautiful job on that pincushion. I love it !!! Also thanks for that lovely wooden doll, she is hanging in our christmas tree !