November 2, 2010

Vintage Tuesday!

Today for your pleasure, I am showing a few pieces of a large set of vintage dishes we own and cherish!  These dishes belonged to my hubby's grandmother on his mother's side.  We were gifted these after we moved into our home in May 2004.  My mother in law said that she would like to see us have them since we built our home on the same spot her mother's house stood.  It was such an awesome gift to be chosen to care for these beautiful dishes!


Darlene said...

Those are beautiful. I have a very old set of dishes from my grandmother with a wonderful story. Maybe I need to pull out, at least one, and share the story.

Lois said...

Love the dishes! Are they sitting on a yoyo tablecloth? Really a pretty setting. I have a vintage set but not the cute tablecloth. Chanlady