January 2, 2011

Christmas Eve Memories !! + A Give-away!!

                    WE FINALLY HAVE A WINNER!!  

I was in Bama longer than anticipated so the drawing for this yo-yo quilt was delayed longer than I expected!  Nonetheless, I think someone is going to be very tickled!!

LYNN!! over at The Purple Sock is the winner of the quilt!! My hubby drew out her name just seconds ago!  I will send off an email to her as soon as I finish posting updates on my blog. If I do not hear back from her in 5 days (Friday at noon), I will draw another winner!

I am linking this post over at Olivia Renn today!!  Hop on over and share in the linky love!!

How about a giveaway on Christmas Eve!!

What would it be if we did not have our sweet memories of days gone by?  I remember Christmas Eve as a child and the memories that I have always bring me such warmth and remembrance of those happy times puts a smile in my heart.

The best memory I have of Christmas Eve is one that I always sit and think about every Christmas.  One year my sister and I heard noises late into the night so we got up to investigate.  We just knew we would find Santa in our living room!  We got out of bed and slowly crept up the hall but once we peeked around the door into the living room we got the surprise of our life!  Our mother was strowing ashes from the fire place all the way to the tree and back to the fireplace with a boot!!!  We watched her as she would put the shoe into the fireplace and then take it and make footsteps leaving the ash footprint behind.

We had to have stood there forever or it seemed like we did... we actually stayed there way too long because mother finally sensed someone watching her and found us out!!  When she turned our way our eyes got as big as saucers and all we could do was giggle!  That was the year my sister and I got "the talk"... we were quite sad that there isn't actually a jolly fat man who parks a sleigh on your roof with a team of reindeer and then takes it upon himself to fit himself down the chimney so he can leave presents under your tree.  But what we got in place of that was actually something more precious! Our mother taking the time to do what she did to make Christmas morning be as fantastic as she could for her children!

Of course we were threatened to within an inch of our life if we told our younger brother and sister.  That first Christmas morning turned out to be better than we thought it would even knowing there was no real Santa..... because me and my sister had a secret!  We felt like the biggest girls on the earth that morning, smiles brimming wide... we probably looked like the cat that ate the canary!

I would love to know what your Christmas Eve memories are.... so how about we all share together and in return I will have a little give-away!

I have an antique yo-yo quilt that I have the desire to give to another quilter! I bought this in an antique shop back in the 80's and have used it as a table covering quite a few times while I have owned it and now I would love to pass it on to someone else to love and use. I have thought long and hard about just how to give this away. And I think it would be fun for everyone to share their own Christmas Eve traditions with the rest of us.

Comment to this thread and tell us about your own Christmas Eve memories.

I will give this gorgeous antique yo-yo quilt away on Christmas Eve at 7 p.m. Central time to one lucky person!! How is that for an extra special Christmas present just for you!

It isn't a requirement but if you would like to help spread the word about this giveaway and get your name in the pot several more times, then please share this on your blog with a link directly to this post.  You may right click and save the photo so you can upload it on your post so your friends can see what is up for grabs.  If they come and sign up for the giveaway and tell me you sent them, your name will go in an extra time for that person.  Send 10 friends, your name goes in 10 extra times... etc....  and Thanks!! in advance for helping me spread the word!


lisa said...

huh, I will have to think about traditions. I don't thik I have any. Other than never (ok maybe once in a blue moon) making it to midnight!

Dee said...

Well I know form having seen it in person that the quilt is gorgeous. I can't believe you're giving it away! Your challenge is a little difficult for me though because our tradition growing up was taking down the Christmas tree and all the decorations and getting everything clean starting the new year. I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of that. I'll put my thinking cap on though and see if I can remember anything else.

Lee said...

Christmas Eve memories was always the kids in the Church hoiday program, then dinner at Grandmas and singing and little presents. The cousins all exchanged names - it was lots of fun!

Karyli said...

New Year's Tradition: We don't have much of one but I do make my favorite clam chowder.
(karylip98 @ yahoo. com)

jennifer said...

I guess it would be eating hogs jawl, blackeyed peas,cabbage,and cornbread. What can I say I'm from the south.Merry Christmas and thanks for the giveaway. I'v been making fabric yo yos and I can't beleive your willing to let this go

jennifer said...

I'm gone to post about on my blog right now.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

What a beautiful quilt!

Santa always came while we were at church for the Christmas Eve Sunday School program. After the gifts were distributed, we got to have eggnog with a little wine in it!

Linda said...

Wow What a giveaway. How nice of you to want to share this beauty with another quilter. So glad Holly Jolly Bingo featured your blog. On New Years Day we usually watch a hockey game and take down our Christmas tree. I will post about your awesome giveaway on my blog. Merry Christmas!

Janet said...

What a thoughtful gift someone is going to have - I will post about it on tomorrow's post at http://www.quiltingwithjanet.blogspot.com
I hope in return you pop over there and enter my blog giveaway, which will close at midnight Atlantic Sandard Time on Christmas Eve - choice of one of 5 attractive prizes!
As for traditions - I always allowed my daughter to open one gift on Christmas Eve - making surely it was a gift with crafty activities to help with the boredom and overecvitement. As for New Year's Day, my father passed away on New Years Day, so things tend to be very low key that day.

Into Vintage said...

This is such a generous giveaway and I have a guest bed that would love to wear this gorgeous yoyo quilt.

As a child, I was infamous for getting so wound up with anticipation on Christmas eve that I would get nauseous and my mother would decide I might be getting the flu (come on Mom, every Christmas!?) and wouldn't let me have any candy from my stocking so I would have to sneak it. Thank goodness I eventually outgrew this. :-). -amy

Susan said...
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Susan said...

I left a comment earlier telling about our New Year's Eve tradition because I didn't read your post correctly! Now I'll comment correctly and also let you know I blogged about your giveaway on my blog: http://bygrace3.blogspot.com/2010/12/vintage-giveaway.html

Now for my Christmas Eve memories! I was always so excited that I had the hardest time going to sleep, even after I had grown too big to believe in Santa Claus anymore. I'd lay awake for what seemed like hours, then I'd be awake before dawn on Christmas morning. We didn't have any real traditions; I just remember the excitement and anticipation of Christmas Eve.

I found your blog through In Stitches. I hope my post will send some extra traffic your way! :)

darcey said...

Merry Christmas!
My Christmas Eve memories are being created right now with my kids. We always go to church and then head back to our house and serve a big supper for all of our friends. We all eat, talk, laugh, exchange gifts, and end the evening with a screening of The Polar Express. There's not much that changes, over the years. I often wonder why the kids don't want something else, but they insist on everything the same every year....and they're right. It's always a perfect way to celebrate!
Thanks for the generous giveaway. You're amazing.

Margaret said...

I grew up going to Christmas Eve service at midnight. I can still picture the church from my childhood and the soft light the candles gave off.

BTW- I found you via Susan

Diana said...

I grew up with a visit from a "real" Santa on Christmas Eve. (We were at my grandparents house.)
We were always told he was just passing through and would be back to see us again after we went to bed.

We started this tradition when our children were very young also. And now we do it for our grandchildren as well.

This is such a special giveaway!

mamipdx said...

i have a lovely pillow that would welcome this quilt as a friend! they are both yo yo's. christmas eve in the country was always cold, wintry, and most often spent without electricity, basking in the glow of the woodstove fire. i remember it would get so hot from our woodstove that we would open our front door to the snow and ice, just to get some cool air. i don't have a woodstove in my home, and i often miss that big, black potbelly.
divertida at fastmail dot fm

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Our Christmas Eve tradition is to attend midnight mass together as a family and then return home and hopefully be able to sleep in a little the next morning. Usually no luck though - even with the youngest child twenty now, someone usually runs through the house squealing "He came! He came" at about 6 am. Okay, yes, it is usually me! lol

Deb said...

I'd surely love to own that vintage yo-yo quilt. How very generous. I saw your blog link over at In Stitches, but actually found out about your blog giveaway from Susan (By Grace). So I hope she gets an extra entry. :)

A memory I have of Christmas is the year that I unwrapped all my presents under the tree and then wrapped them back up so no one would know. On Christmas Day I tried to act so surprised, but somehow I think I was found out. Now I'm teased a lot and the family acts like that can't trust me with gifts... I wonder why??? LOL!

Lois said...

What a beautiful quilt and I would love to WIN it! As a child, Christmas eve always meant being in the Christmas program at church and gifts under the tree when we got home. Santa came to our house while we were at church...guess we were on his "early" route! I'll let my quilting friends know about your blog. Chanlady

AlessandraLace said...

at Christmas Eve we have an happy and great dinner befor going to the Midnight mess. gift under the tree, pandoro and panettone. hugs thank you for this chance

Mary said...

My favorite Christmas memory is 25 years ago. My youngest brother was 2 months old, so it was his first Christmas. We had the tree and the house all decorated with lights and a huge beautiful tree in the living room. Christmas Eve morning both my parents and my 15 year old brother woke up with very bad cases of the stomach flu. So here I am, running around trying to take care of them and a two month old baby. It had been a lot of years since I'd had to deal with a new born on my own. I spent the entire day cleaning up after the flu people and taking care of the baby. Needless to say it was not the best day. However, once my parents and my brother finally went to sleep that night, I spread a quilt on the floor under the tree. My baby brother and I laid there for a couple of hours watching the lights twinkle. It was a very magical time. Of course he swears he doesn't remember it.

Mary said...

I found out about this giveaway from kerrykatiecakeskeb43.

Mary said...

I have posted about this on my blog.

Mimi said...

This is a beautiful quilt... are you serious about giving it away?? It would be well cared for in my home - thanks for the chance!

Susan said...

First thanks for the chance to win this wonderful yo yo quilt, I am bloging about your give away and lini=king it. I found you through kerrykatiecakeskeb43
My Christmas eve memories,are hard for Christmas mornings always took first hand. I do remember mom always baking wonderful treats and one year my little sister ate one (really way more than one) Holly Spriggs. Needless to say she was one sick little girl and spent the night in the bathroom reliving the green spriggs. To this day 40 years later she still will not eat those but someone always has to bring them. They are part of our family!

gill said...

What a fantastic quilt!!
I loved your story but what did it mean?? are you saying there is no Santa?? He doesn't exist??
Surely not?

Bonnie said...

What a wonderful and generous gift. I would be so proud to own that.
My memories are more Christmas Day. One that stands out is when my youngest was about 4. After we opened all the presents I remembered one I had forgotten for him. I went out in the garage and got it and slipped it under the tree. I made all of the kids pick up loose paper and the gift was found. My son said "Santa must have just left because his present was still cold." We bring that up to him every year.

Bonnie said...

I was sent here by Susan at http://sneedlemagic.blogspot.com/2010/12/give-aways.html. Now to go post on my blog. I was just telling my DH about what a wonderful thing you are doing.

Christine said...

We moved to Australia from Germany in 1983 and here Christmas is on the 25th, well we still do ours on Christmas Eve and over the years it has become a wonderful tradition in that even our children's in laws are now coming too.
So our little family here in Australia has grown from us 5 to now anywhere in between 14- 18 people for Christmas Eve, we do still have a hot dinner even so we are in Summer here, but all is cooked outside in our Pizza/Bread oven that DH built a few years ago.
Thank you for your wonderful giveaway and have a very merry christmas and a happy new year

quilting hugs

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness! This quilt is so beautiful. My grandmother made one of these and my aunt gave it away years ago to someone outside of the family. I would love to win this as it reminds me of my grandmother. Thanks for an opportunity to win.

Ann Marie said...

Christmas eve memories growing up always consisted of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and A LOT of food. We got to open presents from all the relatives that came over. Went to midnight mass, then came home and passed out. Got up a few hours later and did the "Santa" thing and opened all those presents, and sometimes more family would show up. If we didn't have anyone at our house, and we were done making our rounds, we would bake Christmas cookies all day long, and home made apple dumplings!

Jo said...

Christmas eve always involved a feast made by my mother, and after that we float walnut boats with tiny lit candles in a big silver bowl of water. If your boat navigated safely the new year would bring happiness and health. If your boat sunk you were in trouble! We haven't done this in years. It brings back good memories! Thank you!
jorossi AT gmail DOT com

Hollums02 said...

Gorgeous quilt - love yo-yo's! hollums02@gmail.com

Tahnya Marie said...

Being an Australian, our Christmas Eves are nice and warm. My family and I (we all lived in the same street and our grandmother's lived in the same town) and the neighbours in our street would have a street party. We took turns at whose front yard would host, then we would drag our BBQs to their house. We would take camp chairs, our drinks and we all brought sausages, bread, and etc to cook up. We have our houses all lit up with lights and it was always fun. Just a nice simple meal among family and friends, it would always be about 40 or more people. I use past tense, because now I live in Canada this is my second white Christmas and now I don't have that, although it still is happening back home every Christmas Eve. On New Years, we always spent the day at the beach or the backyard pool.

Anonymous said...

As I said before, I was strolling through The Blog Roll from Holly Jolly Blog Bingo and found you. That is a beautiful quilt. I never got the hang of making yo yo's, or maybe it just didn't get me. LOL

We always went to midnight mass on Christmas Eve and got to chose one present to open before going to bed. Needless to say, the great gifts were not there from Santa yet. LOL

Thanks for doing this. Someone is going to have a wonderful quilt!!

Happy Holidays.

Tahnya Marie said...

Oh I forgot to mention that I found your blog/giveaway via Janet's Blog of http://www.funkybabymine.blogspot.com/

Thanks for the chance to win! It's such a great prize!

Quara said...

This is a stunning piece, and it so reminds me of my great aunt, who had a penchant for crafting and creating. My house is filled with her creations (stitchwork, quilting, etc.). You just can't beat homemade! ANYhow. :-) Our Christmas Eves always involved stockings and an appetizer meal. I love that there's no stress when making a meal of appetizers. Nothing has to mesh or match- it just has to taste good and be enjoyed! This year we're doing the appetizer meal but saving the stockings for Christmas morning.
Thank you for such a generous and thoughtful giveaway!

Queen of the Unfinished Project said...

Oh, my goodness! How beautiful!

My favorite Christmas Eve memories are from my childhood. Every year, we would go to my grandparents' house. We spent the evening munching on appetizers and homemade candies and cookies instead of a real supper. And all of us kids got to open an actual present... the traditional Christmas pajamas. We would usually also be given a gift to open as a group- a game or activity designed to keep us busy for a couple of hours... Then, the updates from NASA would start coming in and we would all pile in the car and head home to try to sleep. Usually we made it until about 4 am before it was impossible to contain the excitement anymore. Just remembering it makes me smile...

Thanks for the great giveaway. Merry Christmas to all! :)

StephanieS said...

I saw a link for your quilt giveaway on Susan's Needlemagic website. Hopefully you can figure out who she is so she can get an extra entry. What a wonderful thing to giveaway. For a long time now we have been going home for Christmas and going to the late Christmas Eve church service at the church I grew up in. Have a wonderful Christmas. stephspitzer at gmail dot com

Shogun said...

I am not entering the contest, but enjoy reading all the memories.

This will be my first Christmas without my daughter, now missing 6 months. I am going to make the best of it with my son and husband. Thanks for all these great stories :)

Marla said...

Christmas Eve memory, as growing up our special time was the Sunday before always and still we'd go to Grandma and grandpas (dads) for small gift exchange and Grandma always forgot the price tags. They are both gone but we still get a laugh about price tags. And yes the holly sprig candy, brother ate too many one year that was a good story too..
Thanks for all the sharing,

The Purple Sock said...

what a wonderful give away, just think of all the hours that went in to making that wonderful quilt.
It became quite a tradition for use to spend Christmas Eve with my sister-in-law at there home and every year I would still be working on some christmas knitting that wasn't done and she and I would finish it off. One year came without anything that needed finishing and she was quite disappointed.
I came across the link to you website on http://smittenwithspirit.blogspot.com/

Karen said...

Not too many Christmas Eve memories other than piling into the car and touring the town looking for beautiful light displays. Us kids would oohh and aah for a bit then just want to get home so we could get to bed. The Christmas morning of lining up some years, oldest to youngest and other years, youngest to oldest, and then coming down the stairs to the bright lights of the movie camera as dad always got the movies. Need to find out about those old movies. Don't remember the holly sprig candy episode, but have heard many a tale.

Your quilt is beautiful and would look so nice on my table.

Nanbon44 said...

My Mother used to read The Night Before Christmas to my son every Christmas eve, I now get to read to his daughters the same wonderful story, I only hope that this wonderful tradition will continue after I am gone

please enter my name in your lovely drawing. Thank You
Bonnie in Florida

veerle said...

During the Christmas week we have the tradition to have a vacation in the southern part of our country (Belgium). We always rent a large housen and invite friends and family to join us for a couple of days. Eating, chatting, having brunches, walking ... just doing what we like doing and having a festive time.
That's how we spend Christmas over here!

Wendy said...

Wow! What an awesome give away! Pick me please! Did you make this? So quaint! I will post it to my blog to spread the word.

Wendy said...

Ok let's do this again...darn bi-focals!!! I missed a whole paragraph; the one that said you bought it at antique shop and that you wanted to have us share a Christmas tradition. As a child we were always itching to open our presents so on Christmas Eve mom would cave and say,"Well ok; but just one..."; so we would scramble to the tree to pick out the one we wanted to open only to have mom say, "No; this one; and every year it would be our new pj's we opened. Not a big surprise but we always hoped each year it would be something more exciting than pj's. I look back now and it makes me smile...Thanks Mom! One other thing we did was the last Sunday before Christmas we would all pile into the car and drive around looking at the Christmas lights...magical! I still love to do this. Sorry it took me 2 posts to answer properly. Happy Holidays!

Cathy said...

Oh, I thought I visited here before and it was about New Year's traditions and now it is Christmas eve memories! Am I getting senile?

Anyway...my favorite Christmas memory is the year dad had a movie camera and left the lens on it and we had to re-create our surprise at Santa's unwrapped gifts in front of the tree. I have a copy of that movie which is over 40 years old. Our Christmas eve tradition was to open one present under the tree which was of course new clothes to wear to midnight mass. When we got home we would try to get to sleep so Santa could come. My brothers would sleep on the floor in the girls' room (we 3 girls slept together in an old double bed) and we would laugh and giggle into the wee hours but be up promptly at first light to see what Santa brought us. We usually got a big giant apple and a big giant orange in our stockings and nothing else. And each of us rec'd one unwrapped gift from Santa and the whole family received some type of board game to play. We really have no New Year's traditions. Everyone always seemed to have to work when I was growing up.

Lovely yoyo by the way. I found a buffet topper one at a thrift store and just love it. Not one yoyo fabric is the same in it so I love looking at all the old fabrics and wonder about the person who made it and the person who ended up taking it to a thrift store.

Cathy L

Quiltdoodles said...

I learned about this absolutely awesome giveaway from Pigtails and Quilts http://www.pigtalesandquilts.com/

My Christmas and New Years memories ....gosh, I haven't thought about it in quite some time....Huge family dinners and canasta card games. My dad loved to play cards and we had competitions all day long. In our younger years we were allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve. One memory sticks out...while living in the Philippean Islands, no snow, so mom made up a batter of soap foam and dribbled it on the tree in the front yard.

What I wish to say above all, is I have never heard of anyone willing to give up such a treasure but, for the recipient, it will surely make a great Christmas memory. You truely enjoy sharing and giving to others. Merry Christmas!

Micki said...

I used to love going to the toyland display in Philly. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

We tend to switch up our traditions so perhaps they aren't traditions at all. Actually we do decorate the tree with the same ornaments and drape our ancient hooked tree skirt rug around the tree stand. That is indeed a tradition.
Thank you for offering such a beautiful giveaway.

SewCalGal said...

Merry Christmas Thearica. Your quilt table topper is beautiful. I do not have a place for it, so please do not consider me in your giveaway. I simply wanted to pop by to visit your blog.


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