July 14, 2011

2011 Ronald McDonald House Crayola Challenge!! - UPDATE!

 Update on 7/14 - So far we have 33 quilts promised and a host of goodies for the Gift Basket!  Please consider joining this great fundraiser and help the Ronald McDonald House Charities!!

For the past 6 years I have been hosting a raffle on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum for charity!  For the past 3 years of that we have been presenting  the Ronald McDonald House Charities with the proceeds!  We have helped Houses in North Carolina, Texas and California to date!  This current raffle will be tied to the House in Springfield, Missouri!

I need your help to make the raffle a success!!!

We are going to put a little spin on things this time around so others can participate even if they cannot make a quilt!

The Challenge will run in 2 categories!

 ** The Quilts** and **The Basket**

We have several members of the HGTV forum who would love to participate in our Ronald McDonald House Fundraisers but they might not feel comfortable making a quilt to use in the raffle.

So, here is your chance to get involved!!  Nickilee put this idea into my head and I loved it!!  And for those who have always made a quilt, they might like to take a break from the quilt making and participate in this manner this year.

For the basket! --  Make or donate  something that would be suitable to go into a large gift basket.  I am talking LARGE gift basket!!  One worth selling tickets on!  Of course, the tickets won't be split between the basket and the quilts but if you had your eye on the gift basket, you would want it to be awesome just like the quilts, right!

Items for the gift basket could include,  but are not limited to .... (Since this is a raffle  we will be asking for brand new items to go into the basket)

Purchased items ideas:

fabric - yardage, FQ's, Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs, Layer Cakes.. (quilt shop quality)
rotary cutters and blades
DMC flosses
CQ Fabrics
fabric markers
Shiva paintsticks
Shiva rubbing plates
Cross stitch supplies
Quilty themed notecards
Craft themed Jewelry
Sewing themed socks
BOM Kits
.....etc...you get the idea...anything you could use in your sewing, crafting and quilting room!

Handmade Items ideas:

Sewing Kits
Embellished CQ Blocks
Mini Quilts
Fabric Postcards
Drawstring Jewelry Pouches
Table runners
....etc...You get the idea... Anything that you think someone would love handmade!

IF there is a tremendous outpouring of support for the basket...there may be more than 1 basket!!!

So...Are you game to participate in the next Ronald McDonald House Raffle by contributing a handmade quilt or donating or making something for the basket???


This year I am going to combine your theme for the color with a previous fundraiser we did that I think was tons of fun!

I am going to say...........

 Life Is Like A Bowlful Of __________________ and you fill in the blank!

When you fill in the blank with what you want in your bowl, you must tell me what Crayola Crayon best represents your choice.  That is the color you will be using in your quilt.

(But...you do not have to applique anything on your quilt...such as bananas if you choose yellow as your color..You only have to use the color that represents the bananas)

AHHH... You thought it would be so easy...haha!!

You must incorporate the colors  BLACK and  WHITE with the color you choose!

So, these will be 3 color quilts this year! No other color can be combined with these 3 if you really want to stick with the challenge.

Of course, no-ones quilt will be turned away if it has a little green in it!! haha!!! (Needlecrazy!!!) I love you!!!  (this is a sideline funny with a friend of mine...she has participated for 3 years and always got a green crayon!)

Quilts must be  at least 45 x 45 and they can be larger if you wish to make yours larger.  But please contribute a quilt that is at least 45 x 45! Thanks so much!

Quilts and/or items for the gift basket must be to me by OCTOBER 31st!  Just email me for my mailing info when you are ready to mail.

I will start ticket sales sometime in November and the raffle drawing will be held in July 2012!!

If you sign up please make a committment to having your quilt or item(s) for the basket to me by October 31. Thank you so much!  :D

You can see the quilts from the last challenge that we did using the Life Is Like A Bowlful of _______  theme here. (My friend Toby's Life Is Like A Bowlful of Water quilt is shown below!)
If you need time to think about what you want in your bowl, go ahead and sign up and come back to tell me what to put for you..Just remember, someone might steal your idea so don't take too long!

So!! Who wants to play this year!!!  I would love to get some of my blogging friends to participate this year!  How about it??

To sign up just leave a comment and let me know what you want to do.  And you can do both... and there is no limit to the number of items you can send for the basket...and if someone wanted to make more than 1 quilt, that would be awesome! The more the merrier!


Thearica .... QUILT ... Strawberries/Red ...  and  BASKET

Carolyn (MountainLaurel) ... QUILT ... bananas/Yellow

Lynne (sewlove2quilt) ... BASKET 

Wiley ... BASKET (RECEIVED assortment of fabric, beads, pearl cotton threads, thread and bobbin keep, thread, rotary cutter safety case, clover ring markers, sewing kit with case, and curvy ruler) (received 2nd box! full of thread, rickrack, book, seam tape, tweezers and stamp!)

Lisa TX ...  QUILT ..... Ladybugs/Red....and BASKET

Kathleen (kc1930) ... QUILT ... Limes/LimeGreen ... and BASKET (RECEIVED Notecard Set, Sticky Tabs, 2 MatchBook pads, Flat head Pins, Craft Pattern, quilt pattern, quilt heart templates)

Trish (Kentucky Sunshine) ... QUILT... Roses and BASKET

Mary Pat Van Schyndel ... QUILT ... Cherries/Red ... and BASKET

Nickilee... BASKET

Lindsay (SavedSinnr) ... QUILT ... Chickens/Yellow

Lisa (headielamar) ... QUILT ... Butterflies/Blue ... BASKET

Elaine (quiltingnewbie2) ... BASKET

Darlene (SewCalGal) ... QUILT ... and BASKET

Jean (jayardi) ... QUILT... RedDots/Red ... and BASKET

Kathy (shawkl)... BASKET  (RECEIVED necklace and book)

Sandra (quiltbea).... QUILT ... Indian Jewelry/Turquoise

Leona  (irishquiltlass)... QUILT  ... Lavender/Lavender

Kim (amiyoko)... BASKET

Quilter Jen ... QUILT ... Grapes/Purple

Linda (warmbuns)... QUILT ... Glass Stars/Yellow ... and  BASKET

AngelaC ... QUILT .. Chocolate/Brown

Lori (GoneSewin)... QUILT ... Assorted Chocolates ... and BASKET (RECEIVED Punctuation jelly roll)

Sylvia (Pecasatwo) ... QUILT ... Triple berry Jam ... and BASKET

Patti (baseballmama) .... QUILT... Sea

LisaP8... QUILT... Bubblegum/Bubble Gum Pink and BASKET (RECEIVED quilt kit, minkee squares, pattern and flat head pins)

Lois (bluesnail) ... QUILT... Oranges/Orange ... and BASKET

Carol (needlecrazy) ...QUILT...Roses/Pink...and BASKET (RECEIVED Park Avenue charm square pack)

LumpyTush... BASKET

KaribbeanQuilter ... QUILT... Tropical Fish/Yellow

Libby (SCLady) ... BASKET (RECEIVED an assortment of rulers)

Teresa (terrimae) ... QUILT... Cranberries/Red (RECEIVED)

Colleen (alexemmarose) ... BASKET (RECEIVED necklace and earrings)

FloridaFarmGirl ... BASKET (RECEIVED 3 patterns)

Tonya (RockinBobbin) ... QUILT ... Golden Gophers/Goldenrod ... BASKET

Karen (MayBaby) ... QUILT ... Fuschia/Fuschia ... and BASKET

Ely ... BASKET

Ladybuggsie ... QUILT ... Poinsettia/Red

Kay-Lin ... BASKET ... (RECEIVED craft light, 2 batik bundles, measuring tape)

Linda Otvos ... BASKET ... (RECEIVED beads and binding trims)

Barb ... BASKET

Pam ... QUILT ... Grapes/Purple

Aliquilt ... QUILT

Kathi (irish62)... QUILT ... Pennies/Red

mouse906 ... QUILT ... Red

Needledmom ... BASKET (RECEIVED book)

 Devonne (downsouth) ... QUILT ... Blue/Blue Skies

lovetoquilt ... QUILT

Teresa (TerryOH) ... BASKET 

PattyJ and Sue ... BASKET (RECEIVED fabrics, sharpie pens, fat quarter pack, quilt panel)

Kim (amiyoko09) ... BASKET

Chris (gotthebug) ... BASKET (RECEIVED tablerunner and applique panel)

Marie Jones ... BASKET (RECEIVED 2 books and 5 pattern sheets)

Toni Whitney Design ... BASKET (RECEIVED 4 patterns)

LumpyTush ... BASKET (RECEIVED fabric, bias tape makers, glue gun and sticks, flat craft lace, ribbon, tin of old buttons, tape measure, pincushion, seam ripper)

Shifflett ... BASKET

Sheila (crazyboutquilting) ... QUILT ... Aquamarine/Gems ... and BASKET

Would you like to see just how full the basket of goodies is???  It is so full it is time to buy the 2nd basket!  The items will be divided among the 2 baskets and as more items come in, they will be divided among the baskets too!


Butterfly said...

Count me in for a quilt. will let you know when I pick my color.


Unknown said...

Life is a bowl full of grapes...purple!

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

May I contribute beads to the basket effort? Many pretty ones awaiting a hand to attach them to something magical. i want to share them.

Barb said...

I will send two quilting books for the baskets.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like fun. I will send a few quilting books too.

Kathi said...

working on my quilt! BTW we changed it to RED from orange!