January 11, 2011

Fat Quarter Shop Review & Giveaway!!! CLOSED!!

Winner has been announced HERE!!

Hello to all of my blogging friends!! Have you recovered from the holidays?  I think I have but I am still moving slow!!  I think it is about time to have an awesome giveaway! Don't you!!  And who else but The Fat Quarter Shop to offer up a fantastic prize just for you!!!

How about the chance to win a fabulous $50.00 Gift Certificate from their amazing shop!!!!

I still remember the first time I found their shop through a friend on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven!  My friends over there are always talking about various quilt shops and the Fat Quarter Shop is no exception!!  They are well known to all of the quilters on the forum for their fantastic customer service and the quality of the fabrics they sell!! I wish I knew what percentage of their customers come from the quilting forum at HGTV! I would not be afraid to wager that it is a high number! :)

Kimberly Jolly knew what she was doing when she started the Fat Quarter Shop in 2003!   The shop is chocked full of so many things that I know I sat in front of my computer on that first visit for well over an hour before I got up!  And the list I had made of things I would like to have.... well, let's just say it had to be hidden so my hubby would not see! :)

If you order from them before 3 p.m. Central time your order will go out the same day!  In about 3 business days you can be petting your new fabrics and dreaming of things to make with them! And if you are like a few of my friends and buy in large quantities, your order is shipped free if the total comes to over 200.00!!

And just look at the manufacturers you have to choose from! 
Is that not a well rounded list of choices!!  Can you imagine just how much fabric is hiding behind the walls of the  Fat Quarter Shop!  Well, if you have never been inside you DO NOT know what you are missing!!  You really need to take some time today to visit!   And be sure that you will find lots more eye candy other than just fabric!! Just look at what else you will find!!
Be prepared to dig out your credit card because I know you will find something that you just can't live without!!

Like this.... Now who doesn't love chocolate!!! And Dark Chocolate at that!!!  Fabric makes us feel better and new fabric makes us feel better so you cannot go wrong here!  Just click on the photo and it will take you to the page for ordering this luscious box of chocolates!!
I am in love with all of the fabrics out today with the birds and owls on them!  So when I spotted these I had to make them part of this post!!  Aren't they so fun!! You know what to do.. Click that photo and go grab you up some of these delightful birds!

And who doesn't love Kaffe Fassett!!  My friend Faith has to be his top fan and when I saw this FQ Bundle I immediately knew what she might just be getting for her birthday!!  She would squeal like a little pig if she opened a box to find these inside!!  And guess what!!  They are on sale for 1/2 off!!  You better get on over there because these won't last long at that price!!
I am not into scrappy quilts and that makes the Fat Quarter Shop very appealing to me! I really like for all of my fabrics to coordinate together and what other way to have several fabrics that compliment each other than to buy a Fat Quarter Bundle to work with! I would like to share a quilt that I have made using Awesome by Sandy Gervais and Saltbox Harvest by Deb Strain!  You can tell by the look of it just how wonderful the quality of those fabrics are!  It is reassuring to know that the shop you are purchasing from carries nothing other than the finest quality, which is very apparent at the Fat Quarter Shop.   Quality is very important to me as well and that is why I purchase from their shop!!

Here is my quilt... Doesn't this make you want to grab up these same fabrics and make a quilt with them!

I have to make a fireman quilt for my brother-in-law who turned 100 wood ink pens for me last month!  Fairs fair, right!  Can you imagine how excited I was to find this gorgeous batik, perfect for the Dalmation that I am going to put on the quilt!! This is divine and will be so gorgeous!!!  This has Dalmation written all over it!

And to keep this review well rounded, "Who all is about ready to start their Spring Cleaning"?? You know you do not want to risk soiling your shirt or pants so why not whip yourself up a lovely apron!! Look at the pattern I found while browsing today! I know my daughter would love one... how about your daughter?  Maybe a birthday present this year?  How cool would that be?

Easter will be here before we know it so wouldn't a baby quilt made from these fabrics be so beautiful on Easter morning!  It is so nice at that time of year when the Dogwoods are in full bloom but there is still such a chill in the air that our precious bundles of joy still need a quilt to cover them. You would be the talk on Easter Sunday when your friends gather round your baby and they see such a gorgeous quilt!

Click the photo to go to the ordering page and sign up  to receive notification of when they will be available, which is sometime in March... just in time to get your quilt made for Easter! It comes in 2 colorways.. Aqua and Brown...and...Yellow and Brown... This collection is also available in yardage, Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls, and Layer Cakes!

I will tell you...I love everything about The Fat Quarter Shop and it is so hard to decide on which items to put in this post! I haven't even began to scratch the surface!  I think I will end the review on a salute to our troops who are fighting every single day for our freedom so that we can live in a peaceful country and enjoy the things we love, such as quilting!  If you have never made a Quilt of Valor, I challenge you to put that on your "to-do" list for this year!  You will touch the heart of a service man or woman and do your country good!

I found these fabrics while browsing and I know they would be awesome for a Quilt of Valor!  What do you think?

God bless America!!
Now how wet is your whistle?? Are you eager to go over and browse their many items?  I bet you are!!  Better get a coke and snack because you WILL be at the computer for a good long while!! The Fat Quarter Shop is my most favorite online quilt shop to date!  And trust me, I order a lot online from several companies!!  And I know a great company when I see one!

So how do you go about signing up to win that fabulous $50.00 gift certificate the Fat Quarter Shop has provided for this giveaway???  Well... It is multi-part... How many chances you get in the tub is up to you.....

You will get your name in 1 time for each item you fulfill.....

1.  Comment here and tell me what you would purchase if you were to be lucky enough to win!

2.  Sign up for the Fat Quarter Shop Newsletter and make a separate comment to let me know you did.  If you are already subscribed, make a separate comment to let me know that.

3.  Subscribe to their blog The Jolly Jabber and make a separate comment to let me know you did.  If you are already subscribed, make a separate comment to let me know that.

4.  Make a post on your own blog about this giveaway and make a separate comment to let me know you did.  Feel free to copy and save the $50 Gift Certificate photo and link this actual blog post to the photo so your readers can find their way here.  If you do not know how to save the photo please type the name of my blog and link back to me that way. (remembering to link to this actual post so your followers can find the giveaway easily)  www.pigtalesandquilts.com   When you write up your post be sure and link to the Fat Quarter Shop when you type their name as well.  www.fatquartershop.com

5.  Your name will go in the tub an extra time for each person who signs up that tells me you sent them over. So get out there and promote!

So, there you have it... The number of times your name goes in can be endless... How bad do you want to win this awesome gift certificate?  Get on out there and advertise this giveaway and advertise for this great quilt shop, the Fat Quarter Shop!

This giveaway will close on Tuesday, January 11th at 6:00 p.m. Eastern time!!!

I am not affiliated with The Fat Quarter Shop in any way.  They are simply reaching out to you through my blog with this fantastic give away! :)

 I want to thank the Fat Quarter Shop for their sponsorship and for giving me the opportunity to have this giveaway on my blog!

As I have been checking each of the entries, out of the 1st 100 entries... 16 are set to no reply and have no blog!! --  and 1 entry goes to a news website!! -- I need to be able to contact you should you win or you forfeit your entry and a new name will be drawn! 

IF you go back and change your settings to show your email in your profile, you need to leave a new comment letting me know this as I have you marked as "no-reply" right now.

I hate to see anyone left out of the drawing but if I can't contact you, then that leaves me no other choice.


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MoeWest said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! I would buy some Moda precuts. There are so many great fabric collections, it is hard to choose.

MoeWest said...

I get the Fat Quarter newsletter.

MoeWest said...

I follow the Jolly Jabber.

Kathy H said...

I signed up for the newsletter.

Kathy H said...

I subscribed to the jolly jabber.

Kathy H said...

If I would win, I would want to get the acorn alley kit. So cute.

quilary said...

I aready get the Fat Quarter newsletter.

quilary said...

I already subscribe to the Jolly Jabber blog

quilary said...

I would go for the sunkissed - there are some very pretty fabrics in the range.

Along the Perkiomen said...

I would definitely buy a box of chocolate...what quilter does not love choco!

wifemomwoman said...

I would use it towards a quilt kit.... Maybe whoo loves you? Mrscheribrown at gmail

wifemomwoman said...

Newsletter subscriber

Mrscheribrown at gmail

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Blog subscribe

Mrscheribrown at gmail

wifemomwoman said...

Sent by run to momma

Marcia W. said...

Thank you for this lovely giveaway. Sunkissed would be my choice.

Marcia W. said...

I subscribe to the Jolly Jabber blog e-newsletter.

Marcia W. said...

I subscribe to the FQS e-newsletter.

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