January 2, 2011

Holiday Reflections!

Happy New Year to all of my friends in blogland!  I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and that Santa was good to all of you!

Santa gave me a long time wished gift this year!  A white Christmas in Dixie!  I cannot ever remember having snow covering everything when I woke on Christmas morning but this year was the exception!  The phone rang early and roused me from my sleep!  It was my sister telling me to go outside and look at the snow.  So, here I am sleeping in my granddaughter's room with her on a pallet in the floor beside me...she has roused...and I am thinking now how do I get up and leave this room without her following behind me...she is going to find Santa under the tree with her mom still snug in her bed at the end of the hall and she will miss it...So, I tell her to get back under the covers because it is cold all the while telling my sister to hang on.. I trot down the hall to my daughter's room and knock gently to wake her up..all the while jumping up and down because I want to go look outside... My daughter finally pokes her head out and I tell her that the house is coming alive and she better throw on some clothes...so she grabs a robe and up the hall we go... I get to the door and throw it open to the most wonderful site!!!  I yell that it is snowing and my granddaughter comes out of her room like a jackrabbit...but when she gets halfway across the living room her eyes open wide and she stops in her tracks by the tree!  There is nothing like watching a child's face when they find Santa!!!  I get lost in that for a moment and then my attention turns back to the snow and then all of a sudden, I well up and cry!! Yep, tears down my cheeks... My sister tells me she cried too!  She is 51 and I am 50 and this is our first ever White Christmas in Dixie!  I could not have asked for anything any better!!

And I got to meet a new friend this Christmas!  Stephanie of Queen of the Unfinished Projects won the Santa that was linked with my Pincushion Swap!  I had the pleasure of delivering him to her and meeting her face to face when we were on our way home from Bama! I love meeting my online friends and Stephanie was no exception!  She couldn't get over how big Santa actually was!  She was pleasantly surprised... I think she liked him very well!


Stempelientje said...

What great you and your sister had such a wonderful time!! And with snow!! I onky have no idea what Dixie is,so you have to help me out there....
And I didnt realize Santa was so big until I saw the latest pictures with Stephanie holding it!
I hope she give him a happy and loving home ! :)

Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful Christmas surprise!! It really is nice for a change and I am sure that it made Santa's sleigh ride a little smoother.

The Quilting Pirate said...

What beautiful pictures! We here in TN has a nice surprise with a white christmas as well - they say it's been 30 years since the last one :)

Sounds like your holidays were wonderful indeed!

Merry said...

What a beautiful Christmas story Therica. So glad it was a good day for you..... Wishing you a great 2011. Wonderful photos.