January 16, 2011

Next Up! Winter/Holiday Crazy Quilt Round Robin!

Well...Here I go again!  And I am really looking forward to seeing what these ladies do with my snowman theme!

I am a member of CQI and have learned so much since I first signed up to join their group!  There are tons of photos for inspiration and should you need help with anything at all, you need only to post your question and several ladies will come to your rescue!

This will be my 3rd Round Robin with the group and I am looking forward to it.  This is what they call the DYB (do your block) robin and in it you make (6) blocks (1 block per person in your group) that each have a dedicated 6 inch workspace.  You actually make the blocks 8 inches but you sew a stitched line in 1 inch from the outer edge on all 4 sides and this gives you the 6 inches of workspace in the center of the block.

I went to JoAn's Crafts yesterday and with coupons in tow, I purchased a yard of each of these silks for only 2.50 each!!  I love the way they look on a crazy quilt block!  When I sew my blocks together I fuse some ultra thin interfacing to the backside of my fabrics just to give them a little body so they don't do the ~~float~~ all over the place when I am trying to sew my block together.  I love how this little extra work makes the block looks so nice and crisp!

I found the snowman image online during a free image search and took it into my photoscape software and changed the colors to match each color of silk that I was going to use.

And yes, there is an oddball...but I only have 5 colors of solid silk so I chose to use a plaid silk that has all of my colors in it. I will be using that fabric to sash these blocks together once they come home so this will help unify the blocks to the sashing.  That is what I am thinking anyway...That is my story and I am sticking to it. :)

As your block passes around to the members of your robin group, they can choose the block of their choice and it is their responsibility to embellish the entire block.  Then it passes to the next lady and she chooses a block from the remaining blocks and she embellishes that whole block.  The robin continues until the blocks make their way back home to the owner.  There will be 1 block left that has not been worked and the owner will embellish that one herself.

So, tomorrow morning I will be mailing these out to Wendy!  Hope she likes what she has to work with!

These are the first blocks that I have received for the robin.  They belong to Lorrie.  I am thinking I want to embellish the silver block!  I am already daydreaming of what I want to do!

ETA:  grrr..For some reason blogger is loading this photo sideways!! and I cannot get it corrected! You can still see how incredibly gorgeous they are...you just have to twist your head around a little...Sorry Lorrie...


Nicki Lee said...

Sorry I'm just geting to you - You Done good girl! I acutally like the 6" blocks as they are so much fun to whip up.

Laurie said...

You're so creative Thearica, I love what you did with the snowmen!