January 29, 2011

Radical Rooster Update!

OK...my border is on and I have embroidered his name too!

My friend Danielle found the rooster batik for me at the Fat Quarter Shop! I am in love with this fabric! Gonna do more roosters so I can use it for the borders!

I have to tell you a funny...The roosters show on both sides of the batik... and since there is no right or wrong side to them...I got a wee little confused..

when I cut out the top and bottom border and then started to cut the side borders I must have inadvertently turned the fabric over because all of a sudden my roosters were headed in a different direction than they were on the first 2 borders I cut out..

I started looking for a change in direction on the repeat of the fabric but could find none... I was getting mad because I knew I wasn't seeing things!!

Then the lightbulb turned on!!! YEP!... turned the fabric back over and there they were...all lined up to the right...just like they were on the first 2 borders...

had to turn it over one more time to see them lined up to the left on the other side...

Then I started rolling my eyes and laughing!!!! at myself!!!

I have the roosters on the top and left borders facing to the right and vice cersa for the right border and bottom border.

I will be working on the blanket stitching at night when hubby goes to the wood shop to work. I always go and sit with his mom and we stitch together. She cross stitches and I most time knit. Now I have my rooster to work on!


QuiltGypsy Mermaids said...

I am collector of roosters , I love this rooster fabric ! looks great!

Needled Mom said...

That looks fabulous!!!

Lynn said...

This is really amazing, lovin' the colors:@)

Florine Johnson said...

Enjoyed seeing my (your) Rob Roy. You did a great job!