January 4, 2011

Reverse Quilting!

I have just spent a good hour inside the Fat Quarter Shop and I found some awesome fabric to try reverse quilting with!!  I forget now where I saw this method but I have been wanting to try it and just have not found the right fabric for the job!  ... until now!!

For this method you load a solid color backing (preferably black), the batting and your top piece of fabric as you normally would load your quilt top and then thread paint the top by the design in the fabric. You really want to try and find something with large flowers and other designs that will play well with you while you are doing the quilting. When you are finished you actually will use the backing as the front of your quilt.. It will look like you hand painted a scene on a solid piece of fabric!

I am INNN LOVEEE with this Jane Sassaman fabric!!! What do you think about this? Do you think it will work well for the reverse quilting?
These are some other pieces in this same collection... Jane Sassaman's Garden Divas Collection by the way... just in case you might be thinking about going over to the Fat Quarter Shop and getting you some!  The first one below would work up beautiful too but I want to try just one before I buy another fabric for this method.

These fabrics are the cat's meow!!!

I also snook me the last yard and a half of that beautiful batik that would look great on the fireman quilt I have to make for my brother-in-law!! Wheww!  By my chinny chin chin did I get that!!


Anonymous said...

Q. in regards to the reverse quilting; I think this is what toryam calls what she did at the COF Retreat in Portland. I realize you were not there but you may have seen her do this before. I think this is what she will be teaching at the retreat in NC.

Every year when I go to the Houston International Quilt Festival there are usually two large booths that sell small purses/bags/coin holders etc. They are usually in black with long straps. Just perfect for using while FABRIC shopping....lol.... Anywhoosie on the front of these items usually on the flap; there are stitched/embroidered designs. toryam liked the design on the front of my little purse and sketched it out to make for her very own reverse quilting. It was neat to watch her do this process. To the best of my recollection it is done in layers. It was just the perfect thing for her to do when her hands were idle (her hands are very rarely idle....lol).

If I remember, I will try to bring the purse to retreat. Maybe she can bring her reversed quilt item that she made in Portland. Or it may have been a gift to someone. We shall see. I will have to chat with her about it. This may be something I need to start putting aside for packing for the retreat.


Needled Mom said...

What wonderful fabrics! Those will really be fun to work with.

Lee Ann said...

Oh my goodness! I'm loving the graphics, the colors, and the dragonflies! Yes, I noticed those things as I'm a fan of them. LOL. What fun! :-)

I am curious about this reverse quilting. I hope you'll share what happens with it in the future?

Loralynn said...

Jane Sassaman's fabric is absolutely gorgeous! I especially like the first two you showed...I feel my fingers itching for some!!!

Dee said...

I think you picked a good fabric to try it with. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Maggey and Jim said...

Wow, that fabric is awesome.. JUst wanted to tell you I had my little Jerusalem quilt out with a small creche on it displaying your work,, All the family loved it.. Thanks,

Jayardi said...

• • • You know... I don't think I have any of those DOTS. May have to break down and get some.

ekbuckeye said...

Jane S has some amazing fabrics. The reverse quilting sounds interesting, even tho I pictured using a seam ripper! I get FQS newsletters every week and would be happy with anything in their shop, great selection and service.

Micki said...

The fabrics are perfect for reverse quilting. All of them are lovely!