January 12, 2011

The word of the day is.....

I am linking this up over at Lee's Freshly Pieced blog for W.I.P Wednesday!


Radical Rooster's that is....

My friend Marie and I are having a play date this afternoon and will be making some of these to go in a wallhanging. :)

And by the way... the designer, Florine Johnson is my newest blog sponsor!!!  Don't miss her fun coming in February right here on my blog!!!

Stay tuned...

Well, Marie and I had a very productive afternoon... She and I both finished a rooster each... Now all we need to do is blanket stitch the edges.  I am thinking about doing a tiny meander on mine when I quilt it but I am going to ponder that a little longer.  I probably will sit down one night with needle and thread and do the blanket stitch.  I think it will look nicer... What do you think?

And while we are at it... Mine is the one with the orange batik background.  When I was auditioning fabrics for the background on mine this was the first one I pulled.  Marie did not think much of it so I kept pulling fabrics.  I pulled at least 6 but could not make up my mind.

When hubby came in tonight I asked him upstairs for his thoughts.  He immediately picked up the orange batik and laid the fused piece on it.  He said, "That one!" and walked away.  I think this is the very first time he and I have agreed on a fabric question on the very first try!!  He usually likes something that doesn't go "whammo" with me or it is I who likes something that he thinks is terrible!  Maybe we are coming to "that place" where we both are thinking more alike in our decisions.  Maybe....

But now I am at another dilema... What do I use as the border around this piece??  I have pulled some other batiks but they all seem to muddy it down.

My initial thought was a very fun and funky print of some kind...What do you all think???

Can you help me search for that "just so perfect" fabric to use on the border???

Might be if someone finds that fabric that makes me go WOW!! there might just be a special squishie in the mail for you!!

BUT... BEWARE!!... I am VERY hard to please!  I am one of those impulse buyers... If it hits me in the gut and I love it, I buy it right on the spot!... and we are the worse kind to buy for!! (of course, I won't expect you to buy my fabric... I am just telling you how hard to please I am).

So, who is up for the challenge??? Find me the perfect fabric for my border!

Meet ROB ROY!!

Marie's is on the chicken wire fabric.  She is using a brown batik-like fabric that resembles boards for the border.

Meet ROWDY!!

And while you are online searching for my border fabric, hop on over to Florine's website and order you up one of these Radical Rooster's!!  And for all you scrap lover's...What better way to use up your scraps than to make these adorable roosters!!!


Lee said...

Very cute roosters. I like the orange fabric you picked - he definitely pops! : )

Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, have a wonderful week!

NickiLee said...

OMG! Until I saw these I totally forgot that I have 4 of those patterns! Bought them last year with all intentions of making them - love them! As for the fabric for your border... I love the darker blue in your rooster tail - think it would pull it all together and really make that dang rooster pop!!

Angie said...

Fun roosters! Are they appliqued?

Happy Belated WIP Wednesday.