February 28, 2011

Wanna See Something Pretty!

Over on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum we have tons of fun!!  Nickilee hosts a CQ One Block Swap each year and I have participated now for 3 years in a row!  This time Kathy Shaw got my name and I received a box from Alabama today with the finished block in it!!

We were able to talk to the person creating our block once and I told Kathy that I would like a fall block and that I would love for her to put a Saint bernard on it somewhere for my husband.  he had a Saint that lived almost 13 years and he loved her so much!  he still cries for her every once in a while even now 16 years later!  I knew he would love the sentiment and he did!


February 25, 2011

Red, White, and Quilted

I think this would be an awesome sight to see!!  I found this over at TwiddleTails but the actual article can be found over at: 

By Giovanna Palatucci, January 28, 2011
In March, New York City's historic Park Avenue Armory will transform into a sea of red and white quilts. A special exhibit by the American Folk Art Museum entitled "Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts,"
will feature over 650 textiles, the largest quilt exhibition ever to be displayed in the New York area. Running March 25-30, the exhibit will be free and open to the public.

The floor-to-ceiling showcase spans 300 years of quilt designs. "We have known that many red and white quilts were made during the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries, but this large collection allows us to study a much longer period of creativity using this color scheme and a much wider scope of design than was ever envisioned," said Elizabeth V. Warren, guest curator.

Headed to NYC this weekend? Visit the American Folk Art Museum for the first of a two part quilting series. "Quilts: Masterworks from the American Folk Art Museum," is currently on display through April 24, 2011. For a moving experience, take in the 9/11 National Tribute Quilt, continuously on view at the museum's Lincoln Square branch.

American Folk Art Museum
45 West 53rd Street
Fridays: free after 5:30

Branch Location
2 Lincoln Square
Free admission

Photo courtesy of Thinc Design

What Are All My Followers Working On Today?

Tell me what you are working on today....Would love to come and visit to see...

For me... I am still quilting on the quilt I showed a couple of days ago...

February 22, 2011

Fundraiser to Benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association!

My friend Jean Djirlic from Wisconsin could use all of your help!  She has been a very active fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association for the past several years and is currently coordinating a quilt raffle to raise funds for this worthy organization! Please click the link to view the quilts and also to read the write up about the raffle which includes the information on how to obtain tickets.

If you could help with this worthwhile fundraiser, it would be greatly appreciated!! Please let her know that you came via my blog! Thanks so much!

The Great MDA Quilt Raffle!

Wanna Win A Flynn Frame???

Well then... head on over to We Love Quilting and get signed up!! But hurry!  You don't want to miss out on your chance!

February 21, 2011

What's On My Frame!

I am enjoying the quilting process of this quilt even though it is really big in size!!  Sometimes a big quilt can be intimidating but when you quilt fun designs, half the battle is won!

The friend I am quilting this one for has been patiently waiting for her quilt to be finished.  I really hope she squeals when she gets to see it hanging on my stand!

I was only quilting a single leaf in the lower quarter circle with tendrils coming around the sides but my hubby said he thought I should do a mini swag there to mimic the larger one.  I already had this row of the quilt finished and was well into the 2nd row when he made the suggestion.  So, what did I do... yep....can you hear that frog going rippitt rippittt... But I do think he was right... The ripping out of all those stitches was well worth it...

What do you think?

I am linking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced and WIP Wednesday!


Karen over at Sew Many Ways and the Sew Darn Crafty Linking Party!

Sponsored Giveaway!! Quilters Depot!!

 NANBON44 is the lucky winner of the blue bag of goodies from Quilter's Depot!!!  CLAIMED!

She will have until Thursday at 7:00 a.m. Eastern time to claim her winnings!  If she defaults, I will draw a new name!!
Thank you Jennifer for a fantastic week!! :)

Jennifer Shushnar of Quilter's Depot has joined my blog as a sponsor and has agreed to an interview this morning!!  I am very thankful for my sponsors for giving you all an opportunity to meet them and for giving you a chance to win something nice from their shops!

I would like for you to meet Jennifer!
Jennifer has brought along something special for one of you!  I wonder who the lucky reader will be???
Quilters Depot was established in September 2009 by Pauline and Jennifer Shushnar.  The mother/daughter team have both been doing crafts/quilting for many years.  They picked Castle Shannon because it was close to a local guild and their home.  When they discovered the lighthouse plaza they knew it was the location they wanted.
Jennifer got started crocheting and doing cross stitch work when she was in her single digits.  Her grandmother instilled the love of crafts  into her at a young age.  Now as an adult Jennifer’s greatest wish is to bring other younger people into the things she loves to do while still learning new skills herself.  Her newest project is learning how to hand quilt and she wants to learn how to knit.
Jennifer concentrates on the business end of the store and runs the long arm quilting services for the store.  Jennifer works full time for a local Pittsburgh bank and is the “night” and “weekend” shift at the store.  When Jennifer is at the store she teaches a long arm quilting class that qualifies customers to then be able to rent the store’s  Handiquilter Fusion to finish their quilts.
Pauline has been doing crafts most of her life.  She has done many of the different crafts.  She has done ceramics, hand embroidery, cross stitch, crewel work, red-working, quilting, and now she is the creative side of the business.  She makes samples and teaches several classes a month at the store. Pauline is also the one who taught Jennifer to quilt.
The store is a total family business, even Dad, being a retired industrial art teacher can be found at the store.  His duties include cutting fabric to cleaning and repairing items at the store.
Quilters Depot is more than just a store.  Pauline and Jennifer want you to feel like you are coming into their home.  It is not an uncommon site to see customers receiving help from all or any of the sales associates on duty that day.  Quilting is about fun, friendship and lastly completed projects.  There are days you will find 15 bolts sitting because we are trying to match fabrics for a customer.
 Charity events are something that Quilters Depot try to have regularly.  They have done several quilts of hope to embroidering out ribbons to items for pet charities.  The ladies of Quilters Depot believe in giving back to those in need and their community.
Pauline and Jennifer have lots of plans for the store, and hope to keep growing!  If in Pittsburgh look us up and come visit!  If you are from out of state, come on in and check out our map and see if your state has been represented by a visitor!
 We have a monthly newsletter that can be found on the website.  Sign up for weekly email updates and every once in awhile you might just get a special email surprise!  We have customer rewards that are tracked by our computer system and will get you gift cards and free yards of fabric!  We have a hubbies corner, where the men or children in your life can sit on the comfy couch and watch tv or read!  We have gift cards available for sale in any denomination from five dollar and up.

Quilters Depot
4160 Library Rd
Pittsburgh Pa 15234

Wasn't that a wonderful interview!!  Jennifer has not yet set up to be an online business but if you are ever in her area, please stop in and say hello!  You never know what you might find in her shop!  And if you are searching for something in particular, I am sure if you give her a call, and she were to have the item in question, she would be glad to take your order over the phone! And as always, visit her website to view the most current newsletter to see what is new in the shop!!

So, now for the part I know you have been waiting so patiently for... The Giveaway!

What was in that blue bag???

Jennifer has sent a 4th Quarter Bag Kit with everything you need to make the bag from Silk Road Creations! She has also included 3 extra goodies... a seam ripper, an ink pen, and one other goodie!  I have never seen this 3rd goodie before so we must ask Jennifer what it is! :)  And oh yeah, the bag is  VERY nice for taking around your projects!!
So, what do you have to do to have a chance to win this fabulous kit from Quilters Depot??

Comment here leaving your email address if you do not have a blog with it listed in your profile.  Make sure you are not a no-reply blogger.  If I can't contact you, that disqualifies you from winning. :(


You must blog about the giveaway on your blog, if you have one.  The blog must have a link directly back here to my blog to count. 

If you do not have a blog, you can still enter but you must leave your email address in the comment so I can reach you should you win!

But for those of you with blogs, to be eligible to win you must blog about this to be eligible for the prize.  The sponsors are doing these giveaways for advertisement and if we don't create as many links as we can across blogland, then their purpose is not as far reaching as it could be.

I will come and visit the blogs before I choose the winner.  There were 7 ladies in the last giveaway who only commented and did not post it on their blogs.  They may have thought they could do either, or.  

But you must do both!  Comment and blog!

Now go forth and shout out the word!! For every person who signs up that tells me they saw this on your blog, you get an extra chance to win! :)

I will give this prize away on Sunday, February 20th at NOON - Eastern time!

Jennifer told me some of you have sent your comments to her.  You must comment HERE ON MY BLOG to be entered in the giveaway.  :)

One World One Heart 2011 - WINNERS!!!

 Astrid Maclean is the lucky blogger who wins the necklace and earring set!!! CLAIMED!!

Leslie has claimed her prize of the candle and candle mat!!!

I have had a wonderful time hopping all over the place visiting with bloggers who have participated in OWOH!!  This is it's last year but I believe the originator may have something new up her sleeve!!   She will be hosting OUR WORLD OUR ART in 2012! Get on over to Lisa's blog and sign up for the newsletter so you won't miss out on any information pertaining to the new event!

I want to thank everyone who stopped by my blog on this journey around blogland and for those who left comments, I am ever thankful!!  I have enjoyed reading all of them and have started trying to come and visit each of you.  It will take me a while, but I will get to you all eventually!  I wish I could give a prize to all 173 commentors but I cannot!

 The winner of the candle and candle mat is............ LESLIE!! of  Leslie-MyLifeandTimes!! CLAIMED!!

She was comment # 146!!

Congratulations Debbi and Leslie!! 

They will each have 3 days to reply to my email alerting them that they have won.  If I do not hear from either one of them by Sunday, Feb 20 by 7:30 p.m. Eastern time, I will draw a new winner!

See you all around blogland hopefully!!  And please keep coming back....there is lots more fun in store this year!!

February 20, 2011

As Promised -- CatHead Biscuits on Sunday Morning!! + Chocolate Gravy Recipe!!

Well, have you all been waiting with anticipation to see just what a cat head biscuit looks like???  I have made some this morning so I could show you all what you have been missing!! ha! :)

Just to refresh your memory... This is what your typical rolled out and cut biscuit looks like waiting to go into the oven...
And this is what making a cat head biscuit looks like...

You start with your dough as before....
But instead of making a mess on the kitchen counter, you will get a big glob of your dough on a large spoon...like this....
And just drop it on your greased baking sheet...
Here they are all ready to go into the oven...
And I always have some dough left in my pan...So, no better time than to introduce you all to "Wholecake"!! ha!! Yep...we have a lot of names for biscuit in the south!!  Just grease a skillet of some sort...Me, I use one of my handle-less pans... Pour your dough in just like a cake mix...but not as runny as cake mix... same consistency as your biscuit dough..
Pop your biscuit in the oven and keep a check on it... Cat Head biscuit and Wholecake tend to want to burn on the peaks if you aren't careful... Ah yeah...looking good...
Ta-Da!! Cat Head biscuits at their finest!!!
And here you have the wholecake!!  You can either slice it like you would a cake or do like we do and just pull it off in hunks with your hands.  YUM!!!
Now to prepare the cat head biscuit for the chocolate gravy!!  I love to crumble my biscuit up as I am showing you here... and sometimes I might just slice right through the middle and have 2 flat rounds to pour my chocolate over and then cut them with my fork as I eat it.  My favorite way is to crumble crumble crumble.... :)
 So..... there you have your cat head biscuit!!!  with a wholecake thrown in as a surprise!! So, what do you think?  Gonna make you some???  :)


What's that??? OHHHH!! You want the chocolate gravy recipe don't you??? hehe

I did promise you that didn't I... :)

OK .... Put 1 cup of sugar in your skillet...
 Follow with 1/8 cup of flour...
Next add 1/8 cup cocoa powder...
Next using a slotted spoon mix these 3 ingredients together, using the slotted spoon to remove any lumps that may be in the flour.... don't do away with them...simply squish them with the slits in the spoon to make the lump go away...
Now we can turn on our stove eye to high as we add 1 1/2 cups of milk... Using a wire whisk stir the milk into the sugar/flour/cocoa mixture...
When the mixture starts to come to a boil, turn your heat down to medium so you don't scorch your chocolate gravy... Continue stirring with the whisk... Your chocolate gravy will darken as it cooks...
You can add more milk if you want if the chocolate gravy is too thick for your taste buds. Or you can decrease the milk if you want it thicker...  And you can control how thick it gets by simply removing it from the stove eye when it is as thick as you want.  Just play around with it... You can't mess it up!

UNLESS... you forget the butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now... Who guessed correctly???

Blogger Marcia W. said...
    Cat head biscuits are more of a dropped biscuit and larger, thicker, though sometimes my grandma would form them in her palms. Hers were so good with homemade cane syrup, and more filling. My mother likes thinner crisper biscuits - also with cane syrup. My cousin makes the syrup.

    February 14, 2011 12:17 AM

Blogger Wendy said...

    I make cat head biscuits all the time. My kids don't like the rolled out ones and they love them big! If its not dropped by the spoonful onto the pan they do not want them. Big and knotty as they say!

    February 14, 2011 8:02 PM

These were the only 2 who guessed correctly so I am going to give 2 prizes!!! Please use my contact form and send me your name and mailing address and I will send you a little surprise!!

February 19, 2011

Bead Storage for Crazy Quilting

I am trying to find some more of these glass spice bottles that I store my beads for crazy quilting in.

Do you by chance use spices in these glass jars and throw them away once empty?

If so, would you consider sending them to me? I would reimburse you postage.

February 18, 2011

To My Followers!

Your comments puts a smile on my face!!

February 17, 2011

Bloggers Block-A-Palooza!!

Updated:  This week's 2 blocks have been posted!

I am participating in the Bloggers Block-A-Palooza this spring!!

OK!! This will be my first ever quilt along! And I am sew excited!!!  I have never been comfortable making blocks for a quilt sight unseen.  I have started a couple in the past because a friend talked me into it but into the 2nd or 3rd block I lost interest! So, I am going to be bound and determined to finish this and let it be my first ever mystery!  I am not sure that it will be my first and only until I see the end product!

There will be 2 blocks per week posted, one on Monday and the other on Thursday. That shouldnt be too hard to do unless I do like this week and forget until today! ha!

But I did get one block made tonight!  I started with Thursday's block and finished it and then started cutting on Monday's.  I will sew it up sometime tomorrow...most likely when I go upstairs to exercise!

Thursday's block is brought to us by Oh! Fransson!!  I called this block the little she devil by the time I finished sewing all of those little 2 inch squares together!  But I think it turned out right cute, if I do say so!

I don't know if there is a reasoning to why the upper left and the lower right corner contrast fabric is not the same as the other corners... maybe the blocks that will lay next to this will answer this riddle..That is why it is a mystery, right?..... If there is none, if I ever made this block again, I would use the same colors in all 4 corners. But that is just me.

The participating bloggers who have made the blocks are listed below.  Their links will go live as soon as each block tutorial is posted!

Stay tuned tomorrow for block #1 from Quilt Dad! I think I will enjoy sewing it together! :)

Monday, January 24
Block #1: John Adams
Quilt Dad

Thursday, January 27
Block #2: Elizabeth Hartman

Monday, January 31
Block #3: Amanda Sasikirana

Thursday, February 3
Block #4: Cherri House

Monday, February 7
Block #5: Kaye Prince

Thursday, February 10
Block #6: Monica Solorio-Snow

Monday, February 14 (Happy Valentine's Day!)
Block #7: Heather Bostic

Thursday, February 17
Block #8: Angela Yosten

Monday, February 21
Block #9: Scott Hansen
Blue Nickel Studios

Thursday, February 24
Block #10: Amy Ellis
Amy's Creative Side

Monday, February 28
Block #11: Fat Quarterly team
Fat Quarterly

Thursday, March 3
Block #12: Jennifer Davis
Sugar Stitches

Monday, March 7
Block #13: Tia Curtis
Camp Follower Bags & Quilts

Thursday, March 10
Block #14: Ryan Walsh
I'm Just a Guy Who Quilts

Monday, March 14
Block #15: Kerri Horsley
lovely little handmades

Thursday, March 17
Block #16: Vanessa Christenson
V and Co.

Thursday, March 24
Block layout: Julie Herman & Natalia Bonner
Jaybird Quilts and Piece N Quilt

I am linking up over at HodgePodge Friday!!  Why don't you go over and link up anything hodgepodge. :)

February 13, 2011

Sunday Morning Breakfast - Alabama Style!

Have you ever heard of chocolate and biscuit for breakfast?  It is an old southern tradition in Alabama!  Some of the restaurants even serve it on their breakfast menu!!  Actually, while we were home for Christmas, we went to Jody's Restaurant and to my delight they had it on theirs so I had me some for Christmas morning!! yum yum! :)  And to top it off, they made it like my granny Ella always made it... dark, thick and rich!!  My mother made this for us on many mornings but she used more water and less cocoa... it was delicious but it was more like milk chocolate than granny's dark rich chocolate!

Granny made hers in an old black iron skillet and my mother had her own pan that she called the chocolate pan.  A few years ago mother was dividing some of the things she knew we kids wanted and when it came to the chocolate pan, she gave that to me.  My brother and older sister both wanted it but mother told them that I had asked way long before either of them had so it was mine!! I got some rather mean looks but I smiled and put it under my arm and walked away smiling wide!!

This was our chocolate pan...Nothing but a cast aluminum pan but loved and loved and loved... if my sister or brother either one comes to stay I will make them some chocolate for breakfast in mother's chocolate pan!  Wouldn't that be nice of me! :)
So...would you like a little lesson on making homemade biscuit??

Start with self rising flour and some Crisco...I like the butter flavor but the regular will do!
Add some good thick cream... Buttermilk is my favorite but I don't "keep" buttermilk in the house because I don't drink it.  But thanks to my hubby's coffee, there is always half and half here!
Stir all of this together until you have your dough.  You don't want it runny and you don't want it so thick that it comes out of the pan like a baseball either. :)
Then we can get messy!!  Sprinkle some flour on your "clean" countertop!  If you are one of those cooks who cannot stand making a mess, then you can lay down some parchment paper...but for those of us who are just plain country, our countertops will do!  Nothing a little soap and water won't clean up! :)
Next, you are going to spoon your dough out onto the flour!
Pat it and prick it and mark it with a B! ha!!
Grab your favorite size glass for cutting out your biscuit shape!
Now lookie here!!  Aren't they so pretty!! 5 beautiful biscuits!
WAIT!!!! Don't waste!!!
5 biscuits now are 7!!!  They are too good to waste!
Pop them into a 450 degree oven and keep a check on them until they are golden brown!
While they are baking, clean up your mess! ha!

As they say in the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes".... The secret IS in the sauce!!  And it is this morning too!  This is my choclate gravy just about finished waiting to be spooned over my crumbled up biscuits!!
Doesn't this look delicious!!!  Yes, it is an acquired taste...but don't knock it until you at least try it!

WHAT????  Where is the recipe for the chocolate sauce????... hmmm... That is for next Sunday morning!  Can you wait that long? ha!  And that will give me another reason to cook this again!  Seriously, I don't cook this but maybe twice to three times a year!  But I will cook it again next week just for ya'll!!  What IS a girl to do!!! :)

And for this week's trivia question:

What is a CAT-HEAD biscuit???

The first person who answers this just like my definition of a cat-head biscuit, will win a prize!!

Next Sunday, I will show you the difference in the biscuit I made this morning and a cat-head biscuit and announce the winner, if we have one!!