March 29, 2011

The Tale Of The Red Basket!!

In a land far far away, there was a gorgeous red basket destined for great causes! It sat all empty and lonely until one day a group of quilters got together and decided to fill it with wonderful things!  These things came from all over the world to be joined together for one great cause!

The Cause:  Ronald McDonald House Charities

The How: Through this Raffle

The Why:  Because Quilter's have hearts as big as Texas itself!

Please take a look at the Raffle post below this one... We would love to have each and every one of you join us in this fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House of Springfield, MO!  These fundraisers started out on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum several years ago and I am now expanding them on to my blog so my friends here can join in as well!  There is strength in numbers right?

I wanted to start this post to show photos of the offerings coming in for the basket as I receive them.  Photos of finished quilts will also be put here as they come in.

Would you consider sending something for our basket?  Or possibly signing on to make a quilt?  If we have an overpowering display of offerings for the basket, there will be more than one basket.

Here is the first basket and the offerings already inside...Will you help us fill it to overflowing???

 I think someone is going to win an awesome lot of goodies!!

BTW: (When you see a nickname in parentheses after a given name, that is the person's nickname on the HGTV Forum)


Compliments of Kathy (shawkl)

                                                  Compliments of KayLin

The money in the sock is a donation towards postage to winners.  if you would like to send in any amount towards that with your donation to the basket or possibly your quilt, it would be greatly appreciated.  The empty sock will be in the basket with the goodies for the winner!
                                Compliments of Linda Otvos


SewCalGal said...

Great post Thearica. Great project. Love seeing what is being donated to this wonderful red basket & fundraiser. Gives me ideas on what to send!


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Coming along quite nicely, Thearica. Lots of goodies for a lucky winner. When do we send checks for tickets to win a quilt of this basket?

Thearica said...

You can send for tickets at any time but they "officially" go on sale in November after everyone has sent in their quilts. Then we will have photos of everything that can be won.

If you want to send now, just reply that you need my mailing address and I will get a notification in my email inbox. I will reply back to that with my info. Just be sure you are not a "no-reply" blogger. If you are set to "no-reply" you can use my "Contact Me" button over on the upper left sidebar.