June 5, 2011

Happy Sunday!!

Hello all of my blogging friends.  I have been quilting away at the longarm and will have some photos to share with you soon!

I have been pondering new things to add to my blog this year and was wondering what it is that keeps you coming back to your favorite blogs?  I was thinking of making short videos of my longarm quilting..and possibly some video how-to's of things I do a certain way... like how I make my HST blocks...

Can you all give me some ideas of fun things you would like to see?


Sunnybec said...

I have only been quilting since August last year so I am always grateful for any tutorials. I also like some idea of quilting designs, when I finish something I am always stuck how to quilt. I do straight line quilting but if I am honest don't enjoy it, have done some free motion quilting but need more ideas. Thanks. Linda

Mommarock said...

Certainly Tutorials! Anything we can download and keep as a helpful reminder of how-to is GREAT! printable pattern pieces would be super-duper. Even just shapes to trace so that we could make our own patterns is an idea. Shapes you use when you are doing your quilting that we can download to do our quilting, even if we do it by hand.