June 10, 2011

I Dare You! -- UPDATE!!

I dare you to go to your sewing room and grab out 1 UFO that can be finished by supper time and finished that bugger!!  (if it is a quilt -- quilt top only.. does not have to be quilted and bound!... we'll save that for another day!... For today let's get that top finished so it is ready for quilting!)

I am off and running?  Are you on my heels??

Well I made it!! YAY! ME!  I hope some of you out there got up and went into your rooms to take me up on the dare!! 

Susan of  Bobbins Bougainvilleas and Bread posted this quilt top in process back in November 2010.  She made this comment about the top...  ( Truly, I do hate this quilt top, but only because I don't know what I am doing.  These are jelly roll strips sewn together...should be easy, right?  No.  Because it is very wonky.  I bought this from FQS at 40% off so it was a deal, but I can't figure out how to fix it.... and this was my comment to her...  The one you hate is the one I love! From the photo I dont see anything wonky about it.. If you have a longarm, load it and quilt it with the Feather Strippy Bar pantograph. :) ...

Well next thing I know I get an email from Susan that she is going to send me the top and the remainder of the fabrics and let me finish it and gift it to a child who needs a quilt!  Well, it has set far long enough so it was the UFO that I got out to work on when I went upstairs!

It was wonky but after I squared it up, which made it a little smaller, it came together like peanut butter and jelly!!  Just right!!  Now all I need to do is quilt it!  Thank you Susan for such a lovely little quilt top!Edited to say that Susan has moved her blog to a new address: The History Quilter!  Go over and say hello!

I misplaced the patterns for the blue pieces and the flowers so I drew a blue design very similar to what was in the pattern and since I am really awful at drawing flowers, I decided to do hearts in the center since it is going to a child. :)  I am going to bind it with the red stripe fabric!  Won't that be darling!

One last note!  The quality of these fabrics was outstanding and when I looked a little closer, I saw that she bought this kit from The Fat Quarter Shop!!  I should have known!  I LOVE their fabrics!

Alright...finally..Here are the photos... (and I see my followers box is loaded once again! hoorah! Thanks blogger!)


By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh boy I certainly need that whip cracking - why do we do this to ourselves? Right, today I WILL finish at least one, thanks for the push.

Barb said...

Unfortunately supper is in 30 minutes.....but great idea...I hope others joined in with you.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

My UFO just had linoleum laid and now we will bring the appliances and cabinets back into my freshly painted and newly floored Kitchen !~!~!~

Susan said...

The quilt top looks great! Any idea what I did wrong with sewing those Jelly Roll strips together?