June 12, 2011

Sunday - A Time For Reflection!

As most schools have just gone through their graduation ceremonies it always takes me back to reflect upon my school years!  I loved school!  Every part of it!  Even the Algebra and  Literature! I wasn't much of a reader back then so I had to push myself in Lit but Math came easy so Algebra was a breeze.  I was a straight A student and graduated 4th in my class.  I might would have graduated higher than that but I made a D in Lit my senior year!!!! I thought my mother was going to blow a vein!  I had actually gotten married during the school year and we were studying Romeo and Juliet...a very hard study and I did not study a lot ... so I flunked the test!  My teacher almost paddled me!  And she should have!

Our school was a very small country school with no more than 45 ever graduating in a single year. We did not have football but we excelled in basketball and other things.  I played basketball and cheered as many years as I could, starting with 7th grade!  I enjoyed sports and being able to interact with other schools during the school year.

I was a 3rd generation Belgreen Bulldog! My dad's mom attended Belgreen, and my mom and dad both graduated on the same stage!  I sent my 2 girls there and they both graduated as well but on a new stage... the same one I graduated on!  The year before I graduated the school built a new auditorium. I was sad because I wanted to walk across the same stage my parents had.  But it is nice just knowing that we all 6 walked the same halls of Belgreen School!  The main building had been there since my grandmother attended and has since been torn away and a new main hall built.

I often think about and wonder what has become of some of my classmates.  I stay in close contact with a few and sometimes get together with them for a night out for dinner, but that is rare.  When my girls played sports for the school I was able to see several of them on a regular basis.  A few have since passed away and that leaves an empty spot in my heart.
 I was called "Fred" as a nickname during school and some of my friends still call me that today and it always makes me smile! My best friends Sarah and Tammy always call me Fred! We were like sisters..where you saw one, you most likely saw the other 2! We were like the 3 Musketeers! All for one and one for all!!

Here are photos of my mom and dad, me, and my girls in our Senior Portraits.
Grandmother's is not a senior photo. She had to quit school in the 9th grade to help her family.

 As you can see time has its way of changing things.. Just look at our hair styles... But time can never change the love you have in your heart for your Alma Mater and the memories she holds dear for you!

As the old saying goes "The buck stops here"... My girls will be the last generation from my family who will walk the halls at Belgreen.  My girls moved to the city when they married and their children will attend the city schools.  Time has had its way of changing things within the school since my girls graduated... I had the pleasure of having a couple of teachers that taught my mom and dad and my girls were taught by some of the teachers who taught me. Most of those teachers have retired now and the faculty is mostly new and the main hall is gone so some of the ambience of my future generations attending has lost its shine.  It is time now for new families to create that "magic" that comes from generation to generation attending the same alma mater.

I will always sing for Belgreen High School!


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Nice walk down Memory Lane, Thearica, thanks for taking me along.

lesthook said...

My little school in Grubbs Ark. got consoladated many years ago. I have lots of happy memories of it though.

susane said...

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susane said...
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