July 31, 2011

Mail Call!

Now that I am hosting the How Does Your Garden Grow Sew Along, I decided to use the fabrics I had upstairs, originally bought to make a handbag for my niece.  Not to worry, she will still get her bag but I thought how cool would it be to grow a hippy style kind of garden!  The fabrics are PEACE by Michael Miller that I purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop  last year!

I only had a fat quarter pack of the fabrics so I went online to the Fat Quarter Shop hoping to find more and sure enough they still had the ones I wanted to use for my background and the flowers.... And while I was there I spied another line that had the peace symbols on it as well and found just the perfect fabric for my backing...Peace, Love and Happiness Cocoa Birdsong by Michael Miller!!

When I was in high school my friend Donna and I painted some Fight Fat t-shirts and painted peace signs on them too....just having fun!   Using these fabrics brings back memories of those simpler times..times when life wasn't so fast and hectic.  And sewing these flowers by hand gives me that sense of calm that those days gave me.  I cannot wait for this quilt to be finished and hanging in my studio to share with my customers and friends as they come and go!

Why do I buy from the Fat Quarter Shop so much? Well, they are top of the line to deal with and I love to deal with someone who gives you fast, courteous service! They are always giving back to the quilting community and always pleasant to speak with on the phone! And I always give them a 5 STAR rating for how they package my fabric!

Here you go... A great shot of what was in my package... Just look at that yummy backing fabric!!

What are you waiting for?? Head on over to the Fat Quarter Shop and see what you can't live without!!

July 29, 2011

New Fabric In The House!

My mother in law rode with me to take Allie to Georgia to meet her mommy and we had to travel down Interstate 85 right past Mary Jo's Cloth Store!  Well, you cannot just simply drive right past that place without your fabric radar going off so we HAD to stop!  I had been blog surfing before we left and found a new blog that is full of inspiration and eye candy!

So..... What do you think these fabrics...

and this pattern....

and my newest granddaughter all have in common???

And yes, Allie and Parker have chocolate moustaches. The nurse gave them chocolate ice cream! ha! :)

Emilee is almost 5 months old so it is far time that I make her a quilt! Winter is just around the corner!!

July 25, 2011

Sponsored Giveaway! - Quilter's Depot!

 We have a winner!!
Deborah in Atlanta said...I'm so glad I found you, and can't wait to read what you're up to next!

Deborah was comment #13! Lucky 13!!  I used Random.org to determine the winner and it was Deborah's lucky day! 
Thank you to everyone who took part in the giveaway!  I want to welcome all my newest followers to my blog and want to thank some of my old time friends for showing up for the party as well!

Come back soon because more fun is on the horizon!!

(FYI: There were a small handful who did not visit Jenn's blog and leave her some love so as it was part of the requirements for being in the drawing, your names were disqualified... Sorry)

Are you all ready for another fabulous giveaway?? As if you haven't figured out yet, I am trying to bring all of my followers out of hiding and the last giveaway got several front and center!  Come on, come out come out where-ever you are! We are going to have some fun times coming up and you don't want to miss them! :) ... Tell your friends to come along too!  They like to have fun too I would bet!

Jenn has graciously offered up a 2nd gift to be given away here on my blog!  She is the co-owner of Quilters Depot located at 4160 Library Rd. Castle Shannon Pa 15236.

This is what Jenn has to say this month:

All of us at Quilters Depot hope that you like this goodie bag we have put together for the giveaway!

We all love doing shop hops?  Right?  So that is our theme for you.  We have included in our fancy red Quilters Depot Hobo bag our shop hop quilt block kit.  It includes a copy of each block you would have collected had you been on the 2011 Western Pa Shop Hop!

Below is a picture of our quilt. 
 We did it in two color combinations.  Our first is our tribute to Pittsburgh since we are a sports town of Black and Gold.  My hope is to quilt it on the Handiquilter Pro-stitcher in Stanley cups and penguins (Let’s go Pens) and donate it to a local charity for children.

The second is our patriotic quilt!  
 We are debating whether this will be donated to the Quilts of Valor program or if we are going to hang on to the quilt since it was our first official shop hop quilt!

Also included are the goodies that we gave out to each of our visitors.  Everyone can always use a pen with our logo and a fat quarter and the keychain has an eyeglass cleaner!   We threw some other stuff in for good measure!

What’s new at Quilters Depot is that I have started my own blog!  Figured it was time!

Check it out when you have a chance!

I have decided that this is the best way for my customers to keep up on what’s new at the store and any breaking news is posted here first.  Check it out even if you are far away from the burgh!  Maybe something will grab your attention and you will just have to come visit us! ... (or give her a call and she can take your order right over the phone)!

Some of the events we are planning in the near future are kids related!  In July, we have 5 days of small day camp activities.  We are going to teach gift bags, knitting, hand embroidery, yo-yo’s and sewing a t-shirt hobo bag.  We also have a beginning sewing for kids making pajama pants and later in the fall we will be starting Kids Quilting 101!  Our goal is to bring the love we have for quilting at the Depot to the next generation!  Our Second anniversary is rapidly approaching in September.  We will throw a party, but details are unknown for now.  In code that means I have not sat down and planned yet!  On one hand it’s hard to believe we have been open 2 years already and other times it seems like only 2 years.  Wow!

Thanks to the Pigtales and Quilts Blog for letting us introduce ourselves to you.  Come to Pittsburgh and visit anytime!

Jenn Shushnar
Quilters Depot

Thanks Jenn for allowing me to offer up this nice giveaway on my blog!  It is merchants like you who are willing to give back to the quilting community that makes quilting even more fun!

So, what do you have to do in order to be eligible for the prize? ---

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I wanted to say also if you click on the Follow Me button on my blog or Jenn's blog... Don't just do it for the giveaway and then come back after the drawing and delete yourself.  Follow Me or Jenn because you really want to and because you want to stay up to date on what is going on in our neck of the woods.  

5.  And as always.. If you post about the giveaway on your blog with a link back to my blog and someone comes over and tells me you sent them, you always get those extra chances..

OK.. What is up for grabs???  How about this awesome lot of loot!!
Alright then!  Who wants some candy???

You have until Monday, July 25 to comment! Winner drawn at 7 pm Eastern time on July 25th!

July 24, 2011


Well.... Daisy has a friend! These little weiner dogs are addicting!

Allie has a baby sister, Emilee, and it would not be fair if mawmaw made Allie something special and not make one for Emilee as well. And since Emilee is only 4 1/2 months old, she cannot have a button for an eye so I drew them on.  I am no artist, so don't judge them too critically. lol

Meet Pinkie.... I think Miss Emilee is going to squeal with delight! :)

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July 23, 2011

The Fruits of our Labor

I had forgotten just how fun it was to have a youngster in the house!  Allie has been here for almost a month and we have had the best time!  We went upstairs this afternoon and sewed together.  I bought her a learning to sew kit and while I machine embroidered a retreat bag, she sat in her chair and diligently worked on her cat and heart.  I took the first 2 stitches while she watched and then handed it to her and she finished both pieces all by herself!... even the stuffing!  I would smile too if I had done such a fantastic job!

 We bought a weiner dog kit when she first came to our house and we finally got around to sewing him up today.  I made him for Allie while the machine was embroidering and while she was sewing.  He went together so easily!  I wanted to make myself one out of canvas but mine will wait for another day.  Although it went together easily, it was time consuming!!  I think Daisy is really cute and so does Allie!  Although she is still confused as to why it is a one-sided doggie! ha!

And this is the retreat bag that I worked on while we were upstairs.  I have a plan in mind for this one and more but we shall see if the plan pans out.  Time will be the determining factor. :)

I found this design at Embroidery Library.  I do have to say, I really LOVE how their designs stitch out!  There is no thread waste whatsoever!!

So, that was our afternoon!  What did you accomplish today?

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July 22, 2011

Pickles - They are just good food!

I have loved pickles forever it seems!  When I was young I would make dill pickle sandwiches with mustard! yea..gross I know... but it was really good..although I do not eat those sandwiches any longer because of the salt content! I do love me a dill pickle on my bologna sandwich though!  Nothing like white bread, kraft mayo, oscar mayer bologna, kraft cheese, lettuce, dill pickle, and mustard!!! YUM!!  Are you hungry now? :)
 One of my best memories of local high school basketball games is of that gallon jug of whole dill pickles sitting in the concession stand!  My youngest daughter had an "admirer" in 7th grade and one ballgame he came to sit by her.  He proudly announced he had eaten one of those dill pickles!!  7th graders!!  Well, my daughter ignored him so he went on his merry way.  He later came back and sat back down only to announce that he had eaten yet another pickle!! She rolled her eyes at him that time!  He took that as a sign that he was making progress so he left and later came back and announced that he had yet eaten another pickle!  Mind you, these pickles are NOT small!  She told him that he was going to get sick and he just smiled!  He had actually gotten her to SAY something to him this time... he was DEFINITELY making progress now!  So, he hops down off the bleachers and comes back about 30 minutes later looking peekish.  He informs her that he went and ate another pickle and later got sick!  She told him he was gross and they went to giggling! WHAT!!  Yep, they became really good friends..not really so much boyfriend/girlfriend but they had a really good friendship from then on until they graduated!  Can you believe what the power of a few pickles can do! :)
My grandmother canned pickles every year in her churn!  She called them her 14 day pickles.  They take about 21 days before you can actually put them in jars so I always wondered why they were called a 14 day pickle???  Nonetheless, they are delicious and I make them every year in honor of my grandmother!  I have 3 batches ready for jarring right now!  I remember helping granny Ella wash her cucumbers in the front yard and thinking "My, how long these cucumbers are"!  She used those really long burpless cucumbers for her pickles.  I like to use the smaller cucumbers myself because those tiny pieces looks so pretty in the jars and they always wind up being the crispiest pickle in the jar!

Allie is the pickle expert and she says her mawmaw's pickles are the BEST on the market! ha!  Is that loyalty or what!
For me.. if it isn't my pickle it has to have one of 2 names on the label!  And Allie, the pickle expert will show you the 2 I am referring to...

VLASIC is my first pickle of choice!  Nothing like the crunch of a Vlasic pickle!  I always loved the commercial on television of the little girl eating lunch with her dad.  He was reading the newspaper and she asked him "Dad, you gonna eat that pickle?"  Thinking about it always makes me smile!
My second pickle of choice is CLAUSSEN!  If I can't have a Vlasic, then give me a Claussen pickle!!
And I have to give my mother in law a little plug!  She also makes the best pickle.. But not from cucumbers!  She makes an awesome pickle from watermelon rind!!  That first bite will make your eyes bug out because they are so spicy but they are delicious!!  The whole family loves them!  I have to get her recipe recorded one of these days!  Allie didn't know what to think when she took her first bite but when she learned they were from watermelon, she wanted more!!  This little girl could eat a whole watermelon if you turned your back on her for very long! ha!
And for those who love to read about the history behind things....I did some googling!  I LOVE to google about everything! I found the following information here.  Who ever knew that pickles were so important!!

Pickle History Timeline

2400 BC: Archeologists and anthropologists believe that the ancient Mesopotamians pickled.
2030 BC: Cucumbers brought from their native India helped begin a tradition of pickling in the Tigris Valley.
Cucumbers are mentioned twice in the Bible (Numbers 11:5 and Isaiah 1:8) and history sets their first usage over 3,000 years ago in western Asia, Egypt and Greece.
350 BC: Aristotle praisd the healing effects of cured cucumbers. Ancient Sources not only refer to the nutrional benefits of pickles, but claim that they have long been considered a beauty aid. Cleopatra attributed her good looks to a hearty diet of pickles.
Roman emperors, among them Julius Caesar, fed pickles to their troops in the belief that they lent physical and spiritual strength.
The Dark Ages
900: Dill has been introduced to Western Europe from Sumatra.
Since the Middle Ages, pickles were a common condiment and snack in England. Queen Elizabeth's chefs noted her liking of them, and Shakespeare peppers his plays with references not only to pickles, but new uses of the word as metaphor:
“Oh, Hamlet, how camest thou in such a pickle?” (Act 5, Scene 1.) 'Tis a gentle man here a plague o' these pickle-herring! How now, sot!” (Twelfth Night, Act 1, Scene 5.)
“What say you? Hence, Horrible villain! or I'll spurn thine eyes like balls before me; I'll unhair thy head: Thou shalt be whipp'd with wire and stew'd in brine, Smarting in lingering pickle.” (Anthony and Cleopatra, Act 2, Scene 5.)
Before Amerigo Vespucci set out to explore the New World, he was a pickle peddler in Seville, Spain. Since food spoilage and the lack of healthy meals were such concerns on long voyages, he loaded up barrels of pickled vegetables onto explorer ships. Hundreds of sailors were spared the ravages of scurvy because of his Vespucci's understanding of the nutritional benefits of pickles.
Pickles were brought to the New World by Christopher Columbus, who is known to have grown cucumbers for the purpose of pickling on the island of Haiti.
Cartier found cucumbers growing in Canada in 1535.
In the sixteenth century, Dutch fine food fanciers cultivated pickles as one of their prized delicacies. The area that is now New York City was home to the largest concentration of commercial picklers at the time.
As early as 1606, pickles were being produced at home and commercially in Virginia.
By 1659, Dutch farmers in New York grew cucumbers all over the area that is now known as Brooklyn. These cucumbers were sold to dealers who cured them in barrels filled with varying flavored brines the pickles were sold in market stalls on Washington, Canal and Fulton Streets.
Thomas Jefferson notes: "On a hot day in Virginia, I know nothing more comforting than a fine spiced pickle, brought up trout-like from the sparkling depths of the aromatic jar below the stairs of Aunt Sally's cellar."
18th Century
Napoleon valued pickles as a health asset for his armies, so much so that he offered the equivalent of $250,000 to anyone who could develop a way to preserve food safely. The man who won the prize in 1809 was a confectioner named Nicholas Appert, who figured out that if you removed the air from a bottle and boiled it, the food wouldn't spoil. He'd have to wait for Pasteur to describe why by making the bottle airtight, no microorganisms could enter, and by boiling it, any microorganisms that existed were killed. Known today as the “boiling water bath,” Appert's discovery was one of the most influential culinary contributions in history.
1820: “A Treatise on Adulterations of Food and Culinary Poisons, exhibiting the fraudulent sophistications of bread, beer, wine, spirituous liquors, tea, coffee, cream, confectionary, vinegar, mustard, pepper, cheese, olive oil, pickles and other articles employed in domestic economy and methods for detecting them” was published by chemist Frederic Accum. It opened consumers eyes to the possibilities that common household ingredients were tampered with during production in order to improve their appearance or lengthen their shelf-life. This text revealed that pickles were commonly treated with copper to brighten their coloration.
1851: The Scottish chemist James Young patents a way of creating paraffin, which will be used to seal home preserves, through a dry coal distillation.
1860: Louis Pasteur sterilizes milk by heating it.
1881: Alfred Bernardin invented the first metal tops to be used in commercial canning.
1893: Heinz, a new company to touted its “57 varieties” of pickles, preserves, and other jarred foods, introduces the pickle pin at the Chicago World's Fair. The pickle pin resurfaces at world fairs and expositions to this day, marking it one of the most successful marketing efforts in American History.
19th Century
1848: Failed German revolutions bring a large number of German immigrants, Potato Famine in Ireland brings Irish immigrants. From 1870 to1900, religious persecution brings large numbers of Jews from Eastern Europe. Political unrest and economic conditions bring a large wave of immigration from Greece and Italy.

1858: John Mason designed and patented the first Mason jar. Made out of heavier weight glass than normal jars, these were developed to withstand the high temperatures necessary for processing pickles. When the patent expired in 1879, manufacturers of such jars continued to use the term “Mason” on their product. Lucius Styles Ball, who started the Ball Brothers Company in the early 1890s, was one such inventor. Alfred Bernardin invented the first metal tops to be used in commercial canning in 1881. These two companies joined forces as recently as 1993, to form the Alltrista Corporation, is the largest producer of Mason jars today.

1893: Pickle Packers International, a trade organization for workers in the pickling trade, was founded.
1895-1910: Lower East Side pickle purveyors began operations on Ludlow Street
During World War II, the U.S. government rationed pickles, and accounted for 40% of the country's pickle production.
1942: Vlasic Pickles, the polish-style cucumber pickle company, was born in Detroit.

1993: Ball, Kerr, and Bernardin jar makers join forces to form the Alltrista Corporation, today’s largest producer of Mason jars.
1926: Mount Olive Pickles, based in Mount Olive North Carolina, was founded with the intention of brining pickles for other commercial picklers. Instead, they went on to establish one of the biggest names in the pickle industry.
1985: Steven Trotter became the youngest man to conquer the crest of Niagara Falls in a pickle barrel actually, two plastic pickle barrels surrounded by rubber inner tubes.
In September, 2000, after the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys 41-14 in the blazing, September heat, many players attributed the win to the vim and vigor they gained from drinking pickle juice. "I may start drinking pickle juice when I'm just sitting home chilling," said defensive end Hugh Douglas.
2001: The First Annual New York City International Pickle Day begins - a celebration of pickling traditions for all ages, cultures and culinary persuasions. .

Well, what are you waiting for?  GO! eat a pickle!

And by the way... If you are in the market for a good pickle... I will be loading some of mine on the website in the next week, once I get them in the jars!  Hop over there and order you up a jar!!

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Told you I had a surprise!!
It's pickle time in this house!!!
And I have 3 sampling jars of pickles I am going to give away to 3 of you who have commented!
 How is that for a surprise!!

If that weren't enough...
Someone won a squishie but will not send me her mailing address so I am gifting that to one of you!  She must not like giving out her personal info...some people don't.  I have asked her twice for it...actually on a reply to an email from her and then I received another reply from her but without the info I requested. I tell you this so you know I tried double hard to get her to send it to me but she won't.  So, someone should win it.. I have had it packaged and ready to go so it needs to go somewhere!

SO! here we go! 

Pickles #1! - Carol from NJ!!
Pickles #2! Melissa from WA!

Pickles #3 - Lynn from MD!
The Squishie! - Needled Mom from CA!
I need for you all to send me an email by using the Contact button on the right edge of my blog with your mailing addresses!

And for the rest of you, don't despair...keep watching... there will be more surprises later! :)

July 21, 2011

Machine Embroidered Bags!

I am linking up over at House of Hepworths tonight and showing off a couple of machine embroidered bags that I made.

The first bag was made this afternoon for my granddaughter Allie.  She has more clothes for her babydoll than I have in my own closet.  So, we decided she needed a special bag to carry them in. I went online and found a design at Bunnycup Embroidery.

I will tell you that I did find a few errors in this design..the freckles have a connecting line that should  hide under the sunglasses but it doesn't... and the baby carriage sews out completely in pink thread and then it sews back over with the other 3 colors on top of the pink.  I felt that was a waste of bobbin thread, with it being as expensive as it is.  I think I will stop the machine and change threads throughout the stitching of the carriage next time.

Allie loves her diaper bag for Malea (her babydoll's name) and she will go home and have to show it off  now!  I expect to get a phone call with orders from headquarters to make one for her friend Hannah and her cousin Delaney. :)

I also made several of these bags over the course of a few months!  41 to be exact!  I hosted a quilting retreat for 81 ladies and wanted to surprise them with an embroidered welcome bag!  I found this fun design at Embroidery Library and love how it stitches out!

The job proved to be much larger than I thought so I hired a reputable company in town to help me finish.  Embroidered Image Business and Sportswear of Henderson, NC - He gave me a 75% price break on the job in lieu of his name being on the sponsor banner that hung over the course of that weekend.  He had a much faster machine than I have so he was able to do as many as I had done in about 3 days...and it took me months to do my 41!  I think the ladies liked them..and that was worth the hard work!

July 20, 2011

Missing Quilts - ALERT!!

CT Publishing has recently announced that a few quilts, in their guardianship, disappeared after Spring Quilt Market.  They've done everything they can do to find these quilts and are now asking for our help to find 3 cover quilts and a table runner. 

CT Publishing is asking for help in finding these beautiful quilts.  They are offering a reward of $4,000 - no questions asked - for the return of these quilts.  If one quilt  is returned, the reward will be based upon the appraised value of the quilt.  Information and inquiries can be sent to  ctinfo@ctpub.com.

Please keep an eye out!  IF you see one or all of these quilts in a friends possession, please do the right thing and notify CT Publishing! It will do your heart good!

July 18, 2011

Feeling A Little Pinkish!

How would you like to start your day off by getting your hair done up while sitting in this fancy dancy chair?  Found here..
Then how about coming home to this fridge for a glass of cold coca cola! 
Found here..

How about allowing your little one a spin on this cool bicycle! 
Found here...
And why not ride beside your wee one on your own vintage beauty!
Found here...

And then after the bike ride how about a nice relaxing bath in this cool pink tub! 
Found here...

And after a long day how about relaxing in this gorgeous bed! 
Found here...

And read until you fall asleep by the glow of these awesome lamps!
Found here...
I love pink!!

July 16, 2011

The Birth Of A Quilter!

I have my granddaughter Allie here with me for a month long summer visit!  We still have 10 days before she goes home so we took this Saturday to teach her to make a quilt.  She really surprised me!  But then again, not really because she is very smart for her age of 7! She will be 8 in October but you better not tell her that because she will tell you right quick that she is only 7! ha!

My friend Marie and I took Allie on a quilt shopping spree about a week ago and bought her a beginners quilt pattern.  This pumpkin wallhanging caught her eye and she said that she wanted to make it for her mommy.  So, we put it in the cart and she smiled all the way to the check out!
 She has been after me hot and heavy about sewing it together ever since we brought it in the house.  Butch took today off and needed to relax so I thought it was a perfect day to give him the downstairs all to himself.  So up the stairs Allie went to learn to quilt!
 We opened up her pattern and put all of the fabrics in order of how we would have to cut them out!

 Then Allie got busy ironing!  Yes, she had to iron her own fabric.. (with close supervision).... She actually can handle an iron quite well and did not burn herself at all during the entire class.  She told me while ironing the fabric that "If you do it too much you might burn it"... uh huh... smarter than her mawmaw already!

Once she got all of the fabrics ironed we had to cut out the pieces.  I let her use the rotary cutter under extreme close supervision, but she did not have enough strength to cut all the way through, so after her first pass, mawmaw had to cut it a 2nd time to get it apart...but that was ok she said... hmmm....Here she is with her rectangles all cut for the background of her wallhanging.. she was tickled pink to get this far and actually be so hands on...

 Next we went over to the machine to sew the rectangles together... I showed her about having the right side up on the bottom rectangle and right side down on the top one.  I tried to confuse her twice but she caught it before beginning to sew... She said " Mawmaw, now you know that is not right!"... ha!! She knows her stuff!

 She sewed kind of slow and when I told her she could speed up a little she informed me that she was sewing slow so that she didn't sew her hand to it. lol.. You have GOT to love this child!

We finally got all of the rectangles sewed together and then we had to press the seams open.  I showed her how to do it on one seam and then she took over with the iron.  I was really proud of her for not being afraid of the iron!

We started over to the rotary cutter when Allie spied a mistake!  OH NO!  One of the white fabrics had gotten turned the wrong way during sewing.  I promise I did not turn it upside down to see if she would catch it.  I really didn't.  But neither of us saw it so you know what that means... YEP!!  Miss Allie was introduced to one of my friends... Mr. Seam Ripper!! ha!

I really didn't make her take that out... I did it for her and resewed it back... :)

We then returned to the rotary cutter to cut the rectangle strips into 3 inch sections. As before, she made the first pass, followed up by mawmaw for the 2nd.  She then had to pin all of the seams together so we could sew the strip pieces together to create the background. I showed her how to butt her seams together and she pinned every last seam herself!  I explained how easy it would make it to keep her seam intersections so sharp and precise.  She asked me what the word precise meant!  ok..ok.. yea... I know... That was  a big word.. :)

I filmed her actually doing the sewing so you wouldn't think I felt sorry for her and did it myself.. ha!  I did help her guide the fabric but she was hands on with both hands and she was the one who worked the presser foot.  She actually did a fantastic job!  She stopped just short of each pin and removed it before sewing on.  If she were a little older, I would have shown her how to sew slowly over the pin so the intersections would be even sharper!

She took her background to the ironing board and proceeded to iron the seams as I showed her before.  But look at this... Even removing the pins instead of sewing over them, she did a fantastic job for her first try!  Remember, she pinned them herself and with just a little guidance from my hands, she did her own sewing!!  Isn't this fantastic!!

 Now it is time to prepare the pumpkin pieces with fusible so we can build our pumpkin man!  She ironed the fusible to the fabric by herself and then allowed me to cut the pieces out.  She helped to pull off the paper backing from the fabric.

 We managed to get all of our pieces laid down like we wanted them and then she proceeded to iron her pumpkin man down.  She was tickled pink that she had made a quilt mostly by herself!!  She said she is going to give it to her mommy and that she will like it, really like it.  She also said we would have to tell her mommy that even though it can be used like a flag, it can't get wet.  She informed me that it takes certain kinds of fabric to use outside when it is raining.
She proceeded to tell me that if you bake the seeds from a pumpkin that they tasted really good.  Boy, is this kid smart as a whip or what! :)

She wanted to quilt it today but I told her it would have to wait a few days because I had customer work on the frame.  She took a deep breath and informed me that she did not see why we couldn't quilt it, with it being so small and all!!  Alright Miss Allie! :)

By the way... She and Butch went to get pizza while I wrote this story... She came in here from the kitchen and informed me that she had eaten 6 pieces of pizza!!  We bought her a cheese pizza to herself... I had to go in to the kitchen just to see if she was pulling my leg!! NOPE!!!  She had 2 small pieces left!!  She is a little oinker!!!  Making quilts sure worked up an appetite on her! ha! :)

So, what do you think about this happy little quilter and her very first quilt! Didn't she do a terrific job!!  BTW: Notice her pigtails since lunch??? Very fitting for my blog wouldn't you say?? :)