July 5, 2011

Awesome Little Mini Vac!

Do you hate lugging that huge vaccuum up to your sewing area to clean up all the dust bunnies?  Well if you do, I have THE THING for you this morning! 

This is better than peaches over vanilla ice cream! 

I was in the Carolina Sew N Vac in Raleigh one day and spied this little jewel!  It uses bags so clean up is not messy like those mini vacs that have the cup you have to empty!! ughh!  I really despise those things!

This little Simplicity vaccuum cost 130.00 and is worth every dollar!  It even has floor attachments for those bigger jobs!  I use it at my longarm machine for fast clean up of my bobbin area and to clean the tracks of the machine.  It has super suction power and handles the job really well!  The should strap makes it easy to walk up and down the length of the table while cleaning and the super length of that cord allows you to go any and every where you need to without having to stop and replug it back in somewhere else!

I just thought you might like to see something that could make your life a whole lot easier in the quilting and sewing room!
Like what you see?  Give Kim a call and ask her to stick you one in the mail!  It will be your best purchase of 2011!!

Carolina Sew N Vac
6320-111 Capital Boulevard
Plantation Square
Raleigh, NC 27616

Please tell her Thearica sent you!  (nothing in for me though...just giving you info on an awesome tool) :)


Needled Mom said...

Boy, would that ever come in handy in the sewing area!!! I hate lugging my big ole' vaccuum about.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

We have a very similar vacuum in vibrant red; it too has a carry strap and it is a gem for the car as well.

shawkl said...

Is it strong enough to actually do a carpet floor? I'd love to find an alternative to lugging my huge vacuum around in this tiny apartment! I'm not sure about bags however, they can get expensive to buy...what do you think?