July 21, 2011

Machine Embroidered Bags!

I am linking up over at House of Hepworths tonight and showing off a couple of machine embroidered bags that I made.

The first bag was made this afternoon for my granddaughter Allie.  She has more clothes for her babydoll than I have in my own closet.  So, we decided she needed a special bag to carry them in. I went online and found a design at Bunnycup Embroidery.

I will tell you that I did find a few errors in this design..the freckles have a connecting line that should  hide under the sunglasses but it doesn't... and the baby carriage sews out completely in pink thread and then it sews back over with the other 3 colors on top of the pink.  I felt that was a waste of bobbin thread, with it being as expensive as it is.  I think I will stop the machine and change threads throughout the stitching of the carriage next time.

Allie loves her diaper bag for Malea (her babydoll's name) and she will go home and have to show it off  now!  I expect to get a phone call with orders from headquarters to make one for her friend Hannah and her cousin Delaney. :)

I also made several of these bags over the course of a few months!  41 to be exact!  I hosted a quilting retreat for 81 ladies and wanted to surprise them with an embroidered welcome bag!  I found this fun design at Embroidery Library and love how it stitches out!

The job proved to be much larger than I thought so I hired a reputable company in town to help me finish.  Embroidered Image Business and Sportswear of Henderson, NC - He gave me a 75% price break on the job in lieu of his name being on the sponsor banner that hung over the course of that weekend.  He had a much faster machine than I have so he was able to do as many as I had done in about 3 days...and it took me months to do my 41!  I think the ladies liked them..and that was worth the hard work!


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

I think people would buy the bags, yes, I do.

Barb said...

I love your bags and I do think you can sell some

Rebecca P said...

Oh your bags are wonderful!! What a thoughtful gift for the ladies.
I simply love Embroidery Library, they have some wonderful designs don't they.

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

The bags are beautiful! You've got a real talent with embroidery. I love them.


Allison @ House of Hepworths