August 29, 2011

Odds And Ends From The Pig Pen!

As I was putting on the border of the quilt I showed last evening, I got to thinking about how my likes and dislikes, as far as quilting goes, have evolved over time!  I used to  hate piecing with a passion! My friend Debbie and I would sit for hours cutting out quilt tops and put them into shoe boxes never for the light to see again, in my case!  I have no idea how many tops I have cut out in my lifetime, only never to sew them up!  I hand quilted and was happiest sitting under the frame working the needle in and out of the fabric and trying to keep my stitches as tiny, uniform and as straight as I could!

I was very proud of  my handquilting talent and was always receiving compliments galore because of it. My friend Jackie told me many times that my stitches were so even and tiny, that it looked almost machine done.  But my fingers knew better!

My Granny Ida taught me all about hand quilting and the importance of doing the best job possible, especially if I were going to quilt for the public!

And that is exactly what I did! I had one customer, Mrs. Johnson, bless her kind soul... she always wanted me to quilt her quilts on both sides of the seam. I would quote her a price and she would have a say about it until I reminded her that I was actually quilting her quilt twice!  Then she would smile and give in to allow me to work my magic on her quilt.

I have only quilted one whole cloth in my time and my Aunt Zula Mae purchased it the day I finished the binding.  I had not intended on selling it but she is special to me so I let her have it. One of these days I will quilt another one but it won't be by hand.
In February 2007 I started experiencing numbness in my right hand and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome.  In lieu of surgery, I go to my chiropractor for adjustments and so far he has kept me away from the knife. So, I no longer hand quilt.

I now quilt on a Gammill Classic Plus longarm system and have grown to love the work that I put out from it.  At first it was intimidating to say the least but now I just relax and have fun.  I really love teaching others what I know and would be happy if I had a full time job of doing so!

Some days I have a hard time deciding which I had rather be doing... quilting or piecing!  Some days upstairs just calls out to me so strong that I find myself upstairs before I know what hit me!  But I have to spend more days downstairs in the quilting studio than upstairs piecing  because customer work comes first.

I love my clients who are expert piecers! It makes quilting for the public a joy rather than feeling like a job!

So, on this beautiful Monday morning why don't you share how your  likes and dislikes have changed in your quilting throughout your life. 

August 14, 2011

Show Us Where You Create!

Since my granddaughter came for a month long visit and made her first quilt I have been hankering to reorganize my sewing room and make her a spot just for her to sit and sew in.  I had also gotten hemmed in behind my machine and didn't have as much room as was needed for maximum comfort when working.  So for the past couple of days I have been working on getting the room rearranged and cleaned up.  I was quiet pleased with how it looked when I finished tonight!

I wanted to share photos with my friends so I thought, heck! Why not give them the opportunity to share as well...and possibly motivate some to get in their sewing rooms and do some reorganizing and cleaning of their own!  If you are like me, it only takes seeing someone's progress to put me in the mood to do the same!

So, make those photos of  the places where you create, create a post on your blog and come link up using the Mr. Linky below!  Please be kind and link to my blog in your post so others can find their way here and share their creative spaces as well!

After you link up take some time to visit the other quilters and their blogs.  You never know when you will find a new blog that you will fall in love with!  And all because of Mr. Linky!

Here are the photos of my creative space! It is upstairs in part of our bonus room. There is another room behind that closed door but it is used for storage so no peeking. :)

I am going to link up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced and WIP Wednesday because this definitely was a work in progress!

Welcome  To MY Creative Space!
This is Miss Allie's Sewing Corner 
(there WILL be a machine there before she comes back!)
And we cannot forget about The Gang!!

Before you go thinking that I have gotten floosie in my old age, the columns and glass shelving had been used downstairs in our in-home gift shop.  Hubby has retired from wood turning so we tried to sell the displays but no-one needed them.  So, we took down the regular banquet tables that I originally was using and brought these upstairs.... it was either that or take them to the dump because we had nowhere to store them!  Made the room look larger, I will give them that! :)

So.... Feel free to link away and let us see your creative space!!

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August 6, 2011

Making People Feel Special - One Quilt At A Time!

Phil Morgan is a potter from Seagrove, NC.  He came to be with 81 quilters the last weekend in April and performed a pottery demonstration for them at the 5th Annual Circle Of Friends Quilting Retreat that I hosted. You can read about the retreat here...

One of our quilters had an idea to do something special for Phil.  She asked the quilters if they would send a block that had a coffee mug on it to her and she would put the blocks together in to a quilt, finish it and send it to me so that I could present it to Phil in person.  The idea of the coffee mug was born from the fact that Phil and his wife made a coffee mug for each of the quilters at the retreat as a token of friendship and as a remembrance of their trip to NC!

Several of the ladies sent in a block and a few sent funds to help cover the quilter's cost of batting, backing and shipping.  The quilt came to me last week and I finally had an opportunity to go to Seagrove this morning to present the quilt to him.

Phil LOVED his surprise gift!!  He kept commenting on how much he really liked it! His wife was very impressed as well!

I think you can tell through the photos how much he really enjoyed his surprise!!  He intends on us coming to his backyard in Seagrove, NC in the near future for another NC COF Retreat! He promised me that he would help me make it happen! I told him it would be at least 3 years but I did intend on hosting again!

Here are the photos of the presentation!  The last photo shows it all so well! :)

If you love pottery and have never been to Seagrove, NC... then you MUST plan your next vacation around this amazing little town!  It is FULL of local artists who get lost in the world of creating pottery!  Discover Seagrove!

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