August 4, 2011

Now We're Going Places!... Brings Back Memories!

I am participating in the Wantobeaquilter Campaign over at Madame Samm's and Stash Manicure!  Today the giveaway prize includes this darling pattern from Monica Lee Studios!!
When I went over to Madame Samm's blog first thing this morning and saw this pattern it made me smile!  It reminded me of simpler times...times when my children were growing up...times spent with my sister... ahhhh... Those were the days!

I want to share a story with you of one memory involving my sister's Doodlebug!

My sister had a green doodlebug and we would load my 2 girls in it and head to town on occasion. It was so loud (muffler problem) that we didn't venture out in it a lot but the girls loved riding in it so we would plan a trip at least once a month just for Audrey and Heather.

One day on the way home we were riding down Hwy 247 just laughing and singing and having a good time when all of a sudden the back drivers side small window fell out of the car!! My oldest, Audrey, was sitting next to it and she started crying hysterically. We did not know immediately that the window had fallen out but when I jerked back to see what was wrong with her, I could see the window was gone. I got her calmed down as Denise stopped the vehicle and I asked her why she was crying so hard. She said she thought she had fallen out of the vehicle when the wind hit her in the side of the head. I don't know why that hit us so funny but we all started laughing and soon Audrey was back to herself.

Well, we backed up and got the window out of the road... mysteriously still in tact! We proceeded on down the highway when all of a sudden the gas pedal stuck!! Denise kept hitting the brakes and hitting the brakes and finally jerked up the emergency brake. The doodle bug came to a dead stop but the pedal was still in high gear so you can imagine the sound of the motor! Then all of a sudden Denise hollered "it's gonna blow!"

We jerked open the front doors and got out of the vehicle as fast as we could! When I got out of the vehicle my youngest was already standing behind the vehicle!!

Now you have to understand the rest of the story here... The passenger seat was broke so you could not let it up to allow anyone out of the vehicle. There was only maybe 6 inches between the wall of the vehicle to the seat so the one in the back always had to step over the front seat to get in or out.

Well, Heather got out through that 6 inch hole!!! I kid you not! We have laughed about that as many times as we talk about that day... I told her she must have made like a rat to get out before the rest of us!

This pattern would surely have to be made for my sister Denise and maybe one for us all just because...

And since "I am a quilter" I am their girl Friday! perfect for the job! :)


Needled Mom said...

What a story!!! I had a light green one too. It is the one car that really DOES have a personality. I remember taking a fire class once where the fireman said that everyone should have a fire extinguisher in their vehicle and two if you owned a bug!!!!!

I hope your daughter wasn't traumatized for life from that adventure.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

What a fun story! I think you definitely need to make a couple wall hangings. It might be fun to write the story down and put it on the back of the quilt also.

Marilyn said...

How fun, I agree with Robin, write the story and put it on the back. Thanks for sharing.