August 21, 2011

Odds and Ends From The Pig Pen! :)

I am hosting a Dare To be Ugly Challenge on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum with 28 ladies participating!  I started these challenges in the summer of 2009 and held one in 2010 as well.  It is time once again for the ladies to crank up their machines and create something they think is pretty out of the ugliest fabric that I could find!  Trouble is, the larger majority of them like this years fabric! eeekkk!  I think I lost my touch this year!

Let's recap from the past 2 years...

 My friend Penny even wrote up a summary about this fabric and there was no hiding how she felt about it when you read  what she posted on the forum. lol  If you will visit this post you will see some of the creations made from that very first challenge!

The ladies had a time with this fabric and all it's mummyness! They were wondering about me when they got this in the mail!  I never uploaded the photos of what everyone made for this challenge but this post shows what I made.

 Now tell me what there is to like about this fabric? Turkeys all dressed up like pilgrims, Indians, and football players!  screechhhhh! Halt!  What???  What do football players, pilgrims and Indians have in common? hmmm.. They worried about me over the last 2 fabrics... I am kinda worried about them this time. LOL

I can't wait to see what they all create this year! And I promise to show you after the challenge is over!  And I do have a few more half yards of this fabric if anyone in blogland wants a stab at creating something pretty with this horrid piece of mess! ha!

On another note... November of this year will find me at yet another retreat with my friends from the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum! A full relaxing weekend of just pure dee ohh sit and sew time!!  I cannot wait!  We are going to have a jelly roll race which sounds like tons of fun! 

We will be staying at the Magnolia Park Retreat in Odenville, AL right outside of Birmingham! We are to bring UFO's or anything we want to work on and this is the one I am taking!

Guess what is in this box?
I have joined a challenge for the past 3 years and did not get to finish either year and this box is full of the fabrics I was given to use! Each person had to send in a pair of 6 inch squares, one light and one dark. I still have them all paired as they came in and have started making mini Churn Dash blocks. I have incorporated some fun black and white fabrics for the middle squares as (2) 6 inch squares was not going to be quiet enough to do a whole block. I am so excited to have a full weekend to dedicate to this quilt!


My hubby and I love to put together puzzles and this is the newest one in the line up.  When we finish, I will have it framed and hang it downstairs in my quilting studio!

This is my latest haul from the Fat Quarter Shop! I have to tell you they have the most awesome customer service EVERRRR!!  I originally ordered the Little Golden Books prints and a jelly roll for the Jelly Roll race at the retreat.  I bought a jelly roll off of their sale page at 50% off.  When my package came they had sent a Fat Quarter Bundle instead. I called them immediately because everyone knows that Fat Quarter Bundles cost a whole heap more than a jelly roll.  They apologized and apologized and wanted to make it up to me! WHAT!!  I told them there was no need in that but they kept insisting.  
I kept the Fat Quarter Bundle and they sent me a different jelly roll because they were out of the ones on sale.  The one on sale that I ordered only had 26 strips.. the one they sent me had 40 strips!!  OK.. I had paid 11.00 for the one on sale... The one they sent was NOT on sale... and all I did was pay for the Fat Quarter Bundle, which was half off too!! You CAN NOT beat that kind of customer service ANYWHERE people! They are awesome to deal with! And always giving back to the quilting community through sponsored blog giveaways! You don't have to look hard to find a blogger doing a sponsored giveaway from the Fat Quarter Shop! When merchants give back like that, I will always do business with them first!

Just look at my yummy fabrics! Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!

I also want to draw your attention to the quilt show that will be live right here on this blog October 1st!  Men Quilt Too! Check out the post!  If you know a male quilter, please pass the word on to him and a link to my blog! I would surely appreciate it and please come for the show! You don't want to miss this!

And if you would not mind, please post the badge off of the post on your blogs to help spread the word! I will be ever in your debt! Thanks so much!


Jayardi said...

• • • You better make sure to send me a photo of the quilt from those challenge squares. Glad to see you are finally going to put them together.

lisa said...

I love the challange idea, and I love the fabric too....not because I would use it, but because it's quirky and made me laugh.

I LOOOVE FQS too, not just the selection, prices, quick turn around, ability to search and find things, their blog, their giving to the community in quilts and blogger giveaways, their many things to like about them. I try to shop local first, then they are my first choice shop online. Sometimes I use other places for harder to find/older products but I check them first!

EllenB said...

T, you did good on this year's fabric which certainly lives up to it's description!

And I can't wait to see your little CD blocks in person at the retreat - they're great!

Becky said...

I love the turkey fabric. I bought about 5 yards of it several years ago. I made a pillowcase out of some of it. I've put some of it into a couple I Spy Quilts. When I run out, I think I'm going to be sort of sad.

susane said...

I really love what you do I wonder how I could miss your blog

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