November 1, 2011

Celebrate Christmas Quilt Along! - Jingle Bell Flower - Tutorial + Giveaway!

And the winner of the plates, napkins, and candy is!
Tracy! of FibberBabble!
I am super excited to share with you all a block that I have designed for the Quilting Gallery’s Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Michele, over at the Quilting Gallery, is publishing a different free block pattern offered up by a different designer, for a total of 36 free block patterns in all!

And if that isn't tempting enough, how about a Super Deals for Quilters that is offered each day of the Quilt Along! You will surely find some awesome deals on fabric and other quilting supplies so get on over there to see what is on the menu for today!

If you have the time to create the blocks posted by the designer and upload your photos in the  Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along Flickr Group, you will have a chance to win some buttons from Button Mad. There is a set of buttons for EVERY SINGLE block! How about that!! But you can't win, if you don't make the blocks and post your photo in the Flickr photo pool!  get those machines humming!

Jingle Bell Flower
Designed by Thearica Burroughs
Materials Needed
13 1/2" x 13 1/2" background block
10" x 10" scrap for flower petals
10" x 12" scrap for leaf insets
3" x 3" scrap for center circle
Heat and Bond Lite
Thread to match
4 Jingle Bells


Iron Heat and Bond to the backside of your 10" x 10" scrap,  10" x 12" scrap, and 3" x 3" scrap.

Lay your pattern piece on top of paper backing and trace your shapes with a pen or pencil.
Cut 4 leaf shapes.
Remember to flip any pattern piece that will come out backwards such as your flower petals.  You will draw them in the reverse of how they will lay on your block.
Cut 4 flower petals.

Cut the pieces out on the drawn line.  You do not need to add a quarter inch seam allowance when using fusible.

(If you want to needleturn your pieces to the block you will omit the Heat and Bond step, and add 1/8" seam allowance to your fabric shapes for turning under)

Take a straight pin and score the paper side so that it is easier to remove the paper backing.

Now that your pieces are prepared with the fusible we will prepare our 13 1/2" square background block.

Fold the 13 1/2" square background block in half and press well creating a crease.

Open up.. Can you see the crease?

Now fold in half in the opposite direction and press the crease... taking care not to press the first crease that you made away.

Open up and you will see both creases.

Now you will fold one corner over to the other corner and press this crease, taking care not to press away the previous 2 creases.

Open up and you will see 3 creases now.

Now fold the other corners together to press the last crease taking care not to press away either of the 3 previous creases.

Now you have 4 creases that will help you in laying down your flower petals and leafs.

Turn your 13 1/2" block over and lay your petals down in position between the creased lines. You can see by the white dotted line that the bottom of the petal pattern piece will fit nicely between the 2 creased lines.

Next we will add the leaf pattern pieces, lining the bottom of them up with the bottom of the petals.  make sure that the tip of the leaf is on the creased line.

Add your center circle!

Now we will press all of this to the black background square. Do NOT slide your iron from side to side.  Sit your iron down right in the middle of the block to start pressing.

Then by lifting and sitting the iron back down work your way over to the outer edge of the block to the left.

And then going back to center, work your way to the right side of the block by picking up and sitting down your iron.

Finish ironing your pieces down by making sure the tips of the leafs are pressed well.

Blanket Stitching

Now we will move to the sewing machine. 
(If your sewing machine does not have a built in blanket stitch module, you will do this part by hand.)

My machine has the built in blanket stitch so that is how I will finish my block.

I like to choose a thread that matches my fabrics so that the fabrics and pattern is what draws your eye. 
(I will also use that same color thread to stitch my center to add a little bit of pop)

I use the same color in my bobbin as I do on the top so there are NO pokies showing on my stitches!

I start by lining up the inside edge of my presser foot by the slit to the outer edge of the pattern piece that I will be blanket stitching.

Moving at a slow speed I begin making my way around the petal shape, taking extra care at the corners and curved edges.  You will need to pick up your presser foot and do a lot of pivoting to get around the sharp curved shapes at the top of the petals. GO SLOW!  One or two stitches at a time and then pivot!

Continue around all 4 petal shapes and then press the block before stitching the leafs.

Finish your stitching by going around all 4 leaf shapes and your center circle. Press well at this time.

Squaring To Size

Move your block over to the cutting mat. 
Lay your 12 1/2" square ruler on the block so that you have 1 inch clearance from the outer edge of the ruler to the outer corner of your leaf shapes and the outer edge of your flower petals. 
Trim all excess fabric away.

Move back to the ironing board and spritz some water on any creases that remain. Press the block well!

Sew a jingle bell to each flower petal on the curved points.

Ta-Da!! You have just made your very own Jingle Bell Flower block!

And in the spirit of the seasons coming up I am always thankful for all of the comments left by my readers so i would love to gift back to one of you! And in the fairness of not forgetting about Thanksgiving, how about some paperware to help you with your family gatherings! 2 packs of plates, a pack of dinner napkins, a pack of dessert napkins, and a bag of my favorite fall candy!!

I will determine a winner from all comments left on this post who tell me what their favorite block is of all the Celebrate Christmas Quilt Along blocks that have been submitted up to this point! There are several to choose from so click the link and head on over to the Quilting Gallery and take a peek at all of the blocks that have been submitted so far! Tell me your favorite for a chance to win this holiday package! And I promise not to hold it against you if you don't pick mine. :)

Giveaway will close on Halloween!!


SewCalGal said...

Very cute block and super tutorial.


Barb said...

My favorite block so far is Mishka's Bonus block, Christmas Ornaments. It really says Christmas to me. I can't wait to give your block a try, too. It is so unique :)

Teresa Felgueiras said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. It's so easy to follow with all the pictures to help us.
My favorite block, so far, is Cookies 4 Santa.

Carol said...

So many talented people out there! It's hard to decide which one I like! I think I like yours best as it's so cute. Super tutorial too! Thanks, Thearica!

Carol (NJ)

annmarie said...

I love your block - thanks - it is so unique and the jingle bells add just the right touch BUT I think the Christmas Angel is my overall favorite - I hope to make a few minis with it for gifts this xmas.

Anonymous said...

I love your block because it is something different. You get tired of the same-o same-o. Of the blocks posted so far, the Christmas Angel is my favorite. I really like the old-fashioned look.

Anonymous said...

I just posted and forgot to leave my name and e-mail. I said the Christmas Angel was my favorite.

gramma7smith (at)yahoo (dot) com

James-Linda said...


julie castle said...

I like paper snowflake and jingle bell flower best. I love both paper pieceing and hand applique. Have already started looking at the sale fabrics on one of the sponsors sites!

ritainalaska said...

this is the one! love this block! love applique! your block rings a bell with me! thank you for the pattern.

Marcia W. said...

Your block is my favorite and Pat Sloan's comes second. Thanks for the tutorial on your blog.

Sandi1100 said...

I have been enjoying the celebrate Christmas as I have been saving all of the blocks and got to see some great blogs. Although your block is very nice I think I like mare-y Christmas the best because I think it's funny.

Frances said...

It's hard to choose. My current favorite is the Angel block.

Frances said...

I just read your directions. They are the clearest yet. Lovely. still like the angel block ;~}

Myra said...

What a wonderful block Thearica, and a wonderful tutorial! Good for you! Thanks for sharing! 8-)

apple blossom said...

all the blocks sew far have been beautiful. My fav sew far would be the Christmas Angel. I'm thinking of making it into a table runner for my table. I have angel place mats think it would look nice with

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Tracy said...

I have only downloaded two blocks so far from the designs that have been so generously shared with us, because I know how I am... a grand collector of patterns!

Holiday Ribbon by Ryan Walsh Quilts and your Jingle Bell Flower are the two that I actually have plans to make.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

Thearica said...

The PDF file has been updated and should make it easier to download.

Brenda said...

I love your block, and my favorite block so far has to be the Shelly's @ Prairie Moo Quilts, Mare-y Christmas. I just love snowmen and the horse seems so lifelike and cute. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, your block is quite striking. It is very unique, but my heart goes to the Christmas Angel. Sharon K. Lozano Thanks for the give-a-way!

Anonymous said...

Christmas In Italy. Just returned from Rome, so this would fit in with a quilt I have in mind to make.


Quilter In Paradise said...

what a great block! and I love the little bells on each flower.
Jingle Bells - all the way to Granma's house :)

Debracox6 said...

I would love to make this block. The pdf just takes you to acrobat website. Can you tell me where else i can find it? Thanks

Debracox6 said...