October 5, 2011

Come And Go To Tobacco Market With Me!

My hubby comes from a line of tobacco farmers as far back as we know of being  his great grandfather. (It may go back farther than that but his mother is unsure.)  He, himself, has been farming for 32 years and loves every minute of being in the fields working and toiling to have the best crop took to market!  He is a very competitive person so on Sunday's we usually go for an ice cream cone and ride around while we enjoy it so he can look at all of the other farmer's crops to see how his stands up to theirs.

We go to market on Monday's and Wednesday's to sell our crop and today I remembered the camera!  So come along and see how it happens at the warehouse!

All lined up and waiting their turn!

Weighing and grading!

Nothing goes to waste!

Jessie has brought her tobacco to market today!

Moving Miss jessie's over to the sold piles! Hope she got top price!

It's our turn!

Coming down the scale!

Price decision makers!!

Keep it coming!

THIS is TOP price! Thank you!!

Last bale for us today! We are leaving happy!

Waiting for the big rigs!

See you next Monday!!

When I went in to the office I was hoping to see something beautiful that one of the owners wives had promised to bring.  And it was there!

This afghan was crocheted by the grandmother of the warehouse owners using the twine that they used years ago in hanging the tobacco leaves in the curing barns!

Notice the spool of twine at the young woman's feet.
Photo found here.

And with that, you have had your NC history lesson for the day! :)


Rhonda said...

This post was very interesting. I loved seeing and reading about the process you go through to market your product. Thanks for sharing.... Smiles!!!!

Rachel said...

LOVE it, thanks so much for sharing this!

Phyllis in Minnesota said...

Enjoyed your post so much. Thanks. Do you dry the leaves before bringing them to market? If you have time I'd love to see a picture of a tobacco field or plant. No tobacco in Minnesota - only wheat/corn/soybeans

Carol said...

As always, Thearica, I enjoyed learning more about farming. I'm a city girl in New Jersey! lol

That afghan is gorgeous!!!

Carol (NJ)

Margie said...

That was very interesting. I grew up with wheat fields, pea fields, and asparagus fields. As kids we would play in the harvested wheat in the truck on the way to the grain elevator. The afghan you showed reminded me of a table cloth I have that my mother made of string that we used on a machine in the plywood mill where I worked for several years. Love memories. Thanks!

NickiLee said...

Now I understand why Butch has such dirty clothes LOL! As a young girl I grew up in Maine and remember the days of picking potatoes.... one thing I remember is how hard a life the farmer life was so appreciate all the work involved.

Pretty pretty afghan. Wish I had stuck to crocheting to learn how to make something so beautiful./

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Viv and Eddie said...

Thank you for the NC history lesson. I found it very interesting, not least seeing that wonderful afghan. Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous.

Palkush Rai Chawla said...

Loved this post!
Could you share some pics of baling as well? How do you make such beautifully rectangle bales!!