October 16, 2011

It Has Been An Incredible 2 Weeks!!

My friends, the show, Men Quilt Too!, has been an awesome 2 week event and sadly the time has come that my blog has to go back to it's regularly scheduled posting.  I have tried to lay low to give these quilters all the limelight I could  because they so well deserve it!

We only had a couple that did not come and link up and I hope it wasn't due to sickness or anything.  I wish them well in their quilting adventures and hope they can join us next year!

YES!! There will be another online Men Quilt Too! show!! October 1, 2012 be here!!  I am making this a yearly event on my blog and plan to take it live "on location" in the future!  How would you enjoy being able to walk in a convention center and be able to see these men and their work in person!  There are a few venues that showcase their work already but I want to bring my own event to the public! I am unsure as to how soon that will happen but the plans are already rolling!

Quilters -- Please mark this on your 2012 calendars!  The official postings for the October 2012 online Men Quilt Too! show will go live on June 23, 2012!

Also, I will be bringing you another show on February 1, 2012, Crazy Quilts Are Quilts Too!!  This show will showcase the Crazy Quilters, who do not get as much recognition as they deserve either!  I have sign ups in 2 separate online crazy quilting forums at this moment and have a few already signed on!  So look forward to another fantastic show! Particulars will go live on this blog on the 23rd after I announce the winners of the Men Quilt Too! show.

Please remember, you have until October 22 to email me your vote for the quilt you love the most for the show Men Quilt Too!  And to make it easier, here is the link to the COMPETITION ALBUM again!  Get on over there and choose a favorite, if you haven't already done so! ONE vote per person to be emailed to me by October 22!

Thank you to:

Men, without you, this show would not have been a success!  Thank you so much for participating by linking up and to those of you who have quilts in the competition, I wish you all the best of luck on the votes!  I will announce the winners on October 23 right here on my blog and send the winners a confirmation email!

We cannot end the show without thanking all of our wonderful sponsors!  Without them there would not have been such a fantastic prize pool nor would there have been door prizes!  If you can find a spare minute or two, please send these sponsors an email letting them know how much you appreciate the way they give back to the quilting community! Thanks so very much!

To end this post I want to pay another special tribute to Miles Johnson!  I dedicate this first Men Quilt Too! show to Miles!  The quilting community lost a very talented quilt artist!  We will forever miss you Miles!


Anonymous said...

It is very sad to hear that Miles has left us. I enjoyed seeing his contributions to the HGTV boards, and when his posts there stopped I followed his blog until the posts stopped there too. His designs were recognizable as his alone, and it was a gift to us that he chose to share them on the HGTV boards and at community events at home. KG

Giles said...

hear hear! this has been a fantastic show, and Thearica has excelled in pulling it all together, getting us men involved, networking with all the brilliant sponsors and giving us all this time on the Pigtales and Quilts blog!

I'm already counting down the days until we can do it all again next year :) and the possibility of taking it on the road... wow, that would be incredible and something I hope to be able to come to!

Thanks again Thearica, and to all my fellow competitors, and the voters and daily commenters for making this such a success!!!!


Nicki Lee said...

Thank you for a wonderful show! I'm sure Miles would be so thrilled to know you dedicated this show to him - he was without a doubt an extremely talented and gifted person and quilter.

Wayne Kollinger said...


Thank you for inviting me to be part of your Men Quilt Too on-line quilt show. It's been interesting and enjoyable.

I know that men are a visible minority in the quilting world. But my expeience is that while we may stand out, we do not stand apart. We are part of the quilting world and readily accepted by it.

I learned early on that if I thought of myself as a quilter, and not as a male quilter, then that is how everyone else thought of me too.

I also want to thank you for the very kind comment you left on my blog.

Nancy Sue said...

Thank you for organizing an awesome show!!! Donned with my pink fuzzy slippers and cuppa hot tea, I've found some new friends. (Who will accept me even with my pink slippers!) So hard to pick a favorite among all the participants!!Look forward to the next one in 2012.