November 30, 2011

My Work Has Been Published!

I hope it is ok to sound my own horn but I just had to give a shout out about the Winter Issue of Pat Winter's Crazy Quilt Gatherings Magazine!  I had submitted some of my work to be featured but had not heard whether or not it made the cut.  I was afraid I had sent too much but when I saw the magazine was out and clicked through the preview pages, I had a 2 page spread!  I was overjoyed!!  I could not believe it!

If you are a crazy quilting nut then you have to go over to Pat Winter's blog and see what she has been up to!  Her work is fabulous and really inspires me and a lot of other stitchers!  Check out what the craze is all about  concerning her BoHo Bags!

Head on over to MagCloud and get your copy!  There are tons of fantastic articles inside along with how-to's and lots more eye candy!

Thanks Pat for making me a part of your newest edition!!

I also wanted to let everyone know that I am adding new stock to my website over the next few days.  I worked on the site a good while yesterday and will work on it again today.  I think I am going to move my site in the next few weeks but will let you know when I do because it will be down while the transfer of domain goes through.  If I do move I will be listed under!!


LOOK who else made the winter issue of Pat Winter's Crazy Quilt Gatherings!!

My good friend Nicki Seavey made the back cover with her beautiful hand dyed laces!!  I have used several of her laces on the pieces I have created over the past 3+ years and continue to use them!   She doesn't dip her laces in the dye...she actually sits with a paint brush and paints the laces as any artist would. That is why her laces are always a step above other laces!

Head on over to her Etsy site, Raviolee Dreams, and see what she has in the shop!  But hurry, her laces do not last long once she stocks the shop! 

November 28, 2011

Quilting Retreats, Birthdays, and Thanksgiving! All Rolled Into One LONG Trip!

I bet my followers have been wondering where I have been!
I have been in Alabama for a week and a half!!

First off I stopped at a quilting retreat!  24 ladies from the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum met at the Magnolia Park Retreat Center in Odenville, AL for 4 days of sewing and fun!!  We have a larger retreat for the HGTV Forum once a year but we have started having mini retreats spinning off from the large one and they are just as much fun!  The larger retreat is a more structured retreat with these mini retreats being more relaxed, allowing everyone to sew at their leisure and get to know one another on a much more personal level.

Here are a few highlights from the mini retreat...

We had a jelly roll race!  This was a lot of fun but I hope we have some music next year!  I wound up winning the race and was given a great prize!  I have been threatening to buy one of these bags when I attend a quilt show but just had not.  Now I don't have to! Thank you Linda!

My winning quilt!

Not all.... but a few more Jelly Roll finishes!

This You Tube Link will take you to a short video clip when we started... The camera went dead so we didn't get much! arrgg! - Jelly Roll Race!

I have a fabulous friend who goes by Bluesnail on the HGTV Forum.  Lois was the shortest one at the retreat and took a little jesting from a couple of retreaters... all in fun... and Lois was most hospitable when we needed her to turn the celing fan down a notch or two... Only trouble was, she couldn't reach the pull string... So what was she to do???  but to call on her friends to give her a little boost!

We also have a fantastic friend who loves to have fun who goes by EBGQ on the HGTV Forum! Marlene  and her friends from Maryland put on a fashion show for us! Get ready for some laughter because they put on a fun show!

The last outfit that EBGQ sachets out in is the outfit she was wearing at the Large Houston Retreat in 2008 when she won the Jammie Queen contest!!

We had a lot of fun sewing and visiting and just getting to know each other!  Lots of fun had by all and a staff at the Magnolia Park Retreat Center who took really good care of us all!!

OH! Before I forget!!  This was our mascot!!  Isn't he cute!! NICUNurse (Pam) brought him so we could all sign our john henry's on him! I WANT ONE!!

The retreat lasted until Sunday at lunch but I cut my stay short by one day so I could be at my youngest daughter's 30th birthday celebration on Saturday night!  Her birthday was November 6 and she chose to wait until we came home to have her party!  That made me cry!  Not many people would have their birthday celebration 2 1/2 weeks late!

This is my baby girl with 3 of her closest friends!

I had this cake made for her! She loved it and it tasted soooo good!!

She had given me her t-shirts from high school sports some time ago and I took the time to make her a quilt out of them for her present!  She cried and loved it!!

This was the first year in 9 years that I had been in Alabama ON my birthday!  My girls and their families took me and my hubby  to the Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse for my birthday! It was so good having them all around me for that special day and ON my birthday to boot!

This was the first year in 6 years that I have been home on Thanksgiving so it was a very blessed holiday! Me and my hubby took the girls and their families for Thanksgiving breakfast at the Cracker Barrel!  For lunch we went with my baby girl over to her hubby's parents home and shared a fabulous meal with them!  For dinner we found Pizza Hut open so we stopped in for something a little different than turkey.  One can only eat so much turkey. :)

And then we get back home and what do I find waiting for me in the living room floor!!  A HUGE box full of birthday presents just for me!!  The 21st was my birthday and I am participating in a secret birthday sister swap on the HGTV Forum!  Jackie had my name (unbeknown to me) UNTIL NOW!!  The box was chocked full of things she knew I loved!

M&M's and Andes Mints!
Fill In Puzzle Book
Crazy Quilting Stash goodies!!
Rotary Blades
Rope Bowl that she made for me (rope to make my own someday too)
Embrodiered piece of my business logo framed in a pig frame!
A blue boy pendant to use with my Pinkie button for Crazy Quilting!

I was SO overwhelmed with her generosity!!  She really knows how to throw a birthday party inside a box!!!

My friend Carolyn drew this image for my website banner a few years ago and Jackie embroidered and framed it!

I bought the Pinkie button off of Ebay over a year ago and had been in search of the Blue Boy to go along with her!  Now I do not have to search any longer thanks to Jackie!!  I will turn them both in to Cabachons so I can sew them to the crazy quilt block when I create it.

WOW! What a trip!!  We have not been gone that long in a good while!  But by staying longer it helped me not be so tired once we got home.  These in and out trips to Alabama where we go in on a Thursday and leave on Sunday are just too quick a turn around to drive back a 12 hour drive!  I think we will be staying these longer visits from now on!

As much fun as I had, I am also glad to be back home!  Now it is time to get the machines humming and get some things finished before we hit the road again for the Christmas holiday!!

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Christmas Quilt Show!!

Darlene, over at SewCalGal is hosting the 2011 Christmas Quilt Show!

Hurry over and link up your blog with a post showcasing one of your favorite Christmas quilts... or more than one if you are feeling quiet Christmasy!

The first quilt I am showing was made for a friend of mine in Maine.  I participated in a Secret Santa Stocking Swap on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum and drew Margot's name.  I had started this quilt for a friend who was having a baby and once I got it pieced, I saw it was too small for a child.  So when I joined the Stocking Swap I knew I would use it for whomever's name I drew!  The original kit had appliqued snowmen for each square but I chose to machine quilt Christmas words in each of the open squares.  Margot really liked it, in fact, I was at a quilting retreat with her on the 17th of this month in Alabama and I asked her about the quilt.  She said she never took it down after Christmas was over last year! :)

These next quilt tops are "in-process" for my grandchildren.  I actually started them last year but did not get them completed.  They have grown a mile so I guess this year they will need an additional border!  better get them finished while the finishing is good!!  acckk!!

This is a quilt I made for my oldest granddaughter on her first Christmas in 2003. She now has a sister so I am thinking I may do her one too! 

And last but not least... This may not be a quilt but I wanted to share them too!  Back in the 90's I made a ton of these Reindeer dolls!  This set went to my beautician, nancy Smith.  As you can see they are about as big as her 2 year old daughter!  I always enjoyed making these babies!  Their clothes and all are handmade and they wear real shoes and socks!

SO!! What are you waiting for?? Head on over to SewCalGal's 2011 Christmas Quilt Show and get your link on!

November 11, 2011

Stash - It Isn't Just For Fabric Anymore!

My hubby says if I can have a fabric stash... then he can have his own stash!


He loves peanut butter kisses!

And yes, that is his very own piggie quilt!! He wraps up in it every night when he watches tv!  he has taken a few ribbings from my brother over this quilt but he still continues to use it!

He better! I made it just for him!

Happy Veteran's Day!

Thank you to all of our veterans and active service men and women who have fought and are still fighting for our freedoms!

Michele over at The Quilting Gallery is hosting a  Remembering Veterans Quilt Contest this weekend and my friend Kim Story and I have a duet quilt in the contest.  Hop over to the site and view all of the quilts and if you like ours best, please give us a vote!

Our quilt is called "Proud To be An American!"

Kim made the top for a combat wounded soldier and asked me to quilt it so I accepted.  I quilted the chorus to Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The USA"  in the border.

And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free.  And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me. And I'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today.  Cause there ain't no doubt, I love this land... 

God Bless The USA!!!

November 9, 2011

Emilee's Baby Quilt

 I am linking this post up over at Lee's and Freshly Pieced for her anniversary edition of WIP Wednesday!!  This quilt top has sat as a UFO long enough!  My grandbaby needs a warm quilt this winter so it's hi-ho, off to the studio I go!!

Get on over and link up with one of your WIP's! Lee will be glad you came!

Yesterday I had to break from the quilting frame for a day so I went upstairs to get off my feet.  I showed you these fabrics in an earlier post and gave a link to a pattern that I had purchased from Carol! Well, the pattern came Monday so I dove in yesterday and got this quilt top ready to quilt for my granddaughter Emilee.  Carol's quilt shows 8 colors but the size is a little too big for a baby quilt, so I went with 7 colors for Emilee's.  The look is still the same, just altered slightly.  And I love the polka dot fabrics!

As her pattern suggests, I used the left over fabrics to make a fancy back to match the quilt top!

I am not sure at this point how I will quilt it.  It will get done between now and the end of November when we go home for a visit.  Emilee won't need it until then anyway. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

November 8, 2011

Working On Something Special

My youngest turned 30 this past Sunday and I am making her first quilt! Yep... She has never received one from me.  I did make her one 10 years ago to give to her "boyfriend at that time" who is now her husband. But it wasn't really hers.. but she does get to use it. :)

Soooooo stay tuned...

P.S.  I have had some request to see the quilt I made for my son-in-law, when he wasn't my son-in-law, so stay tuned.. I will make a photo of it when we go for a visit the end of this month.

November 5, 2011

I Must Confess!

My hubby ate the candy!!

So I called all over Henderson and Oxford and finally found 15 bags of the peanut butter kisses left over from Halloween at the Dollar General Store! 


Anyway... Both blog giveaways are now IN the mail!! :)

p.s.  My hubby LOVES this candy so he bought ALL 15 bags!!!

November 1, 2011

Celebrate Christmas Quilt Along! - Jingle Bell Flower - Tutorial + Giveaway!

And the winner of the plates, napkins, and candy is!
Tracy! of FibberBabble!
I am super excited to share with you all a block that I have designed for the Quilting Gallery’s Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Michele, over at the Quilting Gallery, is publishing a different free block pattern offered up by a different designer, for a total of 36 free block patterns in all!

And if that isn't tempting enough, how about a Super Deals for Quilters that is offered each day of the Quilt Along! You will surely find some awesome deals on fabric and other quilting supplies so get on over there to see what is on the menu for today!

If you have the time to create the blocks posted by the designer and upload your photos in the  Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along Flickr Group, you will have a chance to win some buttons from Button Mad. There is a set of buttons for EVERY SINGLE block! How about that!! But you can't win, if you don't make the blocks and post your photo in the Flickr photo pool!  get those machines humming!

Jingle Bell Flower
Designed by Thearica Burroughs
Materials Needed
13 1/2" x 13 1/2" background block
10" x 10" scrap for flower petals
10" x 12" scrap for leaf insets
3" x 3" scrap for center circle
Heat and Bond Lite
Thread to match
4 Jingle Bells


Iron Heat and Bond to the backside of your 10" x 10" scrap,  10" x 12" scrap, and 3" x 3" scrap.

Lay your pattern piece on top of paper backing and trace your shapes with a pen or pencil.
Cut 4 leaf shapes.
Remember to flip any pattern piece that will come out backwards such as your flower petals.  You will draw them in the reverse of how they will lay on your block.
Cut 4 flower petals.

Cut the pieces out on the drawn line.  You do not need to add a quarter inch seam allowance when using fusible.

(If you want to needleturn your pieces to the block you will omit the Heat and Bond step, and add 1/8" seam allowance to your fabric shapes for turning under)

Take a straight pin and score the paper side so that it is easier to remove the paper backing.

Now that your pieces are prepared with the fusible we will prepare our 13 1/2" square background block.

Fold the 13 1/2" square background block in half and press well creating a crease.

Open up.. Can you see the crease?

Now fold in half in the opposite direction and press the crease... taking care not to press the first crease that you made away.

Open up and you will see both creases.

Now you will fold one corner over to the other corner and press this crease, taking care not to press away the previous 2 creases.

Open up and you will see 3 creases now.

Now fold the other corners together to press the last crease taking care not to press away either of the 3 previous creases.

Now you have 4 creases that will help you in laying down your flower petals and leafs.

Turn your 13 1/2" block over and lay your petals down in position between the creased lines. You can see by the white dotted line that the bottom of the petal pattern piece will fit nicely between the 2 creased lines.

Next we will add the leaf pattern pieces, lining the bottom of them up with the bottom of the petals.  make sure that the tip of the leaf is on the creased line.

Add your center circle!

Now we will press all of this to the black background square. Do NOT slide your iron from side to side.  Sit your iron down right in the middle of the block to start pressing.

Then by lifting and sitting the iron back down work your way over to the outer edge of the block to the left.

And then going back to center, work your way to the right side of the block by picking up and sitting down your iron.

Finish ironing your pieces down by making sure the tips of the leafs are pressed well.

Blanket Stitching

Now we will move to the sewing machine. 
(If your sewing machine does not have a built in blanket stitch module, you will do this part by hand.)

My machine has the built in blanket stitch so that is how I will finish my block.

I like to choose a thread that matches my fabrics so that the fabrics and pattern is what draws your eye. 
(I will also use that same color thread to stitch my center to add a little bit of pop)

I use the same color in my bobbin as I do on the top so there are NO pokies showing on my stitches!

I start by lining up the inside edge of my presser foot by the slit to the outer edge of the pattern piece that I will be blanket stitching.

Moving at a slow speed I begin making my way around the petal shape, taking extra care at the corners and curved edges.  You will need to pick up your presser foot and do a lot of pivoting to get around the sharp curved shapes at the top of the petals. GO SLOW!  One or two stitches at a time and then pivot!

Continue around all 4 petal shapes and then press the block before stitching the leafs.

Finish your stitching by going around all 4 leaf shapes and your center circle. Press well at this time.

Squaring To Size

Move your block over to the cutting mat. 
Lay your 12 1/2" square ruler on the block so that you have 1 inch clearance from the outer edge of the ruler to the outer corner of your leaf shapes and the outer edge of your flower petals. 
Trim all excess fabric away.

Move back to the ironing board and spritz some water on any creases that remain. Press the block well!

Sew a jingle bell to each flower petal on the curved points.

Ta-Da!! You have just made your very own Jingle Bell Flower block!

And in the spirit of the seasons coming up I am always thankful for all of the comments left by my readers so i would love to gift back to one of you! And in the fairness of not forgetting about Thanksgiving, how about some paperware to help you with your family gatherings! 2 packs of plates, a pack of dinner napkins, a pack of dessert napkins, and a bag of my favorite fall candy!!

I will determine a winner from all comments left on this post who tell me what their favorite block is of all the Celebrate Christmas Quilt Along blocks that have been submitted up to this point! There are several to choose from so click the link and head on over to the Quilting Gallery and take a peek at all of the blocks that have been submitted so far! Tell me your favorite for a chance to win this holiday package! And I promise not to hold it against you if you don't pick mine. :)

Giveaway will close on Halloween!!