November 11, 2011

Stash - It Isn't Just For Fabric Anymore!

My hubby says if I can have a fabric stash... then he can have his own stash!


He loves peanut butter kisses!

And yes, that is his very own piggie quilt!! He wraps up in it every night when he watches tv!  he has taken a few ribbings from my brother over this quilt but he still continues to use it!

He better! I made it just for him!


Merry said...

He looks very comfy and peanut butter kisses sound very yummy.

Jan Maree said...

Oh that is gorgeous! Good for him - love the piggies and the kisses!

Merry said...

:-) I think I looked at this too early this morning. I could have sworn those peanut butter kisses were on a tray. Glad I came back to see the wrappers and notice how many are in the jar.

Kath said...

Aw, how cute that he still likes his "blankie".
My son's was called Bobo and I'm sure it's still lurking around somewhere, frayed and grotty LOL

Kathleen KC1930) said...

Send Butch a "Peanut Butter Kiss" from the Maine Yankee!