December 29, 2011

My Sewing and Quilting for 2011 in Review!

I wanted to reflect on what I actually got accomplished in 2011 so I went back through my blog and pulled photos of what I did so I could compile them in one place just to see how much I actually did do for the year.  I was a little surprised but sad all the same that it wasn't more.  I am hoping 2012 will show lots more UFO's finished and lots of new goodies created! 

First and foremost...

I became grandma to grandbaby #3 in march of this year!

Emilee Claire 

Doll Made For A Swap in January


I made this candle mat as a 2nd door prize for One World One Heart 2011


I made this little wallhanging.. it still needs quilting though.

I gave this tablerunner away on my blog.


 I found the recipe to White Chicken Chili on the Piece N Quilt blog and I think I have made it twice a month since! ha! We love it! Thanks Natalie!

I made this candle mat for Leslie as a blog giveaway.

I hosted a quilting retreat for 81 quilters! {With the help of an awesome committee! Thank you ladies for all the hard work!} 
I taught my granddaughter Allie, how to make her first quilt! She did a fantastic job!

I made this weiner dog for my granddaughter Emilee Claire.

And this one for Miss Allie.

I was fiddling with my embroidery machine one day and made this.

I also made 40+ bags for the quilting retreat in April.

I also made Allie a bag for her baby doll.  She calls it her diaper bag. :)

I am slowly working on some 6 inch churn dash blocks.  I think I now have close to 40 made.

I am also slowly working on a quilt that I call My Hippy Flower Quilt {because of the fabrics I am using}

This pillow was made for a project on a blog that I am a member of with a talented group of ladies. The theme for this was Hardware Store.

I made this quilt for my good friend Rebecca when she broke her ankle so she could stay warm while she was recuperating.

I made 9 of these blocks for a swap that I was in.

I got to meet Ricky Tims and take his classes!


Alex Anderson!

I FINALLY WON A GO BABY!!  It wasn't for the lack of trying that took me so long!  I am in the process of putting together a fantastic tutorial. So stay tuned!

I hosted my first ever quilt show, live here on the blog! Men Quilt Too! It was fantastic!  There will be a Crazy Quilt Show starting February 1, 2012 so be on the lookout!
I made this piece for a guild challenge.  Gave it to my good friend Faith!

I did a tutorial over at Stash Manicure on this pillowcase.

I have started a red/black/and white churn dash.  have 8 blocks finished of 24!

My Crazy Quilting was published this year!

I made this jelly roll quilt top at a quilting retreat!

This T-shirt quilt was made for my baby girl's 30th birthday!

These 2 quilt tops were made for my granddaughter Emilee.  Still needs the quilting finished! 


I designed this quilt block for a guest post on the Quilting Gallery website.

I joined a CQ One Block Swap and made this piece for my good friend Elaine!

I sewed this bag together as my MIL cut it out. This was for a festival where she attends worship services.

I made this jelly roll quilt top as practice before going to a quilting retreat. It still needs quilted.

Made this for a friend but haven't got to the quilting yet!

Made this for a friend and her daughter claimed it!

Gave a tutorial on making a churn dash quilt. This will go to a friend once it is quilted!

I made and sent this candle mat to my sister.

I made this CQ piece for my friend Nickilee! 

A blogging friend sent me this quilt kit and I got it made in to a top at least! One day it will get quilted!

I put together this top from swap blocks.  It will go to a friend once it is finished!

I made a candle mat from one of the left over blocks.

I was in a CQ RR and did this block for a friend.


This quilt was sent to a friend as a care quilt. The blocks were made by 9 friends and I put them together and quilted it.

Love this top I made but it still sits waiting for quilting.

I quilted a few customer quilts but not as many as I had hoped to do. January will kick off the start of a new quilting season and I am looking so forward to a new Year and new customer jobs!

I also did a few tutorials on the blog and hope to bring you a lot more of that for 2012!

I also taught you all how to make wholecake and chocolate gravy with biscuits.  I hope some of you at least tried it!  I amde it for the ladies at a quilting retreat I attended in November...some liked it, some did not..but you do not know if you don't at least try it!

So there you have it.. What my quilting and sewing looks like for 2011! 

I am compiling photos of my 2011 customer quilting. When I get them all together I will post those.

What about you?? How much did you accomplish in 2011? Inquiring minds want to know. :)


Needled Mom said...

Wow!!!! What a year! How fun it was to go back and get a glimpse of all your projects. I'm looking forward to 2012.

Laurie said...

WOW!!! You made my head spin! When did you find time to breathe!!?? Amazing work, I'm envious!

beaquilter said...

that was a GREAT list! were you part of the karolina color swap?? You sent the making memories block?? I just posted that I NEED to make something with this... I just love it, still drooling over your machine :-)

Carol said...

Wow, Thearica, you make the rest of us look like slouches! Lol I enjoyed looking at your accomplishments through the year. I started following your blog early part of the year, cause I remember most of those projects. You are an amazing woman!!!

Carol (NJ)

Quiltingnewbie said...

I was the lucky person to receive that beautiful CQ block (the purple one) and I love it !! Thank you again my friend,,I will treasure it always !!

katiemedarlin said...

Good heavens, I'm tired just looking at all that you finished this year.

As one of the retreaters, you did an AWESOME job (along with your committee!) - that was so much fun.

You do great work, GF!

Lynnie said...

your work is amazing, so many projects finsihed, that is awesome! I got very few quilts finished this year, though I did get some other projects finsihed. I hope this new year will look a bit different as far as my sewing is concerned! Thanks for sharing your year in review in the sewing realm!!

SewCal Gal said...

Thearica, you certainly have been busy. What a wonderful post and recap of an inspirational year.

I too love white chicken chili. I need to track down that recipe.Yumm.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Therica \What is the name of the quilt with the polka dots and where can I find the pattern. In would love to make this for my granddaughter. Is this a pattern that you made, if so may I have directions.

bingo~bonnie said...

WOW!!! Way to go Quiltaholic, looks like 2011 was your RETURN OF YOUR MOJO YEAR!! :) You sure did get a lot acomplished! Cheers to you for winning a Go! Baby cutter :)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Lakshmi said...

Hello Thearica,
Thanks for your visit to my blog and leaving your comments. Till now I haven't done any quilts. But will try if I can. You have very beautiful blog and liked your quilts. Sure will come back to see what all you did..


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