December 20, 2011

That BIG BROWN Truck Rolled In here Yesterday!

I LOVE seeing the UPS truck coming down my driveway!

My husband and I  --- well, I actually --- get a LOT of mail!  We constantly have our mail carrier coming to the house because she has packages for us -- umm me -- ... I host swaps on a quilting forum and have challenges so the quilters are always mailing something to me. 
The workers at both of our local post offices call me job security! ha!

Well, yesterday I heard a large motor coming down the driveway and I knew it had to be the UPS man!  The sound of those trucks is so distinctive, isn't it!  He got out of the truck carrying quiet a large box and hubby asked what I had ordered. The box was from The Food Network and I knew I had not ordered anything. But... it was addressed to our house so I must have... just didn't remember doing it!

BUT -- When I got inside the box I found another box waiting for me!  The words Ceramic Pig Canister Set caught my eye immediately and I laughed!  One of my friends on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum  had sent us a Christmas gift --- but which one???   And how did I know it was from one of them??  I just did!  I have a serious PIG collection in this house due to all of my friends there!  They are always on the lookout for that unusual pig gift that they can send my way!

Inside the box was an invoice and on that invoice I learned the identity of our gift giver!

Elizabeth and I became really good friends several years ago through the HGTV Forum and finally got to meet each other face to face in 2009 at a quilting retreat in New Hampshire.  Since then she has been to my home twice  for a week stay or longer.  We truly enjoy each others company and can get  lost for hours sitting and stitching together on various quilting related projects or just hanging out on the front porch rocking and swinging and talking!  She is coming back to see me next year for another week and I can't wait! :)

Would you like to see the Pig Canisters??  They are terrific and I was ever excited to find they had made their way to live here with us!

The little baby pig has a heart on his chest! Hope you can see it!

Thank you so much Elizabeth!!

Here I am teaching Elizbeth how to machine quilt.  I hosted a quilting retreat this past April in Charlotte, NC and she attended.  She took one of my classes on the longarm and did very well!  I suspect she will be wanting another lesson when she comes to visit next June!


beaquilter said...

I have BIG brown come often here too, and my mail man drives his own car, I can hear both of them coming near, even if I'm sewing and jump out to get my goodies. Usually fabrics, recently Chrismas gifts :-) I buy almost everything online and amazon and both offer free shipping, so why spend $5 in gas to go shop at the store and beat the lines and crowds? I love it.

Happy Me said...

The cannister set is adorable! What a great friend!!

Needled Mom said...

There is nothing like the Big Brown truck pulling up and stopping!!!!!

I LOVE the pig canisters! They are adorable. It was such a sweet thought.

Laurie said...

How cute is that!! I love your pigs! It's hard to believe the number of friendships that have started from blogs and groups on the internet. I think it's awesome!

Kath said...

speaking of mail, did you ever receive the postcard I sent you from Glastonbury? Kath x

Kathi said...

isn't our ely a sweetheart!
and aren't you a sweetheart too!
cute canister set!