April 15, 2012

All Set And Ready To Go!

I have been sneaking a half hour here and a half hour there to crazy quilt but I am SO ready to dive back in and stitch for as long as I want whenever I want! I have been so busy getting my website stocked for the re-grand opening that it has consumed almost all of my time! I am also working on some longarm quilting for clients and one important show quilt for a friend so the crazy quilting has gone wanting..

Today I took the time to reorganize my crazy quilting closet! It had become a wreck but there was no time to devote to getting back in shape! Today I just had this overwhelming urge to get in there and get er' done and that is exactly what I did!  Well it is now ready to go full speed ahead once and again and so am I!!  

I need a serious CQ fix!! Not just a half hour or so!

I wanted to share my crazy quilting space with all of you and hope to inspire some of you to get your spaces organized, if they aren't.  You can work so much better when you can find what you are hunting... 
Just ask me how I know. :)

I am in a couple of block swaps with other ladies and will be hopefully finishing blocks for 3 ladies this week if I can squeeze all 3 in with the longarm quilting I am doing. Maureen, Cathy and Connie have sent blocks my way and I will be returning them a block from me.  Once they receive their blocks, I will show photos of what I received and what I sent out.... so stay tuned..

For now enjoy the eye candy of my crazy quilting closet! I can't wait to drag out my table and sit down right in front of that closet and stitch!

My flowers, butterflies, Czech buttons and other goodies!

Tons of beads!!

Books and buttons and more embellishments!

Lace and lace motifs!

 Finished pieces and unfinished pieces! Oh yeah, more beads!

Floss and threads!

Linens, rickrack and ribbon!

Riversilks and Thread Art ribbon! and lotsa buttons and charms!

Some of my quilts!

By the way...

Have you seen the post for the giveaway I am hosting??


Well then.. Go HERE and check it out! :)


Barb said...

I love your organization!

wackywoman said...

OMGosh. You rock girl!

carol fun said...

Awesome closet - it just oozes inspiration!

krisgray said...

Wow! What a great closet!!

Suztats said...

Can I come and play in your closet?

Wendy said...

Ditto that, I would love to come and play in your closet! I just love how you have organized all your crazy goodies! This is just great!

Needled Mom said...

I hope you get your sewing time soon. You deserve it!

Susan Shufelt said...

Wow! Very organized. I usually start out that way but as time and creativity progress my project spreads out. When I am completely finished then I put away and start anew.