April 25, 2012

What's Up Today??

Me - guest blogging - Madame Samm's and SewWeQuilt - today!

Better gettogettin' so you can see what I have in store for you!! :)

p.s. The post is fixed!!



patchouli moon studio said...

I saw your post today at Sew We Quilt and I wanted to ask you where you got those pig canisters? My daughter has loved pigs since she was little and she would love those. I'm sure you've had them for a long time, but thought I'd ask anyway.

Nicki Lee said...

Good mronign!

This is my first time to your BLog and I jsut had to drop you a note to say THANK YOU! I have been sitting here for over 2 hours going through so many wonderful post and in awe of all the talent out there! So many wonderful ideas and projects and best of all so many sharing ladies. I'm so excited to have a place to come to to get inspired when I have those "lost mojo" days. I will have to think of something I can send you for a Tutorial so I can contribute to your fabulous Blog.

Have a great day!
Nicki Lee

Jennifer Gail said...

Yum! Is this one as good as the one I won?

Gene Black said...

Hmmm.... just email me and I will send you my mailing address for you to send that cake!