August 22, 2012

First Week Of Giving Spirits!

Update: 8/22 -- There are 31 packages here already!

These are the packages that have come in the door for Debbie over the course of the first week!  I am so overwhelmed with the turn out of those who have emailed and asked to be a part of this!  There is an awesome truth to the quote "There is strength in numbers"!

Bless you all so much for helping lift Debbie's heart!

If you are wondering what we quilters are doing.. go HERE and read about our uniting to gift a fellow quilter with fabrics and supplies!

And these 2 beautiful ladies are who you are helping..

Debbie and her daughter Katie..

August 18, 2012

500th Follower Giveaway! - Sponsored by The Fat Quarter Shop!

The winners of the Fat Quarter Shop Gift cards are:
Michelle Hudak

HOMESPUNBLUE marks my 500th follower!
She has also won a prize!!!

If I do not hear from the winners by next Friday, I will draw another name!

I want to say thank you again to everyone who follows my blog and keeps up with my quilting, sewing, love of pigs and my family.  Your visits are always welcome and much appreciated!

I never intended to start a blog. 
 Really, I didn't...

And then here comes Bonnie...

Bonnie stayed after me until I stopped resisting!  And now I am so glad that she stayed after me like she did!  Because if I had not started blogging, just look at all of the friends I would not have made over the past few years!

And 500 followers! WOW!  I would have never thought it! I remember 2 years ago I was wondering if I would ever have 200 followers! :)

I have lost my blog a couple of times and had to start over and I know I lost a few friends during those times and I hope that one day they will find me again. 

I count each and every one of you my friend and I hope you do the same.


 I know there are some who have followed me in the past who do not keep up with me any more but they have not deleted themselves from my followers gadget so hopefully one day they will check in again. None of us have the time in our day to check out every single blog that we have ever followed every single day.... or every week for that matter.  And there are some who check in on you but do not comment so you are unaware that they are there.  I call them my "guardian followers".

My blog has undergone a small facelift over the past few weeks.  I have created a new banner to reflect our love of pigs and quilts.... hence the name of my blog.  

My good friend Carolyn Phillips of California drew the artwork on my banner of the little girls and their doll wrapped up in the quilts when I started my longarm business.  Isn't it precious!   I told Carolyn about how my granddaddy would come in early to wake us up when we stayed with him and granny in the summer and reach under the covers at the foot of the bed, grab our toes and say "wheeee little piggies...wake up"!  Of course, we were already awake but we would pretend to be asleep because this was our favorite time of the morning!  We would squeal and say "Stop granddaddy"!  all the time hoping that he wouldn't. lol  And the artwork was her interpretation of my story.  I loved it! The only things I told her were that I wanted the churn dash pattern on the quilt (my granny Ida's favorite) and  I wanted the little girls toes sticking out from under the quilts... hence the name of my longarm business "Cover Your Little Piggies Quilting Studio".

I have also moved my extra  "Pages" of the blog over to the right sidebar and have them labeled on one of those cute piggies!  I hope to add to each of those pages pretty quickly and hope you will find the time to visit them at periodic times to see what is new.  

I have several tutorials that I want to write up and photograph to share on the "Tutorials" page and hopefully I can do one of those every 2 weeks or at least once a month to keep new content there for you to enjoy.

I have gone to part time in my longarming business  but I do hope to add new content to the "Longarming" page once a month.

And I will continue to search for linky parties that I think you all would enjoy to add to the "Linky Party" page as well!

My "Creations" page is a place for me to file away the things I create and make for myself and others... mostly others.  I will always blog them right here on the home page but I will also post them on the "creations" page so you can find them all in one place.

Over the past 3 years I have blogged sporadically with 2011 being the biggest blogging year of the 3. Life happens to us all and I won't go in to that here but I am glad the ride is basically over.  I hope to blog more often now that life has settled down and I have more time to do things that I want to do.  And by going to part time in my longarming business (partly for health reasons, partly because I want to) , that will open up more time for me to piece, applique and crazy quilt!! ... And then share it all with you through photos and blog posts!  :)

I always enjoy seeing comments on my post. That lets me know that what I post is interesting to some people.  Not everything I blog is as interesting as other things but I hope that when you think of my blog as a whole you will find things that will keep you coming back.

I have tried things in the past to get bloggers together that didn't quite work out and maybe I didn't give them enough time.  I am going to be bringing some blog parties to my blog  and hope that you all will take part.  Blog parties are fun and you always make new friends!   Some of the older parties will come back and a few new ones are in the works.  So stay tuned!

 I just want my blog to be a fun place for you to come and visit  -  over and over again!

So to celebrate the milestone I want to have a giveaway and give something to 2 lucky followers!

One U.S. follower -- One international follower!

The Fat Quarter Shop has graciously offered up (2) 25.00 gift certificates (one per winner!) for me to use as my prizes!  They are the best at giving back to quilters all over blog land!

Since this is a 500th Followers Giveaway, you do have to be a follower to be eligible to win one of the prizes...
new followers are welcome, if you aim to keep coming back to visit me from time to time. :)

And.,.. since The Fat Quarter Shop is so great at making quilters happy... You should go pay them a visit.  Come back and tell me what your favorite upcoming fabric line is.... It isn't for sale just yet... You can find these in any of the Specialty Cuts categories. :)

That's it... 2 simple things...

Be a follower of PigTalesandQuilts and tell me you are!


Visit Fat Quarter Shop and tell me your favorite upcoming fabric line!

The giveaway will end at 7 pm Eastern time on August 18th, my older sisters birthday! :)


and HOMESPUNBLUE -- You win a prize for being the 500th follower!!!  Please send me an email using my Contact Me button on the right sidebar.  You are a no-reply blogger and do not have a blog so I cannot contact you.


August 13, 2012

Blog Winnings!

CherryBlossomsQuiltingStudio  participated in the Think Christmas Blog Hop about 2 weeks ago and had a giveaway for one of her patterns!  And I won!  I received the pattern in todays mail!

Thank you so much Cherry!  I will be making this little quilt soon!

AND if that weren't enough!

I also won over at Sue's blog - Quilt Times!!  Sue was giving away some fat quarters and then decided to order a fat quarter bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop!

These will be going to my good friend Debbie who lost all of her belongings in the fires in OK two weeks ago.  Thanks so very much Sue!

August 12, 2012

Bowls With Borders Blog Hop!

No, I am not part of this hop... just a cheerleader this time around!

You don't want to miss what  Madame Samm is up to this time along with her partner in crime..

Starts tomorrow! Monday, Augusut 13th!

Here is the schedule!
p.s.  Some will have giveaways!

August 13th
I Have A Notion

August 18th
Cool Crafty Mom

August 25th
Mice In The Mix

August 28th
Pam R.
Madame Samm

August 11, 2012

What Is It Like To Lose Your Sewing Supplies?

But what is worse, "What is like to lose your home due to fires"?
I hope we never have to find out!

I have a best friend who found out this weekend the answer to this due to the fires in Mannford, OK.

 My best friend Debbie lost her home and all of her belongings due to the fires in Oklahoma over the weekend. She is a quilter and when we both lived in Alabama, we would sit for hours on end quilting together.

I want to go see her when our tobacco crop is in the house which will be the end of October.

I was wondering if any of you would want to help re-stash her sewing supplies? Anything and everything would be much appreciated and all things will be a surprise to her.... she doesn't know I am doing this.

It doesn't have to be brand new things you run to the store and purchase.  Most of us have stashes that would make most people envy and things from our stashes is great!

If you would like to help, please send the items you would like to gift to her,  here to me.   Please write "For Debbie" on the outside of your package so I will know not to open it.

When Butch and I go to see her she will be able to open all of the boxes and envelopes herself and find all of the surprises inside. This will definitely touch her heart.

Please use my "Contact me" button on the right sidebar to ask for my mailing address.
Thanks so very much to all who will participate!


I am going to link up over at
to help spread the word!

Wanna See Something Pretty?

I am participating in 2 Crazy Quilting Round Robins and these are the blocks that have been worked on for me.

My friend Karen embroidered the pigs for me so I used them as the centerpieces for my blocks.  I asked the ladies to incorporate the water garden with flowers designs to my blocks.  These are the first 4 completed.

These first 2 are being worked on by members of Crazy Quilting International.  If you have a love for crazy quilting and do not belong to an online group, this is one of the best groups out there!  Come see us! (you do have to register...but it is free)

Nicki stitched this beauty up for me!  I had asked for some birdbaths and the one she stitched is gorgeous!

Lauri took the water theme a bit further and incorporated a water hose to give the piggie a bath with!  I absolutely LOVE this!!
The next 2 blocks are being worked on by ladies of the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum.  There again, if you are a quilter and need a place to hang out with people of like-minds, this is the place for you!  All kinds of quilting over here plus cross stitch, knitting, crochet and lots more!  You don't have to register to read things but you do have to in order to view photos and comment.... but it is free!

Colleen has done a super job in giving this piggie a bunch of flowers to nibble on. The sunflower was already on his hiney and I love the sunflowers she created to go with it!

Jackie also gave her piggie some flowers to enjoy!

I cannot wait to see the remaining blocks!  
They will all go in to one wallhanging when they get home! :)

Thank you ladies!!!

August 10, 2012

And The Winner Is!

The winner of my Christmas Southern Belle is...

Thank you to everyone who visited my blog during the 

More Blog Hops Coming Up!

I have signed on for 2 more blog hops with our wonderful 
 and her fantastic cheerleading squad!!

Corrie of Quilt Taffy is hosting

which begins on Sept 10th! 

While Cherry from Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio is hosting

which begins on Oct 1st!! 

Both hops are sure to be lots of fun so stay tuned!!

August 5, 2012

Think Christmas Blog-Hop! - It's My Day!

Madame Samm, along with the help of  Lesley at The Cuddle Quilter, have brought another fantastic blog hop to everyone in blog land!!
I have the pleasure of bringing to you a quilt block all decked out and ready for Christmas in July!

Not only myself, but look at todays schedule!! 
You must visit everyone on todays list!
(and don't forget to visit the bloggers from the first 6 days of the hop!)

                                                                  Why Knot Kwilt
                                                                   Madame Samm

So, what do I have to show you??
I kept watching what everyone was posting since the start of the hop and I wanted to do something different. My granny Ida became my inspiration!  She always enjoyed Christmas so much and always gifted us something she had made.

My Christmas block for the blog hop is none other than the Southern Belle... all decked out in her Christmas gown and parasol, ready for the Christmas Eve celebration!

And she has not forgotten her jingle bell necklace and has her bonnet all tied up with a snowflake to boot!

I love hand blanket stitch applique!  I learned under granny Ida's guidance when I was between 8 and 9 and I love to sit and stitch!  It brings back fond memories of the days when I would play under the quilting frame while granny and my mother would quilt.  To have those days back again...

These blocks were given to me by granny Ida when I was 8.  I really need to put them into a quilt top and quilt it!  I will gift it to my granddaughter Allie one day.  There are 30 blocks here, enough to make a full size quilt.
As you can see back then there was no need for fusibles.  Granny made all of her applique quilts from polyester fabrics... so no fraying - ever!

And while we are showing Christmas things in July, why not a few Dotee dolls?
I hosted a swap on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum a few years ago and these dolls decided to live in my home once they were all swapped!

My Russian Santa was made by my friend Marina from Russia!  
He came bearing gifts... a beautiful glass pig!

This Mr. Santa came from "Down Under" from my Australian friend Trish!! 
Trish is originally from Kentucky!

And Jane sent this sweet doll all decked out in her Christmas Tree dress!

So is that enough Christmas in July for you?? Surely not!

Get on over to these other blogs and check out what they have to show you!
                                                                  Why Knot Kwilt
                                                                   Madame Samm

Thank you for visiting my blog! :)

I will gift my Southern Belle to one lucky reader next Wednesday!!

Just be sure and leave your email in your comment if it isn't in your google profile or if you are an anonymous commentor!

August 1, 2012

Through The Eyes Of A Nine Year Old

My granddaughter Allie has been here for 5 weeks with me and my hubby enjoying her summer vacation!  She has been a big help in putting away a few veggies for the winter and helping keep the house clean. We bought her a bike and she has kept the yard hot riding it all over the farm, if she isn't in the flower gardens hunting lizards, toads and bunnies!  Hubby told her if she caught a bunny he would build a cage to put it in.  I asked him why he told her that and he said he knew she wouldn't be able to... and I said she just might prove him wrong...she has a "sense of will" stronger than most children.  It would be funny if he found himself building a cage before she went home. lol 

My friend Janette has a granddaughter the same age as Allie... Allie will be 9 in 2 months and Jordan is already 9.  They have been able to get together to play several times since Allie came.  They have gone to the movies together and rode bikes together... but I don't think Jordan has hunted any lizards... lol  .. I do know she helped hunt the bunny one day.  It was a site just listening to both of them with their eyes wide telling about finding the burrow and putting a stick in the hole and it having fur on it when they pulled it out.  They for sure had found the bunny den... they just knew it.  Oh to be young again!

She has one more week here before she has to go back to Alabama to get ready to enter the 3rd grade. The past several days she has been going to VBS with my sister-n-law Jane and has been enjoying herself tremendously!  Jordan went with them one night and may go back again before it is over.

Allie brought her sewing machine and table with her so she could sew some while she was here.  Jordan asked me a few days ago if I would teach her to sew and quilt like I did Allie.... so what do you do when a youngster wants to learn?... You teach them right then while the notion is hot on their little minds!

So, yesterday afternoon we started preparing a quilt for them. They both want a dolphin quilt so we went online and googled until we found a picture of one that I could draw a pattern from. Then we went upstairs to begin work on them.  Just watching them choose their fabrics was a treat...thank goodness for stashes... We are using wonder-under to apply the dolphins so they both had to iron their fabrics and then iron the fusible to it too.  I then traced the pattern pieces to the paper side and they cut them out.  I used my applique pressing sheet and built  their dolphins for them and then they ironed them to their background block.

I showed them 3 stitches each on their blocks of how to do the blanket stitch and then turned them loose.

Just watch two 9 year olds in action!!

Stay tuned for more of their quilt progress!