August 22, 2012

First Week Of Giving Spirits!

Update: 8/22 -- There are 31 packages here already!

These are the packages that have come in the door for Debbie over the course of the first week!  I am so overwhelmed with the turn out of those who have emailed and asked to be a part of this!  There is an awesome truth to the quote "There is strength in numbers"!

Bless you all so much for helping lift Debbie's heart!

If you are wondering what we quilters are doing.. go HERE and read about our uniting to gift a fellow quilter with fabrics and supplies!

And these 2 beautiful ladies are who you are helping..

Debbie and her daughter Katie..


Needled Mom said...

What an awesome response so far! I know they will be thrilled.

Denise said...

Good afternoon. I had left a comment earlier - or maybe I emailed you - asking for your address to send a box of quilting goodies to you for her. Can you please send me your address? I'd love to help her. You are such a sweet friend to do this for her.

blessings, denise :D

Thearica said...

Hi Denise,

I sent you an email when you first requested but it may have gone to your spam folder.

Thanks so much for helping Debbie through this difficult time!

Email has been sent.

Barb said...

I hope you got mine this is so fun.

Thearica said...

I sent you an email barb.

Sheila said...

I hope you get mine this week : )

jill said...

My box is in the mail on Friday. I hope she likes the books and patterns too. It is so easy to ignore those books and patterns until you start going through them...hehe.

And thanks Thearica for letting us help.

blessings, jill
sorry about the delay in response to the 500th follower. I am usually on top of things.

Ashlee Christopher said...

This is awesome! What a cute daughter you got there! First time here nice to meet you!
Nice to meet you!

susane said...

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