October 1, 2012

Fall De-Stash Sale!!

 A great turn out for the first De-Stash sale! I am down to 2 pattern packs and the 3 sets of fabric.
Who wants them? :)

Fall is OFFICIALLY here and so is the De-Stash sale!

We all do our spring cleaning when old man winter is on his way out but let's take time to do some fall cleaning!  I am joining in with Fingertip Shopping and listing some of the items in my sewing room that need clearing out!  I will be giving what money I raise through this sale to my friend Debbie when we take all of the wonderful gifts to her that are being sent in by so many across the world!  She can then purchase anything she needs that she may not have received in all of these boxes! Although I doubt there is going to be hardly anything she will be in need of once all of these boxes are open!

All items were sold.  Thanks so much for the support!


Jan said...

I emailed you! Brilliant idea.

Thearica said...

Thank you for your purchase Jan!

SewCalGal said...

Wow, you have some great deals in your Fall de-stash sale!


Thearica said...