September 18, 2012

Favorite Quilting Tools Linky Party!

What are your favorite quilting tools?

I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours!

Head over to Karen's blog, Sew Many Ways and see what she has to show you today!

I quilt for the public on a Gammill longarm machine and this tool is always in site!  I use it almost every time I quilt.  It helps steady my hand when I do my custom quilting!  It is also great for quilting around applique shapes!  There are numerous uses for this handy little tool so why don't you hop on over to Donita Reeves website, LoveToQuilt and have her send you one!  When you get to her website look under Rulers/Templates... it is the first product listed on that page.

The Accu-Glide (my favorite quilting tool)
The next tool that I am really crazy about and keep at least 10 on hand at ALL times is from the Clover company!  This is GREAT for marking on dark fabrics and goes away with a puff of steam from your iron!  Now how much easier can it get than that?
When you get to their website, click on Products... then click on the Sewing and Quilting category... and then click on  Marking Tools. How is that for a road map!

Clover Fine White Marking Pen

Next up is a tool that I refused to purchase for several years after they first came on the market!  Why??? I have no clue!  I guess I enjoyed cutting things out the way my granny taught me and how she always did!  (that is my excuse anyway) ... I also refused to buy a computer for a very long time!  I didn't use calculators either.. lol (maybe I am a glutton for making things hard... who knows)

But, back to one of my most favorite tools and that is the Omnigrid Cutters and Rulers from the OLFA Company!  YES!  I did refuse to buy them at first! And I know there are several of you out there in quilting land that still do not have one of these systems in your home!  I am telling you right now, you have NO idea what you are missing!  I now own every size ruler they make (in multiples) and have 3 cutting mats stationed at different locations in my home!  Cutters... Let me count... hmmm.. Maybe 3 of each size!  And plenty of refill blades on hand thanks to JoAnn's and their 40% off coupons!

Those 40% off coupons are a great way for you to make your first purchase of a mat, cutter and your first rulers. You would probably be confused as to which rulers to purchase first, if you didn't want to invest in them all at once so this was my take on that.. 12 1/2" square (for squaring up your quilt blocks).. 6 1/2" square (when you don't want to lug the 12 1/2" out for smaller blocks)... 6" x 24" for cutting sashing strips and borders!  These 3 will get you started well on your way and at 40% off, it won't break your wallet.

Ask for the Fashion Trends magazine when you walk in to your local JoAnn's.  The magazine cost 3.99 but it has (2) 50% off coupons on the back cover and (4) 40% coupons that you can use the same day you purchase the magazine!  There you have it, coupons for your mat, 3 rulers, a cutter, and replacement blades! So, what are you waiting for?  This is a purchase you will never regret!

I want to list one more tool that I always have within an arms reach no matter what I am doing, be it quilting, sewing, handwork or just sitting at the computer blog hopping! As I have aged my old eyes are not what they used to be so I now wear glasses.  Due to being hot natured, I sweat a lot under my hair and on my face!  I am always reaching up under my glasses to wipe the sweat from my nose so i smudge those glasses a LOT! I found these handy dandy glass wipes at Walmart and keep a box by all of my working stations!  They will clean your lenses up so well that you will think you have on a brand new pair of glasses!

So, there you have it.  4 of my favorite quilting tools that I am never far away from!

Hop on over to Karen's and leave her some comment love too and then show us your favorite quilting tools on your blog!

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Needled Mom said...

I can't imagine going back to scissors for all my cutting. How did we ever manage before Olfa? I am going to have to try out one of those Clover markers. The dark fabrics are always the toughest to mark for me.

Nina Marie said...

I entered a post from this month about a tool that really I never thought of till I saw one in my husband's woodshop LOL - now I've used it a bunch in just a month - great idea for a link party!!

Patricia said...

I added a link to my post about the Easy Angle my favorite tool.