October 18, 2012

A Quilt On The Agenda!

I made my hubby a quilt 6 years ago out of flannel, to use while he watched television.  He is a cold natured fella and since I am hot natured, our heat is always set on 69 (unless it gets REALLY bitter cold in February - then it might go to 70)  He walks around in 3 shirts all winter and has to have his quilt when we watch tv together at night.  Well, you know flannel... and how it shrinks eventually! He has spilled chocolate ice cream on his quilt so many times that it has shrunk with all of the washings it has seen!  And now it is not long enough to cover his tootsies!  So I must do something about that!

This is his "seat in the house".  Nobody sits here but him. And this is his "piggie" quilt!  Yes, it has pink pigs on it... I made it for him as a joke but he loved it and has used it ever since.  He has taken quite a ribbing from my brother over this quilt (all in fun) but he just laughs with him and continues to use it.  He dares anyone to try and use it and rips it away from them if they do. :)

 I was browsing Hancocks of Paducah the other day while waiting on hubby to come in for lunch when I spied some yummy homespuns!  I thought to myself just how warm would a quilt be from those and the colors were so perfect!!  I just know hubby will love a quilt from them!

I am headed to a quilting retreat next month and these fabrics will be going with me as my "project" that I will work on while there.  I will get the top finished and then quilt it once I get back home!  I am hoping I can quilt it while he is bush-hogging the farm so it will be a surprise for him!  He works so hard from March - October that he needs a "special something".   He puts in as many hours in that 8 month time than most people do on a 52 week job.  That is why he loses 30 pounds every summer!  He manages to put it all back on over the winter (can we say he LOVES ice cream!) but come the next summer and he sheds it again.  He gets so tired and so hot that some days he cannot make himself eat.  Such a hard worker deserves to be fussed over sometimes, right?

These are the fabrics that his new quilt is going to be made from!  I have (4) Marcus Primo Plaids Woven Fat Quarter Bundles so I think I will have plenty to do any pattern I choose.  Now, just to choose that pattern!
 I kind of have my mind on this pattern because it goes together so fast and it is a manly pattern.  I made this quilt top last year but have not found time to quilt it.

I have a tractor pantograph that I could quilt hubbys quilt with that would be perfect but I don't know for sure if that is how I want to quilt it.  I am still so undecided ... but I will make a decision!  As far as the quilt top above, it is destined for someone special and I hope to get it finished before the end of this year!  I am going to quilt a Kokopelli pantograph on it. :)

So, what is on your worktable for next month?


carla (http://dancingmoon-carla.blogspot.com/) said...

Hi!!! Wow!! Love the quilt top!!! Love the fabric you have picked for hubby too!!! Love the new little piggy on your blog!!! I have a toddler size quilt top for my grand daughter to finish up and fabrics ready to start on one for my grand son. Have fun!!!

Jo said...

Yep, i agree about how hard farm work is. My husband is the same way. And don't even mention hay time! Making hay has got to be one of the most physicaly draining and dirtiest job there is on the farm. We haven't raised tobacco, but i would imagine its just as grueling. Hats off to America's farmers! When are you going to visit Debbie?

Needled Mom said...

It is going to make a wonderful quilt for that hard working guy! A tractor panto would be awesome for him.

Pam said...

What a wonderful idea. Yes, he is going to love that new quilt. Tractors will be perfect! Thanks for letting me visit your site, I found you on FAFF!

Conni said...

I am in the same boat as your husband, always cold. I keep making quilts and givning them away as gifts though, havent made one for me yet. I love your quilt front, that is a super pattern