October 14, 2012

Men Quilt Too! Linky Party!

Men Quilt Too Linky Party!


Last October I held a quilt show to showcase the talents of several quilters!  This year we will not be having a show in the same format, but I am hoping to see many of these talented individuals come and link up so you can go visit them on their own turf and see what they have been creating over the past year!

So, I am putting the call out to one and all male quilters!  
Please come and link up and show us your fabulous quilting!

And while we wait for them to show up, take time to revisit last years incredible show!

Ready or not... Time to link up!
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Wayne Kollinger said...


Can you please remove from position #1. Being half asleep I accidentally linked to my dashboard insted of to my blog.


Richard Healey said...

I am glad to see that the Linkup is up and look forward to seeing who else out their are Men Quilters this year!

Wayne Kollinger said...


Thanks for correcting my mistake.

More importantly, thanks for the opportunity to show off a couple of my quilts once again.

I know you put a lot of work into this. It is very much appreciated.

Thearica said...

Me too!!

Shane said...

Hey you - Im a Drag Queen quilter in Portland, Me. Thank you for the link!

Shane said...

I did it ten times cuz Im computer dumb. I hope I did not mess it up.

Thearica said...

You did it right! Thanks for linking up!

The Amateur Quilter (Mike Pearson) said...

This is fun! Thank you for hosting!

Shane said...

Thank you!

Gene Black said...

Oh my goodness! I forgot to leave a comment after I linked. I think I got lost looking at the other quilters' blogs.
thank you for hosting this linky party.