November 4, 2012

Ever Saw 900 Pounds Of Raw Tobacco?

Now you have!
Each of these bales weigh close to 900 pounds.

This is hubby and his dad, along with 2 workers getting ready to take in the last load of tobacco for this season!  We were so thankful to sell all of our pounds!  It was a close call this year but we made it with the Lord's help! We signed next years contract when we took in this load and are farming even more tobacco next year! Bring it on!!

Getting the tarp ready to cover the load.


Waiting for Guadalupe to bring the last bale.

Guadalupe has been helping out for 15 years!

Last bale of the year on the truck!!!

Helping Debbie - 102 Packages and Counting!

Would you like to see what 102 packages of pure quilting love looks like?

 I cannot even begin to convey my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have helped make this gifting of quilting supplies possible to my wonderful friend Debbie!  You all know how to leave someone speechless! And I have had word that there are a few more boxes enroute.  I hope they get here before I hit the road. :)

There will be a party right here on the blog of Debbie opening all of her gifts so stay tuned!

November 1, 2012

Message In A Bottle Crazy Quilt Challenge!

Hey All You Crazy Quilters!!

Visit my website if you are interested in a chance to win some awesome prizes by creating a unique crazy quilt piece!!

Visit this  LINK  for all information!