November 30, 2012

Stay tuned...

Today is the last day on the Holiday Lane Blog Hop!  Have you visited all of the blogs that participated!  There are some gorgeous pillows to be seen!!

p.s...I am working on the photos from my visit with Debbie... 
 Stay tuned!

November 22, 2012

Holiday Lane Blog Hop and A Birthday!

FINALLY! I am truly sorry that it has taken me all day long to get this posted.  I was bound and determined to get it live before midnight Pacific time!
I am late because I was held hostage all day by my sisters, brother, daughter, son in law, grandson, 2 nephews, and my hubby!  Why?
Because....Today was my birthday!  I have not got to spend my birthday with my family but twice in the last 10 years with this being the 2nd time.  It was REALLY nice!  We started out the day with me and my daughter having a day in the salon and I have a new hairdo!  It looks fantastic!  I just might show you a photo in the next couple of days... Then we met my sisters, brother, 2 nephews and my hubby for a late lunch... Afterwards they all came over to my daughters and we sat around and chit-chatted forever!  We laughed so much today that our bellies hurt!!  It felt good to be able to spend so much time with my siblings.  After the sisters left my hubby and my daughter and her family took me out for a steak dinner.  We then went to the ColdWater Bookstore... a quaint little bookstore downtown Tuscumbia, AL and we just wandered around and sat in some comfy chairs and read and chit-chatted some more.  We came home to a yard full of children waiting to play with my grandon... at dark-thirty..but it doesn't matter around here... Children would play all night running and playing hide and go seek in the dark never being afraid.. I love this area...  The day would have been exactly perfect had my oldest daughter been able to be here but she had to work and Allie had to go stay with her dad for the Thanksgiving holidays.  We have had dinner at their house the past 2 nights to make up for her not being able to be here today.  I love my life, my family, and I thank God every day for all that is good and blest in my life and for giving me such a wonderful family to love and to love me.
I want to thank Madame Samm and Pauline for their tireless efforts to get the blog hop together and keep it running smoothly.  Jill from Jillily Studio made sure we all had this awesome pattern!  Be sure to go over and download it and make your very own pillow for the holidays!
My grandson helped me put the finishing touches on my Holiday Lane Pillow tonight after he had to finally come inside and get ready for bed... Our pillow has a Gingerbread Doghouse... yep...sure enough!! That was Parkers clever idea!!
So here it is, in all it's holiday splendor... We used rick-rack for the snow on the roofs... We also added some mini Christmas bulbs...and some mini bows over the doors.  Parker has laid claim to this pillow and we will be making his little dog Chloe, her very own pillow bed to match!!  You will have to come back later this week to see it...
There are several other bloggers who showed their pillows today too so please be sure and check them out!  Again, I humbly apologize for being so very late!
Wednesday November 21

Click on this LINK to visit the entire schedule for the blog hop!
And how about a giveaway!!  Someone will win this pair of holiday slipper socks when the blog hop is over! Just leave a comment telling something about your holiday traditions that you have enjoyed all through your life.  Remember to leave me a way to contact you should you win!
Good luck to all!

Since it is so late I will announce the winners of the coin purses tomorrow morning after we get up and have chocolate and biscuit for breakfast... an Alabama southern tradition. yummy!!
Goodnight blogland...sweet dreams!


November 7, 2012

U R Priceless Blog Hop!

Well, blogger is at it again.. I had this set to go live at 12:00 am this morning and it was still in draft when I got up.  Sorry folks. 
Doesn't it feel awesome to be told "You are priceless!"

Well Madame Samm has put another spin on that phrase and has come up with yet another fabulous blog hop for all of us out here in blogland!!  This one is going to be super fantastic!

And now finally, my day has arrived!!!

I ordered my purse hardware from Kelly at I Have A Notion.  Kelly was a big supporter of a quilting retreat that I hosted for 81 quilters in April of 2011 so I wasn't surprised when I opened my package and she had included 2 extra purse frames at no charge! 
Thank you Kelly!

So, what do you do when you are gifted with something.. You pay it forward... I asked my friend Marie and my mother-in-law Mildred over for a sew-in so they could each make a coin purse as well!  I made a trip to JoAnn's Craft Store in Raleigh a few days before our sew-in and picked up 3 more purse frames and I am sew glad that I did!  These are so addicting!!  I wish I had bought 10 more!!!  You can bet I will be getting some more because I want to make some for Christmas gifts!

Here are the fruits of our labours...

And here they all are open showing the lovely fabrics inside.  They remind me of little birds in a nest waiting for momma bird to put a worm in their mouths. ha!  Maybe these want to be fed some coins!  Got any change to spare?? lol

Now I need to show you some individual photos since Marie and Mildred weren't "officially" part of the blog hop... I let them piggyback off of me... So I want to have a shot at one of the Top 3 places so single photos are in order. :)

This was my first attempt.  It took us around 3 hours to make the first one.  We found it a little daunting but we kept on keeping on and finally perservered!  And it was well worth it!

My friend Lettie from The Polka Dot Pineapple sent me (4) 1 yard pieces of Hawaiian fabric after she and I met in NC the year of 2010.  She is from Hawaii and her hubby came to NC to have surgery.  I found her blog by accident and saw that she would be here but have nothing to do.  So I sent her an email and we fast became friends.  My friend Karen, from VA, came down on the selected day and we both took Lettie out for a girls shopping spree!  My first coin purse came from one of the fabrics that Lettie sent me.  I may mail this one to her!

The front..
 The back..

My second coin purse is a fun one and came about because of my granddaughter Allie.  She was here for 2 months this past summer and went outside (frog-huntin') every day!  I should have videoed her! When I saw this fabric I knew I would make a coin purse from it for Miss Allie.  I know she will squeal like a little pig when she sees it!  I just hope she doesn't take it outside to catch frogs in!

The front..
 The back..

And this blog hop would not be complete without a PIGGIE coin purse! I had several pig fabrics that my friends have sent me and this is the one I chose.  The lining is the same fabric but with a white background!  I think she turned out really cute!  I have a 2 piggie tape measures that I think will go in this one along with some thread and needles for a small sewing kit to go in my purse!
 Her back view is the same as the front so only one photo.

This one is my mother in law Mildred's first attempt at a coin purse!  I think hers turned out rather cute!!  I had purchased this fabric to make my sister a quilt so she just borrowed enough to make her coin purse. Job well done Mildred!

Marie kept saying I will never make another the whole time she was making her first one but in the end she wound up making 2!!  And has plans for a 3rd!  See how addicting they can be!!

So there you have it!  6 lovely coin purses!  I have one more made upstairs waiting for hardware!  I bought a larger purse frame (6") and mis-figured how large to cut the fabric so the body is ready but waiting for a 4 1/2" frame!  Oh well.. Another reason to back to JoAnn's!!! Such a hardship! ha!

I have friends sharing this day with me so don't stop hopping until you go visit them all!!  I have heard some have giveaways!!

After you see all of these cute coin purses, if you decide that you simply have to make one for yourself then head on over to this lovely shop and purchase the pattern! In no time you will have your very own cutesy coin purse!!

Now... How about a giveaway here on PigTalesandQuilts!

Leave a comment telling me something about yourself.. do you like to knit, do you like cats or dogs, are you a beautician, do you have a new baby... just some ideas...!  I will choose 3 names and specially make a coin purse for each winner using fabrics to depict something about you!

Remember to leave me a way of contacting you.  No-reply bloggers don't stand a chance of winning because I cannot contact you for your mailing address! leave your email in your comment if you don't have a google account or if you do but don't have your email visible!

Thank you for visiting my blog today and please come back again!

November 4, 2012

Ever Saw 900 Pounds Of Raw Tobacco?

Now you have!
Each of these bales weigh close to 900 pounds.

This is hubby and his dad, along with 2 workers getting ready to take in the last load of tobacco for this season!  We were so thankful to sell all of our pounds!  It was a close call this year but we made it with the Lord's help! We signed next years contract when we took in this load and are farming even more tobacco next year! Bring it on!!

Getting the tarp ready to cover the load.


Waiting for Guadalupe to bring the last bale.

Guadalupe has been helping out for 15 years!

Last bale of the year on the truck!!!

Helping Debbie - 102 Packages and Counting!

Would you like to see what 102 packages of pure quilting love looks like?

 I cannot even begin to convey my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have helped make this gifting of quilting supplies possible to my wonderful friend Debbie!  You all know how to leave someone speechless! And I have had word that there are a few more boxes enroute.  I hope they get here before I hit the road. :)

There will be a party right here on the blog of Debbie opening all of her gifts so stay tuned!

Crazy Quilt Journal Project Challenge 2013

Hey All Of You Crazy Quilters!!

Are you looking for a project to be a part of for the year 2013?
Well look no further...

Kathy Shaw has just introduced registration for a fantastic year long challenge!

Registration for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project Challenge for 2013 is now open!
November 1st through December 12th is the Open Registration Period

2013 CQJP Rules

Questions & Answers

Follow the steps on  
to complete your registration and begin your challenge for 2013!
Don't forget... Registration closes on December 12th so don't forget and get left behind!

November 1, 2012

Message In A Bottle Crazy Quilt Challenge!

Hey All You Crazy Quilters!!

Visit my website if you are interested in a chance to win some awesome prizes by creating a unique crazy quilt piece!!

Visit this  LINK  for all information!