December 23, 2012

Mail Call!

Hubby brought in yesterdays mail when he went out for pizza!  In it were 3 packages just for me!!

I won Claire's giveaway this past week and one of the packages was the fabric I won! I think I shall make a mug rug with this! Thank you Claire!

I also won a book over on Madame Samm's blog! She is doing a series on Books For Women the whole month of December and I won this book from a few days ago!

Two other books from the series have caught my interest so I ordered them from Amazon!

I received a package a few days ago from Canada!  Inside was this cute coin purse!  Madame Samm surprised me with it!  I love that the woman on the fabric is blonde - just like me!  Thank you Samm!!

My friend Rianne lives in the Netherlands with her daughter Brechje.  We formed a friendship a few years ago and she and Brechje sent me this lovely cookbook for Christmas!  Thank you so much!

My friend Heleen from the Netherlands had commented on my blog back when I was giving away the tootsie roll pops.  She asked me what they were.  I decided I should send her a box of American candy to try!  I collected lots of the old candies that I grew up with as a child.  She in turn sent me a box of candies from her country.  Please read the paper to know the storyline for some of  the candies.  Thank you Heleen... I will be taking it to share with my family over Christmas!

I love getting surprises in the mail! :)

2012 Year End Recap

As 2012 comes to a close I wanted to reflect back on what I accomplished for the year and share that with all of you.  Sometimes we do not think there has been a lot accomplished until we put it all together.  Sometimes, we actually surprise ourselves!

I started the year off  hosting the 1st annual Crazy Quilts Are Quilts Too Show!  If you missed it, please click on the link and go check out these many talented crazy quilters!  Lots of inspirational work!  Be on the lookout February 1, 2013 for the 2nd annual show to appear here on this blog!


I made this table topper for the Spring Is In The Air Table Topper Blog Hop hosted by Madame Samm!


I started a new quilt while at a retreat in Odenville, AL at Magnolia Place Retreat Center!  The owner had made a similar quilt and it inspired me to start one of my own.  We go for another retreat in April and I hope to have many more blocks finished to show Elizabeth.


I also made this quilt at the retreat for my niece, Tressa, who ran her first 5k race! I did not get any photos of it once it was quilted.  I will try to do that the next time we go home to Alabama for a visit.


 I also made 64 siggy blocks for a swap with the ladies of the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum.  My swapped blocks are upstairs waiting to be made in to a quilt.  Stay tuned!


I accomplished quite a bit at the retreat!! I was proud of myself! SO looking forward to April!


I made 5 batches of my Granny Ella's homemade sweet pickles!



I also took part in Madame Samm's Red/White?Blue Blog Hop! My entries were these 2 blocks which I gave away to 2 of my readers!




I was in a pincushion swap on a crazy quilting forum and this one went to my friend Carolyn.



I was also a participant in a Crazy Quilted Snowball Fight on another crazy quilting forum and this one went to Cathy!


I taught my granddaughter and her friend Jordan how to hand blanket stitch.  They did a fabulous job to be 8 years old!


I made this block as part of the Think Christmas Blog Hop over at Madame Samm's!



I spearheaded a collection of sewing supplies for my friend Debbie from Oklahoma who lost her home to the forest fires in her hometown in July.  There were 115 packages collected! Thank you again quilters!!



This quilt top and backing was made for the Dots on Dots Blog Hop over at Madame Samm's!  I gave it to my friend Marie who quilted it and gave it to a senior citizen at her church.



This was one of the few quilts that I quilted in 2013.  I loved the name she gave the quilt and I designed my quilting around it.  Love the suns quilted in the solid HST! I was happy while I worked on this fun quilt!




The 2nd Annual Men Quilt Too Show was scheduled for October 1 but in lieu of the show we only had a linky party!  Please visit the link and see what these men  have been working on!


This tablerunner was the result of The Wicked Blog Hop over at Madame Samm's!  It will also go to Marie to quilt up for one of the seniors at her church.


This Crazy Quilt block went to my good friend  Colleen.



I made 3 of these 6 coin purses for the U R Priceless Blog Hop over at Madame Samm's!  The pig - frog - and warrior - are mine.  The rooster was made by my mother in law.. and the western purse and the pineapple were made by my friend Marie.  I have 6 more right now in the makings for the winners of my giveaway.  They have had to go on hold until after Christmas but will be finished by the end of the year! I have plans for even more! They are addicting!


We also had the Holiday Lane Blog Hop over at Madame Samm's!  This pillow was made for that and gifted to my mother in law! She loved it!

I also made my grandson's puppy dog a holiday lane pillow.  And I am glad to announce that she finally started using it! :)




These 2 stockings were made for a Secret Santa Stocking Swap on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum.  One of them went to Australia... the other to an unsuspecting child in the Walmart parking lot. :)




I have started a drive to collect "finished" quilts for the children of the Masonic Home for Children and the Central Children's Home both here in my area of Oxford, NC.  If you can help please visit the link and comment and then send me an email when you are ready to mail and I will reply with my mailing info. Thanks to all who will help with this call for quilts!



 I finish my year end recap off with 2 small quilts that I just finished for a set of twins who belong to my good friend Bonnie.  Bonnie is the reason I have a blog! Thank you Bonnie!


For the grand finale, I have to tell you what has occupied a large portion of my time this year!  I opened an online Crazy Quilting Supplies Shop!  I have put a lot of sweat equity in to the site and my customer base is growing.

You do not have to be a crazy quilter to find things you can use in your quilting so please go over and take a peek at my shop.  The #8 Pearl Cotton Thread is awesome!  For only 1.75 you get right at 90 yards of thread! This is the Coats and Clark thread - Anchor Pearl Cotton - and comes from their India plant!  I worked with my wholesaler to get the best possible price so I can offer it at the price I have it on my site! 

You will also find wide quilt backings on the site at great prices!   There are books and patterns in the Bargain basement! I am clearing out a lot of my personal stash so watch that page for some great bargains!

There are too many things on the site to list them so you will have to go over and check it out! I have been packaging beads for a week and the bead page will show a lot more product inventory after the Christmas holidays are past us.  Lots more laces and lace motifs as well as other merchandise!!  You will have to come for a visit often to keep up with the new products coming to the site! They are here in the house... I just need to photograph and upload them!

 I will appreciate your support of my shop!

I want to thank all of my readers who make blogging fun!  Because of your interaction with me via emails and comment forms, you keep me inspired to blog.  I have some new plans for the blog in 2013 and hope you will stick around to see what is on the agenda!  I truly appreciate you all!

I will end by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 17, 2012

Wanna Know Who Won?? Come For A Visit!

ALL blog winnings to date were mailed this morning... Everything has been claimed!
Stay tuned for 2013!!! :)

Well, the birthday party over at Michele and the Quilting Gallery has been a blast!  I had so much fun hopping around to near 170 blogs and I know you all did as well!  
I feel like I ate cake enough for everyone! 

Congratulations goes to:

Lisa just happens to be from my home state of Alabama! And I must, I must, I must say......


Yep, we keep it in the family... This is my youngest and her Roll Tide family..
Although I must have dropped her older sister on the head when she was little because she likes to wear orange and blue a lot. lol

Yes, you guessed it.. Lisa is an Auburn War Eagle kind of gal!!  
Have to tease the opponent just a wee bit. :)

Although I do root for Auburn when they are not playing Bama! :)

Lisa... Reply to my email with your mailing info and I will get this book right out to you!
Congratulations once again!!


I was a winner on Claire's blog!!  She sent me an email today to let me know that I had won the following Christmas fabrics!!  I feel a mug rug in the making!!
Thank you Claire!


Back in October when we had the Wicked Blog Hop on Madame Samm's blog, I had a giveaway for this candy and 2 towels... 
Well, the winner never sent me her mailing information!!  I have a friend who helps me with my housework from time to time and with the Christmas season upon us and we are about to have a houseful of company, we have been deep cleaning!  I came upon a mailing envelope and inside were these contents!  I had put it aside waiting for her reply and had totally forgotten about it!  So I have drawn another name and the new winner is...

Now, if Julie does not answer my email, I will allow hubby to eat this second bag of tootsie roll pops himself. ha! :)

OK.. That is it for tonight!!  Looking for 2 emails now so I can send out goodies!

Stay tuned for lots more fun on the blog for 2013!!!

December 10, 2012

Quilt Ladder!!

This is why I LOVE blogging!!! 
You never know what idea is lurking on a blog, waiting patiently for you to find it!!

Chris, over at AnAQuilting posted this photo in her latest blog post!

The ladder was too tall for her room so she improvised by hanging it on the wall sideways! I love this because each quilt hangs independently and does not obscure any of the other quilts!  I am on the lookout for ladders now so I can hang several in my quilting studio!!

Thanks for the inspiration Chris!

December 9, 2012

Quilter's Christmas party!

There is a whole lot of celebrating going on in blogland today!!

SewCalGal is hosting a virtual Quilter's Christmas Party to help raise awareness and to raise funds for

 The funds collected over this Christmas Party will help with housing needs for Wounded Soldiers and other programs that help Military Families with special needs.  If you have a spare dollar or two, would you be so kind as to make a donation towards this great charity!  Our military and their families will definitely be ever so thankful!  And every dollar you donate gains you a raffle ticket for some fantastic prizes donated by some fabulous sponsors who you will see on SewCalGal's post!  And if you do not buy raffle tickets, please make a donation and ask not to have raffle tickets filled out.

While I was thinking about my post for this party I got out my old photographs for inspiration and came across this picture.

This is Miss Allie, my oldest granddaughter sitting on Santa's lap for the very first time.  She is 2 1/2 months old here!  Doesn't she look just like her mommy when she was born...

Her mommy - my oldest...

 Her mommy was the talk of the hospital when she was born in 1979.  She was the only girl in the nursery and came in weighing a whopping 9 lb. 6 ounces!!  All of the little boys were 7 lbs and under! BTW: Remember the gas shortage of 1979???

Back to Allie... I was just thinking "My, oh my how time flies!"  It does not seem like 9 years has passed!!  And now we have a new quilter on our hands!  This was Allie's first quilt last summer in 2011 when she was 8!  She turned 9 this October and learned how to applique when she came to visit for 2 months! She did not finish her project so you will have to wait for her next visit to grandma's house to see what she is working on!

We were asked to post about one of our favorite Christmas memories and my favorite memory of all time is when my older sister and I caught our mother taking a boot and making footprints from the fireplace ashes to the Christmas tree and back!!!  We were threatened within an inch of our lives to not tell our 2 younger siblings. lol

And in closing I thought it would be funny to ask you...

So, what is in your stocking this year?" lol

This is my nephew who got stuck in a stocking a few years ago! ha!
My sister, his mommy, on the right.... my oldest on the left.

Be sure to check out the other quilters links on SewCalGal's Christmas Party linky!
And please read her post to find out how to donate to Operation Homefront and have a chance to win several fantastic raffle prizes!